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Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Dubai

Posted by admin on September 28, 2021

Dubai, of all the cities in the United Arab Emirates is the largest and most gorgeous. The city is home to the most popular skyscrapers of the world. To your surprise, there are 88 buildings in Dubai standing taller than 180 meters. Dubai is known for its extraordinary infrastructure, its high-rise buildings and that contributes to its successful real estate markets since decades.

If you are someone who is fascinated by tall buildings, unique designs and rich infrastructure, this piece is a must-read for you. In case you are looking for best property investment in dubai, knowing about the top 10 tallest buildings in Dubai will give you confidence in taking that important property purchase decision.

There are around 18 tall buildings rising as high as 300 meters to mention the least tall. And, there are a few more to get completed by the end of 2020. Let’s check out the top iconic skyscrapers in Dubai!

Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Dubai

Burj Khalifa

It is pretty much obvious to start with the tallest building of the world, Burj Khalifa rising to a height of 828 meters. It is a stunning architectural art erected with exceptional feat of engineering. Located in the luxurious community of Downtown Dubai, Burj Khalifa was built in the year 2019 and was open to public in 2020.

The very first glance at the soaring tower will give you a glimpse of its splendid Islamic architecture. The best part about Burj is that it is a reflection of both traditional Islamic design and modern global community. Besides the tag of ‘world’s tallest building’, the architectural marvel holds several other records such as highest number of stories, tallest free-standing building, highest occupied floors, tallest service elevator, highest outdoor observation deck in the world. The most amazing fact about Burj Khalifa is that you can see the sun set twice in the same evening!

If you ever plan to visit Dubai, missing to capture a picture of Burj Khalifa will leave you in regret.

23 Marina

Measuring a height of 392.8 meters, 23 Marina is another high-rise residential building in the sprawling Dubai Metropolis. Completed in the year 2007, it is one of the tallest luxury residential towers situated in the commercial area of the city. Dubai Marina is a sophisticated and posh community in the city that consists of high towers overlooking the magnificent waterfront. Both visitors and residents in the area claim 23 Marina to be a stunning piece of artwork by the best architects and engineers.

The tower is located close to the Emirates Golf Club and a metro station, allowing you superb views of the international Marina Club, Sheikh Zayed Road, Media City and the wonderful skyline in Dubai. The building is constructed on a podium and has a six-story tall housing entry hall with the flooring featuring geometrical design. Behind the concierge desk is the slanted glass walls replete with a waterfall sculpture. On top of the podium, the tower structure is built in an octagonal shape that extends to the far-reaching views from the residential apartments.

The tower has a curtain wall system with tinted blue glass and white concrete. The building facades come together at the top forming a dramatically stunning pointed spire, which looks similar to a ball point pen. If this is not convincing enough to pay a visit, there is an outdoor swimming pool at the ground floor that connects to a glass lobby, on the theme of water. The spire at the top of the building is surrounded by triangular canopies covering the terrace. It is the streamlining of the building’s shape.

Coming to the interiors of this massive tower, there are 2- and 3-bedroom luxury apartments and duplexes offering incredible views. All the apartments feature contemporary interior designs, wood and marble finishing, a well-equipped kitchen and premium fittings and fixtures. You will find HNWIs owning luxury properties in and around the tower.

Princess Tower

Another popular name to be included in the list of tallest buildings in Dubai is the Princess Tower, reaching a height of 414 meters. It is the first all-residential tower, not just in downtown Dubai but across the world. In the year 2012 when the building was completed, it was the tallest residential building in the world for three years till 2015. Since 2015, there have been many several taller buildings built in the city.

Located in Dubai Marina, Princess Tower boasts of its beauty and expensive adornment. It features a facade broken up into several sections. The highest floors of the towers have got the cladding broken up by horizontal panel and crosscut on its exterior. A sight worth capturing. The central body or main body of the marvelous building has windows lined up at the corners. You will find the windows punctuated by a series of subtly bowed balconies, inserted into the middle of each wall.

Marina 101

The next on the list of tallest buildings in Dubai is Marina 101, the second highest building in the city. The tower is recognized as world’s tallest residential tower, rising to a height of 426 meters. Situated in the gorgeous waterfront luxury community of Dubai Marina, the building features 101 floors. Now you know from where it gets the name, Marina 101!

Surrounding the building are multiple high-rise complexes and the world-famous Palm Jumeirah Island development. On visiting the place, you will be awe-struck with the aesthetic influences of its enormous design structure. Not just the soaring buildings in a city, but you will get an experience of stunning visual elements perforating and diffusing on the exterior of the building. A mesmerizing view that would stay with you for a long time.

Marina 101 was completed in the year 2017. The infrastructure, both exterior and interior serves as the elements that attract billionaires to buy luxury apartments in and around the tower. The building features a 25-meter crown as a cap that sets it apart in the beautiful skyline. At night, the crown is lit and visible from a long distance.

