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DAMAC Properties is a Dubai Real Estate Company in UAE developed by Hussain Sajwani on 28th January 2002. The company has got registered on the London Stock Exchange for the first time in December 2013. DAMAC is best known for delivering quality residential developments that follow current standards and offers cutting-edge standard homes across Dubai.

DAMAC has delivered many outstanding projects as well as communities in Dubai namely- DAMAC Lagoons, DAMAC Hills, and DAMAC Hills 2. It has delivered 43,700 quality homes and still 28,000 are in progress. The company receives appreciation for delivering quality homes. Most of their developments are high standard and well developed with cutting edged standards.

Latest Off Plan Projects by DAMAC Properties


Damac Lagoons

DAMAC Lagoons is one of the best communities by DAMAC Properties, is enveloped by artificial beaches and strategically positioned opposite the famous DAMAC Hills community. Comprising eight clusters of villas & townhouses inspired by the world’s most enchanting waterfront cities such as Venice, Santorini, and Costa Brava, DAMAC Lagoons is expected for completion by the last quarter of 2024. The community encompasses the construction of 3 to 6 bed townhouses & villas, complemented by a community mall, healthcare facilities, and diverse dining options.

  • Morocco Phase 2
  • Mykonos
  • Ibiza
  • Monte Carlo
  • Marbella
  • Malta
  • Venice
  • Portofino
  • Nice
  • Costa Brava
  • Santorini

Damac Hills

DAMAC Hills is situated in the vibrant heart of Dubailand. Developed by DAMAC Properties, renowned for its creation of upscale residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects in the GCC, this expansive community spans 42 million square feet. Positioned along Al Qudra Road (D63), DAMAC Hills boasts a diverse range of mixed-use properties, including townhouses, villas, and apartments. Beyond residences, the community offers a blend of retail, sports, spa, wellness, and leisure facilities, making it a comprehensive and sought-after living destination.

  • Golf Town at Damac Hills
  • Kiara at Damac Hills
  • Gems Estates
  • Golf Greens
  • Avencia Villas
  • Townhouses on The Golf and The Park
  • The Trump Estates at Damac Hills
  • The Park Villas at Damac Hills
  • High Gardens at Damac Hills
  • Radisson Dubai Damac Hills
  • Veneto Villas at Damac Hills
  • Golf Vita at Damac Hills
  • Bella Vista at Damac Hills
  • 90210 Boutique Villas
  • Park Town at Damac Hills
  • Damac Villas By Paramount Hotels and Resorts
  • Loreto At Damac Hills
  • Bellavista at Damac Hills
  • Beliar at the The Trump Estates

Damac Hills 2

Formerly known as AKOYA Oxygen, DAMAC Hills 2 emerges as a master community crafting a distinctive living experience, drawing inspiration from water, sports, and entertainment suitable for all ages. Thoughtfully designed clusters of apartments, townhouses, and villas are enveloped by an array of enriching experiences and conveniences. Nestled in the tranquil expanse of Dubailand, DAMAC Hills 2, launched by DAMAC in 2014, stands as a secluded residential haven with most of its development already completed. Recognized also as AKOYA O2, this upscale development holds the distinction of being Dubai’s first green community. It embraces a prestigious location surrounding a world-renowned golf course, lush green parks and boulevards, as well as captivating fountains and gardens.

This expansive development comprises 10,000 villas and townhouses, 1,200 apartments spanning one, two, and three-bedroom units, along with over 650 serviced villas, collectively forming a harmonious blend of upscale living within a green oasis.

  • Camelia Villas
  • Rotana
  • Virdis
  • Fiora
  • Amora
  • Prestige Villas at Damac Hills 2
  • Premier Villas at Damac Hills 2
  • Privilege Villas at Damac Hills 2
  • Avencia Villas
  • Verona
  • Virdis
  • Belair at the Trump Estates
  • Damac Hills 2 Hotel Edge By Rotana
  • The Farmhouses


Residential Developments: Damac is known for developing a wide range of residential properties, including luxury apartments, villas, and townhouses. These properties often feature innovative designs and high-end finishes.

Commercial Projects: In addition to residential developments, Damac Properties has ventured into commercial real estate projects, including office spaces and mixed-use developments, contributing to the overall urban landscape.

Master-Planned Communities: Damac is involved in the creation of master-planned communities that encompass various amenities, green spaces, and lifestyle facilities. These communities aim to provide residents with a comprehensive and integrated living experience.

Luxury and High-End Offerings: Damac is recognized for its focus on luxury real estate, targeting high-net-worth individuals. The company’s projects often feature premium amenities, world-class architecture, and partnerships with renowned brands.

Golf Course Developments: Damac has developed several projects centered around golf courses, creating residential communities with a golfing lifestyle. The company has collaborated with professional golfers and designed courses to appeal to golf enthusiasts.

International Presence: Damac Properties has expanded its footprint beyond the UAE, engaging in real estate projects in various international markets. This global presence contributes to its status as a key player in the real estate industry.

Hospitality Projects: Damac is involved in the hospitality sector, developing luxury hotels and serviced apartments. This diversification adds to the company’s overall portfolio and enhances its position in the real estate and hospitality markets.

Innovative Marketing Strategies: Damac is known for its innovative marketing and promotional strategies, including collaborations with international fashion and lifestyle brands, to create unique and appealing campaigns for its real estate projects.

Damac Properties’ Market Trends

Damac Hills is a good place for investments, especially if you’re looking for rental income. In this area, 4-bedroom apartments can give you a high return of 8.7%. If you’re considering villas, 4-bedroom ones stand out with an impressive 9.13% return, making them a smart choice for investors.

Now, let’s talk about Damac Hills 2, also known as Akoya Oxygen. It’s a great project in Dubai for those interested in buying properties before they’re even finished. While some parts are already done, others are still being built. Once everything is complete, the investment opportunities are expected to get even better.

In Damac Hills 2, 2-bedroom apartments are the top performers, offering a return of 8.74%. Studio apartments are also good, providing an 8.32% return on investment. Other options include 1, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments, with returns ranging from 5.48% to 7.04%.

Moving to villas in Damac Hills 2, 5-bedroom units are the most lucrative, giving you a return of 6.79%. Next in line are 4-bedroom units with a return of around 6.45%. 3-bedroom villas come third with an approximate return of 6.38%. Lastly, 6-bedroom villas offer a return of about 5.64%.

Damac Properties’ Market Cap

DAMAC achieved a milestone in December 2013 by becoming the first real estate company from the Middle East to be listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) through a global depository receipts program. This initiative, constituting an Initial Public Offering (IPO), successfully raised US$379 million. Subsequently, DAMAC transitioned to trading on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) on January 12, 2015, following an offer to exchange its existing Global Depository Receipts (LSE-listed) for Ordinary Shares (DFM-listed). As of the latest available information, the market capitalization of Damac Properties Dubai Co. PJSC (DAMAC) on the Dubai Financial Market stands at AED 2,306 million.

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