Apartments for Sale in Dubai

Apartments for Sale in Dubai

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Apartments For Sale in Dubai

In Dubai, you can find really good options in luxury apartments for sale. They come in different sizes, from small studios to big six-bedroom ones. These apartments are in the best communities like Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Dubai Creek Harbour, Dubai Hills, MBR City, JVC and JVT etc.  The best part is, these apartments have great amenities like community pools and gyms. You can buy apartments in Dubai in off-plan developments or ready-to-move apartments, according to your planning or purpose. 

Price Trends in Dubai Apartments 

The cost of apartments in Dubai is influenced by many factors, like their location, size, layout, and the available amenities. Here you can estimate price trends in Dubai apartments.

  • Studio apartments: The price of a studio unit usually starts at AED 600,000 and can go up to AED 2,100,000.
  • 1 Bed apartments: 1 bed units start at around AED 810,000 in an affordable community and in a post community the price can go up to AED 3,500,000 in prestigious luxury projects like World Islands.
  • Larger units: If you want a larger unit like 5 bed apartments then you have to spend approx AED 6,000,000 and AED 35,000,000

The table below can provide you a perfect idea of apartments’ price trends in different communities. 

Average Apartments Price in Top 5 Communities in Dubai 
Dubai DowntownBusiness BayDamac HillsDubai Hills EstateSobha Hartland
1 Bed ApartmentsAED 2 MAED 1.6. MAED 1 MAED 1.4 MAED 1 M
2 Bed ApartmentsAED 3.5 MAED 2.6 MAED 1.7 MAED 2.2 MAED 1.7 M
3 Bed ApartmentsAED 5.6 MAED 4.2 MAED 2.4 MAED 3.5 MAED 2.4 M

ROI On Dubai Apartments 

One of the compelling reasons to consider apartments in Dubai is the exceptional return on investment (ROI) it offers. Investment in an apartment in Dubai guarantees healthy rental. Apartments available for sale in top communities represent an ROI ranging from 5.4% to an impressive 9%.

Moreover, investing in an apartment in Dubai holds allure even if you don’t intend to rent it out. A studio or one-bedroom apartment can serve as an excellent choice for a holiday home in this prestigious city, replete with a wide range of amenities.

Apartments ROI In Top 5 Communities in Dubai 
Dubai DowntownBusiness BayDamac HillsDubai Hills EstateSobha Hartland
1 Bed Apartments6.30%5.90%7%6.80%5.20%
2 Bed Apartments5.80%5.70%8.50%7.50%5.50%
3 Bed Apartments6.30%5.10%8.10% 8%5.70%

Why Invest In Apartments For Sale In Dubai?

  • Excellent ROI – Apartments are one of the highest-selling properties in Dubai. Countless apartments are launched in Dubai every year, but demand remains very high while supply is low. This makes it the best investment opportunity.
  • High Rental – A luxury apartment in Dubai can generate excellent rental income since many working professionals and families are constantly seeking such properties. There are several high-demand communities in Dubai where rental rates are exceptionally high.
  • Spacious Living: Apartment from top real estate developers in Dubai, boasting ample space inside with eye-catching views of the outside.
  • Premium Services: These prestigious properties are equipped with top-notch amenities befitting their status, including large bay windows, fully equipped kitchens, sleek contemporary decor, and smart home features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average price of apartments in Dubai?

The price of apartments in Dubai varies on many factors like location, size, and amenities. On average, prices can range from AED 1 million to several million dirhams.

Are there any additional costs associated with buying an apartment in Dubai?

Yes, there is a minimum additional costs associated with the apartment like one time registration fees and maintenance fees. 

Can foreigners buy apartments in Dubai?

Yes, most of the apartments in Dubai come under freehold zones, where foreigners can buy property.

What is the process of buying an apartment in Dubai as a foreigner?

The process involves choosing a property, signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) or Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA), paying a deposit, and completing the legal and financial paperwork.

What are the best areas to buy apartments in Dubai?

Some popular areas for apartment buyers include Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Palm Jumeirah, and Emirates Hills, among others. It depends on your preferences and budget.

What are the maintenance fees for apartments in Dubai?

Maintenance fees can vary depending on the building and its facilities. These fees typically cover upkeep, security, and amenities.

Can I finance the apartment in Dubai through a mortgage?

Yes, many banks in Dubai offer mortgage options for property purchases. Be prepared to meet their eligibility criteria and provide the necessary documents.