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About The Valley

The Valley by Emaar Properties is a master community and a highly favoured destination for homebuyers and investors seeking a green and peaceful place for their families. This community is fully developed and maintained by Emaar. It is renowned for its luxurious villas and townhouses, complete with lifestyle amenities and essential services. The residential developments within Emaar The Valley are in the off-plan stage, with some of them set to be ready for possession in 2023 and many more in the following year or beyond.

The masterplan of Emaar The Valley is perfectly designed with the safety and convenience of the residents in mind. This gated community encompasses all the day-to-day necessities within its boundaries, including retail, entertainment, and healthcare facilities. When it comes to amenities and features, this community offers a wide array of options for its residents.


  • 30,000 sqm Golden Beach
  • 10,000 sqm Kids Dale
  • 61,000 sqm Area
  • 20,000 sqm Sports Village
  • 3,000 sqm Pocket Park
  • 32,000 sqm Town Centre
  • Dining Outlets
  • Green Surrounding
  • Parking Facility
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarket

Available Projects in The Valley

Properties in Emaar The Valley 

The Valley community offers three main property types: Townhouses , Twin Villas, Standalone Villas, available in different sub-communities or developments. Each development in Emaar The Valley has a distinct name, style, and offers a unique array of villas or townhouses, setting it apart from others of the same property type.

What sets Emaar The Valley apart from comparable communities with similar property types is the spacious properties it offers. Unlike more densely populated, centrally located areas, The Valley provides larger spaces, expansive land, and heightened privacy— a key attraction for buyers seeking ample living spaces.

The Valley Townhouses:

The townhouse options at The Valley showcase diverse design styles, with at least two variants available in each subcommunity. Available bedroom configurations include 3 and 4-bedroom options, with both middle and end units on offer.

Average Sizes:

  • 3 Bedroom: Boasting an average built-up area of 2,300 sq ft. and an average plot area of 2,000 sq ft.
  • 4 Bedroom: Featuring an average built-up area of 2,650 sq ft. and an average plot area of 3,100 sq ft.

The Valley Twin Villas:

Twin Villas at The Valley present an appealing choice for those seeking more space than a townhouse yet not as extensive as a villa. This property type is available in 3, 4, and 5-bedroom configurations, showcasing various designs and styles.

Average Sizes:

  • 3 Bedroom: Offering an average built-up area of 3,150 sq ft. and an average plot area of 3,400 sq ft.
  • 4 Bedroom: Highlighting an average built-up area of 3,400 sq ft. and an average plot area of 3,600 sq ft.
  • 5 Bedroom: Providing an average built-up area of 4,500 sq ft. and an average plot area of 5,200 sq ft.

The Valley Standalone Villas:

Standalone Villa options at The Valley comprise 4 and 5-bedroom choices, featuring expansive areas and generous plot sizes. Villas not only offer more space but also heightened privacy, as they stand alone without sharing a common wall with any other property.

Average Sizes:

4 Bedroom: Showcasing an average built-up area of 3,150 sq ft. and an average plot area of 5,400 sq ft.

5 Bedroom: Highlighting an average built-up area of 3,150 sq ft. and an average plot area of 6,400 sq ft.

  • 3 Bed Townhouses/Villas
  • 4 Bed Townhouses/Villas
  • 5 Bed Townhouses/Villas

Average Property Price in Emaar The Valley

Potential investors have the opportunity to acquire townhouses & villas in The Valley at a starting price of AED 1.9M. This encompasses 3-bedroom within The Valley, offering spacious residences. These residences boast three expansive bedrooms with en-suite facilities, a contemporary kitchen, and generous outdoor areas. Likewise, for those interested in 4 or 5 townhouses/villas  in The Valley, the starting price is AED 2.5 and AED 5.3 respectively.

Average Property Price in Emaar The Valley
3 Bed Townhouses/VillasAED 1,950,000
4 Bed Townhouses/VillasAED 2,511,888
5 Bed Townhouses/VillasAED 5,300,000


Master Plan of Emaar The Valley

The masterplan for The Valley, Dubai envisions contemporary townhouse & villas complexes nestled amidst verdant landscapes. This vibrant community is designed to offer a harmonious blend of lifestyle amenities, educational facilities, healthcare services, leisure activities, and recreational features, all within a picturesque setting. The following off-plan projects in The Valley Dubai are expected to reach completion according to estimated dates.

Emaar’s master plan unveils expansive outdoor spaces within The Valley, showcasing jogging trails, parks, playgrounds, and splash parks. Notably, the community will host a dedicated Kids’ Dale, spanning 10,000 sq. m. adjacent to an archaeological site and amphitheatre.

Furthermore, residents are set to enjoy the advantages of the 20,000 sq. m Sports Village, encompassing cycling tracks, a community gym, and sports courts.

For those seeking a closer connection to nature, The Zen and Oasis Garden in The Valley provide serene spaces for yoga and meditation, complemented by an observation tower and maze.

