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About Yas Island

Yas Island is a 2,500-hectare artificial island located in Abu Dhabi which is just 20 km away from Abu Dhabi. The region is best known for tourism projects and is home to posh hotels, shopping centres, theme parks, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld and Warnes Bros. It is a 20-minute drive from Downtown Dubai and 50-minutes reachable distance to Abu Dhabi

Yas Island is the most sought-after residential community in Abu Dhabi by reputed developer ALDAR. The community is featured with several world attractions and a hub of leisure recreation as well as home to a man-made island. On the other hand, this is the best place in Abu Dhabi where the demand for villa property is quite high. Yas Island has several sub-communities like Al Bateen, Yas Island, Saadiyat Island, and Al Raha Gardens. The most coveted areas are Water’s Edge, Yas Acres, Mayan, Ansam and West Yas, with high property demands.

The community is a mixed blend of apartments, townhouses, and villa residences. A diverse range of rent & sale properties are available here in Yas Island. A resident would easily get 1-5 bed rent apartments for rent with a starting price of AED 470K – AED 3.0M. Similarly, you can rent a villa property also that is available from 2- to 7-bed options with an average rental price of AED 173M -AED 14M.

Yas Island is quite a good location where property sales & rent trends are quite higher and you will get lucrative benefits. As of now the highest ROI for apartments here is 8.46% for 4-bed apartments and for a 3-bed villa highest ROI is 5.25%.

Properties in Yas Island

Yas Acres is a sub-community in Yas Island that has 652 units of apartments & villa properties available with 217-632 sq.m sizes. As the community is quite sought after for carrying ranges of residential options and world’s class leisure and holds major attractions within it attracts expats to have a home here in Yas Island.

A resident here would experience a whole cosmopolitan life and can choose the right options of properties of their choices. End-users can easily choose an apartment that is available in 1-5 bed options. Similarly, if you are looking for quite a spacious lifestyle then you would get 2-7 bed Villa property.

And those who quite prefer townhouse living then you will get 2-4 bed townhouses for rent that will cost you around AED 180K- AED 295K per annum. Also, you can buy 2- 6 bed townhouses that are well priced between AED 1.65M – AED 4.12M

These properties are well conceptualised with modern specifications and feature spacious units, futuristic layout and done with cutting -edged standard that reflects a cosy yet luxury feel.

Average Property Price in Yas Island

Investors here can easily get what they are looking for as the community offers a range of property options from 1-4 bed apartments to 3-6 bed villas. The demand for both sale property and rental property are quite high in Yas Island. If you are looking for a 1-bed apartment it would cost you around AED 518K -AED 2.3M. For 2 bed apartment, it is AED 735K – AED 3.8M and for 3-bed apartment, you have to pay AED 1.05M – AED 9 M. A 4-bed apartment would cost you around AED 1.59M- AED 7.5M and for 5-bed apartment the cost is AED 3.0M

Suppose you are looking for villa property then a 2-bed villa would cost you around AED 1.73M to AED 4M. A 3-bed villa rental price is between AED 199M to AED 8.0M. For 4 bed villa, the rental charges is AED 2.6 M to AED 12 M. And if you prefer for 5-bed villa it will cost you around AED 3.5M to AED 17M for a 6-bed villa you have to pay AED 5.2M to AED 19M for 7 bed the cost is AED 8.0M to 14M.

Average Starting Property Price In Yas Island

Apartment Starting price
1 bed AED 1.04M
2 bed AED 1.80M
3 bed AED 2.39M
4 bed AED 5.11M

ROI in Yas Island

Yas Island is a preferred community in Abu Dhabi for investors. Furthermore, as it is an Island community the investment is quite high as well the property demand. The highest ROI is 8.46% for 4-bed apartments. Studio – 7.24%, 1 bed apartment – 6.40% 2 bed apartment- 6.95%, 3 bed apartment – 5.51% respectively.

