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About Damac Lagoons

DAMAC Lagoons is a 45 million sq.ft freehold community by the prestigious developer DAMAC Properties. It’s a Mediterranean-inspired gated community with 4 main gates. The community is beautifully featured with 8 different clusters which are named after the most vibrant waterfront cities such as Venice, Morocco, Costa Brava, Nice, Malta, Andalusia, Portofino, and Santorini.

Each community is dedicatedly planned with different amenities such as Venice is a fun hub inspired by the narrow streets of Venice city. Morocco is a tranquillity hub; the cluster is inspired by the port city of Tangier and its stunning architecture and here in this cluster it reflects the same. Costa Brava cluster is an Adrenaline hub, inspired by the unspoilt coves, the cluster is designed with a stunning view of the valleys of Catalonia.

Nice cluster is known for its youth hub and has beaches, olive trees and the sun-soaked charm of the French Riviera. Similarly, the Malta cluster is represented as a play-and-learn hub. This cluster is inspired by the honey-stone buildings, domes and spires and elegant old-town streets of Valletta.

Andalusia cluster is a ladies’ hub home to a spa & beauty salon. Portofino cluster is good for work & play – inspired by the picturesque harbour of an Italian village. And finally, the Santorini cluster – the world’s most photogenic destination quite known for its white sandy beaches, cluster is designed with a fitness & wellness zone including a climbing wall.

Properties in DAMAC Lagoons

DAMAC Lagoons is home to Villa properties, townhouses as well as luxury apartments. For those, who are looking for a quiet royal life and want more privacy, DAMAC Lagoons is one of the top villa communities in Dubai. Here the community offers 1-5 bed apartments, 3-7 bed villa houses & townhouse properties at different prices.

Most of the units here in DAMAC Lagoons are masterfully crafted and designed with updated interiors and futuristic layouts and give you a totally upscale lifestyle. Each property featured a lobby area, master bedroom, bathrooms, living area, maid’s room, kitchen and storeroom. Some villa properties come with rooftop areas, private gardens as well as parking areas.

Average Property Price in DAMAC Lagoons

Lagoons is the hub of luxury villa residences and here the community provides properties in different sizes and in prices. The community offers a merge of apartments, villas and townhouses and the average price for a 1-bed apartment starts here at AED 2.02M, similarly a 2-bed villa/townhouse residence which is quite the preferred choice amongst end-users’ average price is AED 3.05M. If you are buying a property over here then just have a glance at the given below table and understand the price which has been freshly derived from the recent 3 months’ data.

Average Apartment Price in DAMAC Lagoons

Property Type Price
Studio AED 1,200,000
1-bed Apartment AED 2,025,000
2-bed Apartments AED 1,455,460
3-bed Apartments AED 1,950,000
4-bed Apartments AED 2,352,500
5-bed Apartments AED 3,300,000

Average Villa Price In DAMAC Lagoons

Property Type Price
1-bed Villa / Townhouse AED 2,990,000
2 bed Villa / Townhouses AED 3,050,000
3 bed Villa / Townhouses AED 1,885,000
4-bed Villa / Townhouse AED 2,300 000
5-bed Villa / Townhouse AED 3,100,000
6-bed Villa / Townhouse AED 6,400,000
7-bed Villa / Townhouse AED 11,659,998

ROI in DAMAC Lagoons
Investing in the DAMAC Lagoons community will offer you the best returns as property demands are quite high here. The average ROI for a 4-bed apartment is 144.50% and 4-bed villa/townhouses are 108.70%. On top of it, the community provides a range of property options here so you choose your own investment home and can generate better returns.

Property Type ROI
4-bed Apartments 144.50%
5-bed apartments 78.80%
4-bed Villa /Townhouses 108.70%
5-bed Villa /Townhouses 101.60%

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Master Plan of DAMAC Lagoons

DAMAC Lagoons is a master-planned community, nestled over approx. 45 million sq. ft. It is well conceptualised with 8 different clusters of luxury residences like villas, townhouses, and apartments. As it is a Mediterranean community, it is catering to Mediterranean vibes & lifestyle. Further, the community is featured with man-made lagoons, 176,650 sq.m water spaces and water sports. More than 9000 villa residences, white sand beaches and other essential amenities. Here, everything is smartly developed with the purpose of providing the residence with a complete vibrant lifestyle.