    • Jogging Trails
    • Parks
    • Playgrounds
    • Splash Parks
    • Kids’ Dale
    • Spanning 10,000 Sq. M. 
    • Kids’ Dale
    • Spanning 10,000 Sq. M. 
    • Cycling Tracks
    • A Community Gym
    • Sports Courts
    • The Zen
    • Oasis Garden 

Facilities And Services Emaar The Valley

As The Valley by Emaar is dedicated to being a family-friendly community, the off-plan project incorporates top-tier features and facilities to enhance residents’ luxurious lifestyles. Every project within The Valley community is thoughtfully designed to provide an array of amenities, including but not limited to swimming pools, parks, and designated spaces for various sports activities.

  • Basketball courts
  • Children’s play areas
  • Amphitheatre
  • Artificial beach
  • Community centre
  • Bicycle trails
  • The Zen and Oasis Garden
  • Walking promenades
  • Jogging paths
  • Barbecue areas
  • Cafés and food trucks
  • Parking for two vehicles

Location of Emaar The Valley

Despite its location on the outskirts of Dubai, The Valley ensures residents are not excluded from cultural and recreational activities. Within a convenient 10 to 12-minute drive, one can access attractions like Al Marmoom Heritage Village and Sevens Stadium.

Moreover, proximity to other communities and key attractions is a notable advantage. Downtown Dubai and Dubai Airport are easily reachable, just a 20 to 25-minute drive from The Valley by Emaar, providing seamless connectivity to vibrant city life and travel hubs.

  • 10 Minutes – The Sevens Sports Complex
  • 10 Minutes –  Al Marmoom Heritage Village
  • 10 minutes – Dubai Camel Market
  • 15 minutes – Dubai Outlet Mall
  • 15 minutes – Al Ali Stables Dubai Riding School

Why Invest in Emaar The Valley?

Developer Reputation: Emaar Properties is a renowned developer with a track record of creating iconic and successful projects globally. The company’s reputation for delivering high-quality developments can instill confidence in investors.

Amenities and Lifestyle: Emaar The Valley is designed as a comprehensive community, offering a range of amenities and lifestyle features such as parks, sports facilities, and recreational spaces. This can attract families and individuals seeking a well-rounded living experience.

Location: The location of The Valley may offer a balance between suburban tranquility and accessibility to key areas. Proximity to cultural attractions, sports facilities, and major roads can enhance the overall appeal of the development.

Potential for Appreciation: Real estate investments often consider the potential for property value appreciation. If The Valley is expected to see growth in infrastructure, demand, and overall development, it could lead to an increase in property values over time.

Diverse Property Options: Emaar The Valley offers a variety of property types, including townhouses, twin villas, and standalone villas. This diversity allows investors to choose from different segments of the real estate market based on their preferences and investment goals.

Master Planned Community: The concept of a master-planned community often involves careful planning for residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. Such planning can contribute to a well-organized and attractive living environment, potentially boosting property values.

Potential Rental Yields: For investors looking for rental income, The Valley’s amenities and family-friendly environment may make it appealing to tenants. Analyzing rental yields and market demand is crucial for those considering a buy-to-let investment.

Long-Term Vision: Emaar Properties typically has a long-term vision for its developments. Investors might be attracted to projects with a clear vision for sustained growth and community development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Emaar The Valley?

Emaar The Valley is a residential development by Emaar Properties in Dubai, offering a variety of housing options, including townhouses, twin villas, and standalone villas.

Where is Emaar The Valley located?

Emaar The Valley is located on the outskirts of Dubai, providing a balance between suburban living and accessibility to key areas. The specific location and amenities may vary based on the project within The Valley.

What types of properties are available in The Valley?

The Valley offers a range of properties, including townhouses, twin villas, and standalone villas, with varying bedroom configurations and sizes to cater to diverse preferences.

What amenities are available in The Valley?

The Valley is designed as a comprehensive community with amenities such as swimming pools, parks, sports facilities, and recreational spaces. Specific amenities may vary based on the project within The Valley.

Who is the developer of The Valley?

Emaar Properties is the developer of The Valley. Emaar is a well-known and reputable real estate developer with a global presence.

What makes The Valley a suitable investment?

The Valley may be considered a suitable investment for reasons such as the developer's reputation, the range of amenities, diverse property options, and potential for property value appreciation.

How can I buy a property in Emaar The Valley?

To purchase a property in Emaar The Valley, you typically need to contact the sales office, work with a real estate agent, or explore the official Emaar Properties website for information on available units, pricing, and the purchasing process.

Are there financing options available for buying property in The Valley?

It's advisable to check with Emaar Properties or local financial institutions for information on financing options, including mortgage plans, if available.

What is the expected completion date for projects in The Valley?

The completion dates for projects in The Valley may vary. Prospective buyers should check with Emaar Properties or consult project-specific documents for the most accurate and up-to-date information.