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Our Renting Guides

Be it deciding the budget, choosing the best suited property or signing the contract, you will get all the necessary assistance from the industry professionals which you require before renting any property.We at the Top Luxury Property are always dedicated to work for our client’s satisfaction so that they can choose us without any worry and have broad smile on their face after availing our services.

Understanding Your Budget

Whether you are new to the city, or simply looking to upgrade, your budget is of utmost importance in determining where you choose to live.

Exploring the Communities

Whether you are new to the city, or simply looking to upgrade, a right community is equally important.

Scheduling a Property Viewing

Property viewings can be time consuming, however, essential. You must prepare a checklist to help you conduct a thorough assessment.

Browsing for Properties

You can narrow your search to specific property types once you have shortlisted the communities to live in. Keep in mind the following things before renting your property: property condition, landlord issues and other additional costs.

Securing & Signing Contract

You will need a variety of documents ready in order to submit your offer and complete your application. Keep your documents organized for swift processing of your tenancy contract to registering with Ejari, connecting your DEWA and other services.

Moving In

Once you’ve decided on your moving date, you can organize yourself for a seamless move-in experience by ensuring you have already registered for: Ejari, DEWA, internet service, cooling provider, security and moving permit.