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Al Maryah Island

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About Al Maryah Island

Al Maryah Island is the masterpiece community by Mubadala Development Company in Abu Dhabi. Nestled over nearly 114 hectares area the community is providing top-notch experiences to the end -users. It’s a freehold community and homes to 30,000 residents and offers the best-in-class opportunities hence everything is just smartly developed to cater for the residences with a whole updated lifestyle.

As the community is a mixed-used development, you can expect residential as well as commercial spaces here. Along with this, it has myriads recreational options too where you can unwind yourselves as you like. Here, it allows you to own beachfront properties and that’s the most appealing part of the Al Maryah community, along with this, the development holds ranges of up-to-the-minute amenities and facilities where you can mostly spend your time.

The community offers 200,000 sqm of Grade A office space and it boasts a 75,000 working population that indicates the community holds endless employment opportunities too. Hence, it’s an ideal destination to live close to your workplace. Further, it’s a great place for business too so if you are planning to invest in both residential and commercial then surely you can try your luck. 

The highest ROI of Al Maryah Island for 1 bed apartment is 11.8% and 2 bed apartment is 11.5%  a recent report by Google.   


  • 116 hectares mixed-used development
  • Abu Dhabi’s best pet-friendly community
  • Offers a 360-degree view of the Abu Dhabi City
  • Offer beach-front properties 
  • 30,000 residents 
  • 75,000 working population  
  • 200,000 sqm Grade A office space
  • 200,225 sqm shopping & lifestyle destination
  • 5-star hotels 
  • underground parking spaces 
  • The Galleria Mall 
  • Waterfront shopping experience at Abu Dhabi Mall 
  • 400+stores
  • 100 dining options 
  • Host annual community events 
  • Enjoy the spectacular view of Abu Dhabi’s skyline and Arabian Gulf 
  • 40 companies 
  • 15 minutes to Abu Dhabi Beach, Al Sahil Beach, Corniche Beach

Available Projects in Al Maryah Island

Properties in Al Maryah Island

Al Maryah Island is quite the preferred choice amongst end-users for offering the best-in-class lifestyle. The community is famous for carrying waterfront properties and that makes life quite more appealing. Here, everything is just smartly developed with a top-notch standard of living and that is why the lifestyle here is quite more desirable. 

Apartments are available here in 1-4 bed options. The units are fully developed with a futuristic concept, and maintain luxury specifications, sleek finishes and touches, in other words, it will give you a perfect living standard. The properties here are featured with bedrooms, bathrooms, living, kitchen, dining & lobby areas. Whether you are a family or couple buying property here would offer you the best side of living experience. 

  • Studio
  • 1-bed Apartment
  • 2-bed Apartment 
  • 3-bed Apartment 
  • 4-bed Apartment

Average Property Price in Al Maryah Island

Buying property in Al Maryah Island would not only give you an island living location but will offer you a superb experience. Here home buyers can pick their preferred choice and offers and select the typology as well as offers at different prices.  

The average property for sale in Al Maryah Island Abu Dhabi is AED 1,040,760. Property prices vary in different square feet of the apartments. A studio apartment would cost you around AED 506K, A 1-bed apartment would cost around AED 674K, and a 2-bed apartment would cost you around AED 2M.

ROI in Al Maryah Island

Al Maryah is the best investment destination as the city offers waterfront apartments, which boost the value of the property and increase its sales price. Hence, every investment here would surely flourish. According to Dubizzle Abu Dhabi’s annual sales market report in 2022, Al Maryah Island’s highest ROI is 4.92%.

Master Plan of Al Maryah Island

Al Maryah Island is a fully developed community, sprawled over 116 hectares holds a completely dedicated zone, providing opportunities, introducing contemporary lifestyles and offering a whole prestigious address in Abu Dhabi. 

The community is home to 30,000 residents and there are a range of property options that are smartly developed. Here you can easily get apartment options in different typologies here. Along with this, here the community holds an array of recreational as well as essential amenities such as 200,225 sqm shopping & lifestyle destinations are well developed. Similarly, you can explore 5-star hotels and 100 dining options in the heart of it. The development is packed with all essential services such as health & educational institutions. Also, the community provides parking lot facilities, and several places of worship are here. 

Here you can enjoy lush greenery inside the development that will surely help you inwardly as well as outwardly. Al Maryah is also a pet-friendly region hence you can take a stroll with your four-legged friends. The area is bustled with various lifetime experiences- The Galleria Mall is the most famous mall here provides grand leisure recreation, has many restaurants, and gives you the opportunity to explore the waterfront shopping experience. You can find your own brand tastes in 200 stores. 

