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About Meraas

Meraas stands out as one of Dubai’s finest real estate developers, boasting an extensive portfolio of residential communities and developments that have left a lasting mark on the city. Since its establishment in 2007, this homegrown company has been a driving force behind transformative projects across multiple sectors. From real estate to retail, hospitality, food and beverage, leisure and entertainment, to healthcare, Meraas has touched various aspects of Dubai’s vibrant landscape.

Under the visionary leadership of Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, who also serves as the Group Chairman, Meraas has remained steadfast in its mission to elevate Dubai’s global status as a premier real estate investment destination. With an impressive array of master developments, vast land holdings, and exceptional properties, Meraas consistently crafts renowned destinations and iconic landmarks. Their commitment to offering meticulously designed and sought-after lifestyle experiences continues to shape the essence of Dubai.”

At the forefront of innovation and sophistication, Meraas possesses a diverse portfolio of leading developments situated across waterfront, urban, and suburban landscapes in Dubai. Among these are City Walk Residences, Bluewaters Residences, Nikki Beach Residences, Bvlgari Residences, Port de La Mer, and Cherrywoods, among others. The core of Meraas’s vision revolves around sophistication and innovation, aiming to provide exceptional residential developments that resonate with a diverse global customer base.

Available Projects by Meraas


Bluewaters: Bluewaters Residences, a Meraas development on Dubai’s Bluewaters Island, redefines family-centric luxury living with resort-like amenities. Featuring 10 mid-rise towers of 1, 2, 3 & 4 Bed apartments, 17 townhouses, and 4 penthouses, to cater different needs & expectations of the home buyers & investors. Proximity to Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah adds to its allure, while thoughtfully designed interiors, premium finishes, and panoramic views enhance the living experience. This community is perfect for the families and those looking for a luxury lifestyle in the heart of Dubai’s waterfront charm.

City Walk: City Walk by Meraas is not just a residential community but a  place to live a healthy and fun life. You can start your day with a run in the park, enjoy the fresh air, and have fun in the evenings. If you want a break, there are great restaurants, cafes, cool stores, and entertainment right around you.

Central Park is like a peaceful oasis in the middle of City Walk. It’s a nice place for families with a fancy atmosphere and different kinds of homes. Everything you need for a good day is close by. The apartments at Central Park are modern and spacious, offering cool views of the park and Dubai’s famous skyline. You can choose from 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms and enjoy great amenities in a green community. It’s a fantastic place to live!

Jumeira Bay: Jumeirah Bay Island, a best residential community by Meraas Development LLC, offers a blend of opulent villas and elegant apartments, epitomizing luxury living. Home to Bulgari Resort, it provides a resort-like lifestyle with essential amenities. Developed in a contemporary style, the properties feature modern designs and high-quality finishes. Apartments come in 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms, fully furnished with stunning views, while villas boast spacious living areas, modern kitchens, and private pools. Ideal for families, singles, and investors, Jumeirah Bay Island is a unique enclave of sophistication and comfort.

Pearl Jumeira: Pearl Jumeirah, a unique wedge-shaped island off the Jumeirah coastline, is a luxurious residential enclave developed by Meraas. Spanning 8.3 million sq. ft., it features a Town Centre, beach clubs, hotels, and a 2 km promenade. Developed between 2009 and 2012, the evolving project now includes standalone villas, townhouses, and beachfront apartments. Home to Nikki Beach Resort and Spa, the island offers over 300 villa plots across seven residential communities, showcasing Meraas’ commitment to exceptional projects following the success of Bluewaters Island.


Meraas has been involved in several notable projects, and some of their expertise areas include:

Master-Planned Communities: Meraas has developed master-planned communities that aim to create integrated and vibrant living environments. These communities often include a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces.

Luxury Hospitality: The company is known for its involvement in luxury hospitality projects, including the development of high-end hotels and resorts that contribute to Dubai’s reputation as a global travel and leisure destination.

Retail and Entertainment: Meraas has played a significant role in shaping Dubai’s retail and entertainment landscape. The company has been involved in the creation of unique and innovative retail spaces that offer a diverse range of shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences.

Landmark Developments: Meraas has been behind the creation of iconic landmarks and destinations that contribute to Dubai’s architectural and cultural identity. These developments often blend modern design with functionality.

Waterfront Projects: The company has been active in developing projects along the waterfront, capitalizing on Dubai’s coastal location to create attractive and scenic spaces for residents and visitors.

Meraas Properties’ Market Trends

Bluewaters Bay, set for completion in Q2 2027, presents a prime opportunity for cost-effective property acquisition during its initial construction phase. Explore potential rental income in Bluewaters Residences, part of Meraas Holding’s mega-project, where 1-bedroom apartments boast a robust 7.5% gross average ROI, starting at AED 250,000 (USD 68,000) annually. Daily and monthly rentals for these apartments are competitively priced at AED 2,340 (USD 637) and AED 24,000 (USD 6,500), respectively.

City Walk Dubai’s real estate with a diverse range of apartments for sale. Immerse yourself in the luxurious lifestyle starting at AED 1.39 million for 1-bedroom apartments. For those seeking 2-bedroom apartments, prices range from AED 1.8 million to 4 million, while 3-bedroom apartments command AED 4.2 million. Experience spacious living with 4-bedroom flats starting at AED 4.9 million.

These coveted properties present an exceptional opportunity to reside in Dubai’s most sought-after areas. Prospective buyers and investors exploring City Walk will find competitive rates, particularly for generously furnished units.

City Walk Dubai’s apartments not only promise opulence but also boast attractive returns on investment (ROI). The minimum ROI stands at 4.5%, with 1-bedroom units offering an impressive 6% ROI, closely followed by 2-bedroom units at 5%. Additionally, the rental yield for 3-bedroom apartments is a commendable 4.9%. Elevate your living experience and investment portfolio with City Walk Dubai’s unparalleled real estate offerings.

Meraas Market Cap

Meraas Holding, currently a private entity, lacks a market capitalization until it goes public. However, its subsidiary, Dubai Parks and Resorts, has a market cap of around USD 1.71 billion based on its IPO. Meraas Holding, with a diverse portfolio beyond theme parks, is expected to have a larger market cap if it goes public, although a specific timeline for this move has not been announced.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meraas Holding?

Meraas Holding is a private company based in Dubai, known for its diverse portfolio of assets and operations, including real estate, leisure, hospitality, and more.

Does Meraas Holding have a market capitalization?

As a private company, Meraas Holding currently does not have a market capitalization. This would only be established if it decides to go public.

What is the market cap of Meraas Holding's subsidiary, Dubai Parks and Resorts?

Dubai Parks and Resorts, a unit of Meraas Holding, has an approximate market cap of USD 1.71 billion, based on its IPO price and the portion offered to investors.

Why is Dubai Parks and Resorts significant for Meraas Holding?

Dubai Parks and Resorts is a subsidiary specializing in leisure and entertainment, contributing to Meraas Holding's diverse business portfolio.

Does Meraas Holding plan to go public?

There are plans for Meraas Holding to go public, but a specific timeline for this transition has not been announced.

How does Meraas Holding's diversified portfolio impact its potential market cap?

Meraas Holding, with operations beyond theme parks, is anticipated to have a larger market cap than its subsidiary, Dubai Parks and Resorts, once it goes public. The extent of its assets adds complexity and potential value.

Is there a confirmed timeline for Meraas Holding's public offering?

As of now, there is no specific timeline announced for Meraas Holding's transition to a publicly traded company.