Average ROI in Yas Island

Property Type ROI
Studio 7.24%
1 bed Apartment 6.40%
2 bed Apartments 6.40%
3 bed Apartments 5.51%
4 bed Apartments 8.46%
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Master Plan of Yas Island

Yas Island is the most coveted community in Abu Dhabi, best known for being the hub of world-class leisure recreation and that makes it an appealing destination in Dubai. The area holds attractive recreation such as Yas Marina Circuit, amusement park, Yas Waterland Mall, Yas Link (Golf course), Yas Beach, Yas Acres (luxury residential options in these sub-communities) and Yas Gateway Park – the public park in Yas Island.

  • Etihad Park – 290,626 Sq.Ft (Outdoor space), 118,403 Sq.Ft (Exhibit)
  • Yas Beach –
  • Yas Links –
  • Yas Waterland (large water park)
  • Yas Marina Circuit – The most advanced technologically advanced track in the world
  • Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
  • Yas Mall (Largest mall in AbuDhabi) – 370 shops, 60 delicious dining venues
  • Yas Gateway Park – 500,000 Square meters

Latest Off Plan Projects in Yas Island

Community Features

Project Connectivity Image

Yas Island Connectivity

    Facilities and services in Yas Island

    When it comes to opportunity and services, Yas Island has some offbeat leisure amenities. Here residents as well as visitors would enjoy playing Golf in Yas Links Golf Club – this is an award-winning golf course designed by master architect Kyle Philips. You can enjoy a thrilling time in Ferrari World where visitors experience the world’s highest roller coaster loop which runs 240 km/hr in just 4.9 seconds. Also, you can enjoy seeing motorcycle races at Yas Motor Racing Club. The community also holds a Formula 1 Grand Prix Course. For adventure lovers, there are more water sports options available like jet skiing, paddle boarding, surfing, etc.

    Additionally, the community provides all the social amenities which residents usually need in day-to-day life. For example, at Yas Island, end-users will be facilitated by educational & health institutions, parking areas, shopping destinations like malls, supermarkets & retail stores, and restaurants. Along with this, the area is close to beaches.

    On the other hand, Yas Island hosts several community events to give the residents a complete entertainment zone. Here at Etihad Arena, various live concerts are usually hosted including musical gigs, theatre performances, comedy nights, and educational seminars.

    • Hosts live performances, sports events and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
    • Best hotels and restaurants
    • 20-minute drive to Saadiyat island
    • Dedicated parking space
    • 45 aqua-theme rides
    • Formula 1 Grand Prix
    • Al Raha Beach

    Location of Yas Island

    From Abu Dhabi International Airport Yas Island is just 30 minutes drive whereas from Dubai it is just 50 minutes drive. If you are coming from Al Ain and Sharjah you will reach the destination in less than 3 hours. On top of it, Yas Island is known for its famous location that holds world-class leisure amenities and welcomes warmly to explore new things.

    Public Transportation in Yas Island

    Yas Island offers the best public transportation, you can travel to Dubai and Abu Dhabi by using the 190-bus route. Taxi services are also available in the region to make your further commute easy.

    On the other hand, Abu Dhabi International Airport is just 10 minutes away from Yas Island. The easiest way from Abu Dhabi to Dubai is Yas Island Tunnel which is connected to the E10 Exit on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai Highway.

    Why Invest in Yas Island?

    Tourism & Entertainment Hub – Yas Island is home to several world attractions like Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld, Warner Bros, and Yas Marina Circuit. Also, the community hosts the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix hence the region gains the attention of foreign visitors. Along with this, it’s a perfect tourism zone that welcomes visitors to explore it more and treat them with good hospitality.

    Wide Range Of Property Available – Yas Island offers myriads of luxury residential property in its heart including apartments, villas and townhouses so end-users can find their dream abode here. Also, the community boasts commercial spaces, hospitals, and malls where you can invest too.

    Strategic Location – The community is just half an hour’s drive from Abu Dhabi hence here from a location standpoint Abu Dhabi is positioned between Europe, Asia and Africa which makes it a promising business and trade hub. And investment in such a location is surely advantageous.

    Tax Benefits – Like Dubai, Abu Dhabi also offers tax benefits to foreign expats and allows them to invest here. For expats, this is indeed the most favourable incentive.

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