  • Golf Club Salon
  • Spas
  • Meditation Lounges
  • Man-made lagoons
  • 9,000+ villa
  • 176,650 sq.m water spaces
  • Luxurious villas and townhouses

Latest Off Plan Projects in Damac Lagoons

Community Features

Project Connectivity Image

Damac Lagoons Connectivity

    Facilities & Services in DAMAC Lagoons

    DAMAC Lagoons is beautifully adorned with a range of amenities inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle. Water sports, waterfalls & beaches are the primary amenities that glean the attention of every high-end home buyer. The community is bustled with several contemporary amenities too like it is close to Trump International Golf Club, The Else Golf Club. For Golf enthusiasts the community is like a heaven where not only they would enjoy the green and aesthetic ambiance but will enjoy playing their favourite shots.

    On top of it, at DAMAC Lagoons, residents will be facilitated with myriads of amenities like a grand clubhouse, café, boutique retail area, snorkelling, spa, sauna, and meditation lounges to name a few.

    As the community has 4 main gates that indicate it’s a gated community and offer enough parking space for both apartments, villa and townhouse owners. Its secure ambience is always alert and keeps a sharp eye on each anonymous activity and keeps the ambiance trouble free.

    • Waterfall
    • Waterslides Zipline
    • Snorkelling
    • Wave Riding
    • Floating Amphitheatre
    • White Sand Beach
    • Clubhouse
    • Waterside Restaurants
    • Café
    • Boutique Retail Area
    • Water Playground
    • A Lagoon
    • Parks
    • Beaches
    • Golf Club
    • Cinema
    • Salon
    • Spas
    • Gyms
    • Meditation Lounges

    Location of DAMAC Lagoons

    Brilliantly planned in Dubailand, UAE, this masterpiece development is encircled with endless conveniences. Gives easy and reachable distances to major attractions, and iconic landmarks close to DAMAC Lagoons. In addition to this, the development is close to parks, schools, universities, and hospitals. Along with this DAMAC Lagoons shares its boundary with other communities such as Dubai Sports City and DAMAC Hills.

    Local Attractions

    • Dubai Miracle Garden – 13.6 KM
    • Global Village – 18.9 KM
    • The Storm Coaster – 16.3 KM

    Golf Clubs

    • Trump International Golf Club – 7.3 KM
    • Trump International Golf Course – 7.3 KM
    • The Els Golf Club – 10.5 KM


    • Reel Cinemas At The Springs Souk – 27.0 KM
    • Novo Cinema IMG Worlds of Adventure – 25.8 KM


    • South View School – 4.9 KM
    • Jebel Ali School – 4.2 KM
    • Royal Grammar School Guildford in Dubai -9.1 KM
    • Dwight School Dubai – 9.9 KM


    • Victory Heights Community Park -10.1 KM
    • Windsor Park Motor City – 9.0 KM

    Nightlife (Ladies Only)

    • The Irish Village Studio City -8.9 KM
    • Chick and Salsa – 0.0 KM
    • Le Petit Belge Motor City – 9.6 KM
    • Chica Chica – 0.0 KM
    • Epic Sunday Pool Party – 36.8 KM

    Public Transportation in DAMAC Lagoons

    DAMAC Lagoons community is complete, the community is still in progress and the developer is appointing other essential services here. However, according to fresh data from Google, DAMAC Lagoons has no public transportation yet and it will be developed & operational by the time the community is complete.

    Still, you can get car, bus, and metro services from nearby communities to commute to DAMAC Hills and other places in Dubai. Mall of Emirates metro station is the nearby metro reachable within just a 20-minute drive from the DAMAC Lagoons and you can commute via this service. You can use bus services from Bus stops: J04, Dubai Mall landside Metro Bus Stop -01, Mazaya Center -02, Mazaya Center -01, Dubai Petroleum Corporation -02.

    Why Invest in DAMAC Lagoons?

    Mediterranean inspired lifestyle

    • DAMAC Lagoons is a Mediterranean-inspired community that offers a Mediterranean villa lifestyle and offers you 8 different clusters where you can choose your own lifetime address. These 8 clusters serve different amenities and lifestyles and give you a prestigious address to own.

    Upscale range of lifestyle

    • Myriad range of upscale amenities are well developed in the DAMAC Lagoons community which you can explore in the blog’s facilities and amenities section.

    Ranges of property options

    • DAMAC Lagoons provides a range of properties like apartments, villas and townhouses. End-users would get 1-5 bed apartments, and 1-7 bed villa/ townhouses residences at different prices. To get the details check above average property price in the DAMAC Lagoons table list.

    Impressive ROI

    • 4-bed apartment – 144.50%
    • 4-d Villa/ Townhouses – 108.70%

    Social Amenities

    • Schools:- South View School, Jebel Ali School, Dwight School Dubai, Royal Grammar School Guildford in Dubai
    • Golf Clubs: – The Els Golf Club, Trump International Golf Course, Trump International Golf Club
    • Parks: – Victory Heights Community Park, Windsor Park Motor City

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