The Address Boulevard

Situated next to Burj Khalifa, The Address Boulevard is a beautiful building measuring a height of 368 meters. Recognized among the top 10 tallest buildings in Dubai, it is one of the best places to visit in the city and also it can be the best property investment in dubai. The tower features a 5-star premium hotel and serviced apartments. The hotel has 196 rooms and there are 530 serviced apartments. As a visitor, you will get to enjoy the exceptionally awe-striking views of Burj Khalifa, Arabian Sea and The Dubai Fountain.

The structure has got multi-level podium – the upper level offering separate lobbies for the serviced apartments and hotels. The base podium has a protective wall dividing the tower from the raised highway and boulevard to the North. It helps cutting off the noise. Built in an elliptical shape, the gentle curves of the building allow both the hotel rooms and apartments have the complete view of Downtown Dubai. Not just this, the stepped ellipse shape is what adds a dynamic appearance to the tower.

Elite Residence

Yet another residential building coming under the Dubai Marina fame, Elite Residence stands tall to a height of 380.5 meters. The 85-storeys building consists of one- and two-bedroom luxury apartments up to 61st floors. Above the 61st floors are three- and four-bedroom penthouse apartments. There are four basement levels in the building, a podium car parking and three ground floor shops and restaurants. From the fifth-floor podium of the tower, you can enjoy panoramic views of the encompassing landscape like Arabian Gulf and Palm Jumeirah.

The residents of the tower enjoy the fully-equipped sports and recreation facilities – gyms, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, table tennis and billiards rooms, a kid’s play area, a multi-function room and other more.

The builders took useful security measures for the safety of the residents. There are tech-systems, fire detection and suppression systems. Moreover, there is an emergency communications network to ensure prevention of safety threats.

Gevora Hotel

The next in the list of the top 10 tallest buildings in Dubai is Gevora Hotel, rising as high as 356 meters. Situated along the Sheikh Zayed Road, Gevora Hotel is a 4-star hotel with 528 deluxe rooms and luxury suites. The 75-floor building offers wide range of facilities like the pool deck, all-equipped health club and 5 dining restaurants. The structure boasts of a simple, classic design facade having a lot of windows on each floor, which allows good amount of sunlight into the tower.

The building corners have gold-colored elements on the facade that move upwards tapering to form the top. During the construction of the hotel, a caisson foundation system was set up to help stabilize the building’s massive structure.

Alma’s Tower

Soaring to a height of 363 meters, Alma’s Tower is a popular multi-tower development situated in the Jumeirah Lake Towers waterfront community. Built in the year 2008, it is recognized as the 7th tallest building in Dubai, the architecture of which is inspired from the amazing shapes of diamonds. This fact gave it another name, the ‘Diamond Tower’.

The two-story podium supporting the diamond exchange is among the most beautiful architecturally designed features. It has eight triangles, an inspiration from the facets of a diamond cut rising out from the core. Other than the podium, another significant thing about the tower is its use of two different yet overlapping confrontations having a common core.

The unique design of the building as seen on the plan looks like two diagonally offset ellipses converging along the east-west faces. This happens as the southern component is taller than the northern component. The former has 12 stories more than the latter. The built-in vertical asymmetry of the tower is what gives it a unique and stunning design. Another feature that sets the southern part apart from the northern component is the 81-meter spire attached to it.

JW Marriot Marquis Dubai

JW Marriot Marquis Hotel in Dubai is a twin-tower skyscraper complex, the ninth highest building across the city standing 355 meters tall. Completed in the year 2012, the 72-storey hotel building is located in the Business Bay on Sheikh Zayed Road. The visitors enjoy the 5-star luxury hotel hosting comfortable suites and rooms with the magnificent views of the Dubai skyline.

An interesting fact about the hotel is the inspiration behind its design, a date tree and a symbol of Arab culture. The stunning architecture of the building is an example of Expressionist architecture that focuses on giving a distorted shape to a structure. So, how about staying in the 4-star hotel on your next visit to Dubai!

Emirates Tower One

Measuring a height of 354.6 meters, Emirates Tower One is one of the first tallest structures of Dubai completed in the year 2000. Although it sits at the tenth position in the list of tallest buildings in Dubai, it is recognized as one of world’s most distinctive skyscraper duos. Standing tall along the Sheikh Zayed Road, this tower is a sight worth capturing.

The main features of the towers include the large core walls, supporting its load transferred at four levels with help of large steel trusses. The walls are connected to the cores with the sheer stud and post- tensioning connection. There’s a curved wall raising along the height of a face of the tower. This face offers the amazing view of the city. The building is encompassed by cladding silver aluminum panels, copper and silver reflective glass.


Dubai is replete with tall architectural marvels among which some even count among the tallest structures in the world. These top 10 tallest buildings in Dubai are also the areas that houses the most luxurious real estate properties of the city which can open the door of best property investment in dubai for you. By the end of 2020, Emirates Tower One may no longer find place in this list as there are a few buildings to be completed this year.

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