  • 116 hectares development
  • 30,000 residents 
  • 75,000 working population  
  • 200,000 sqm Grade A office space
  • 4 Tennis Courts 
  • 3 football fields
  • The Galleria Mall 
  • Waterfront shopping experience at Abu Dhabi Mall 
  • 400+stores
  • 100 dining options 
  • 5-star hotels
  • underground parking spaces 
  • Transportation facilities 
  • Abu Dhabi’s best pet-friendly community

Facilities and Services in Al Maryah Island

Al Maryah Island is replete with numerous facilities & services which keep the residents quite engaged yet convenient lifestyle.  As it is a mixed-used development here you can anticipate residential, commercial as well as leisure amenities. Spanned over 116 hectares this stunning development carries all possible amenities within where everything is just well-built. Each single service is brilliantly developed so that residents or visitors get a perfect convenient lifestyle. First, the island offers a calm and serene lifestyle where owning a permanent address is the dream home for every end-user and provides all facilities within the community. 

Here, residents can have world-class services, recreation, and many things to explore. The community holds 5-star hotels and the best restaurants – where you can taste delectable cuisines – Four Seasons Hote Abu Dhabi & Rosewood Abu Dhabi are the two famous luxury hotels. The community have numerous educational institutions namely GEMS World Academy, Abu Dhabi Grammar School, Repton Abu Dhabi, Emirates National School, INSEAD’s Middle East Campus, Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi.

  • 4 Tennis Courts 
  • 3 football fields
  • FIFA turf field
  • multipurpose sports courts
  • indoor sports gym
  • Football academies
  • basketball court 
  • pedestrian promenade
  • The Galleria Mall
  • World-class hotels Rose Wood Abu Dhabi Hotel and Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi
  • World-class 5-star hotels 
  • Endless retail opportunities 
  • Multi-speciality hospitals 

Location of Al Maryah Island

Al Maryah Island is located in northeastern Abu Dhabi. The community is best known for Abu Dhabi’s vibrant lifestyle destination that holds an array of world-class facilities within. Here, the community is featured with shopping and dining destinations, 5-star hotels, multi-speciality hospitals, beauty & salons, parks, beaches and other commercial spaces. Al Maryah is a perfect family-friendly destination where everything is just within driving distance and there are beaches located nearby at 15 minutes distance. So, all, in all residents here would enjoy a completely wholesome life and surely stand with all their expectations. 

 5-star Hotels 

  • The Rosewood Abu Dhabi -500m
  • Four Seasons Al Maryah Island – 2.3 KM


  • Cabana Beach Bar -8.4 KM
  • Grill – 8.4 KM
  • 99 Sushi Bar -1.5 KM
  • Bentley Kitchen – 350 M
  • Coya – 1.5 KM



  • Urban Male Lounge – 1.5 KM
  • HAIRWAVES by Charbel – 1.4 KM
  • NStyle Beauty Lounge and Bellacure Nails -39.7 KM
  • Dhalia Spa – 2.3 KM

Park & Beaches 

  • Abu Dhabi Beach – 5.2 KM
  • Al Shail Beach – 47.8 KM
  • Corniche Beach – 6.2 KM


  • Roundabout Monument – 4.2 KM
  • Al Ittihad Square – 5.1 KM


  • The Galleria -190M


  • Carrefour Market – 1.6 KM
  • ZOOM – 4.8 KM
  • SPAR Express – 2.9 KM
  • Lulu Express – 5.5 KM
  • Mina Al Madeena Supermarket -1.4 KM
  • AL Maya Supermarket – 1.5 KM

Public Transportation in Al Maryah Island

Now make your travel easy at Al Maryah Island, as the community provides the best public transportation services for everyday commute.  The community is close to Street 19, Bainuna Street from where you can take Bus 8, 10, and 11 and make your further journey to wherever you wish. Those who prefer solo travel, can use taxi services and enjoy the roadway journey along with this explore the nearby neighbourhood areas. 

Why Invest in Al Maryah Island?

Promising Investment Hub:- In Abu Dhabi Real Estate Market Al Maryah is the most booming zone where investors can park their money. The community is in developed form and attracts many future developments in it. Further, the community isn’t only residential but it has commercial properties where you can invest in. luxury & nature what you get here and that’s the USP of this Island community. 

Myriads of property options: – Investors will get different typologies of apartments in different sizes and prices. You can easily get studio units and apartments in 1- 4 options. 

Waterfront lifestyle: Residents would get the opportunity to live close to the waterfront view and that would give them a unique style of living, serving them a calm & serene lifestyle. Getting such an appealing address in Arab nation is indeed prestigious.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Al Maryah Island?

Al Maryah Island is a 116-hectare mixed-used community and the newest Central Business District. There are various types of properties available such as residential, commercial and leisure amenities that are well-developed. It is a freehold community and offers a range of recreations for the residents and allows visitors to explore Al Maryah in their own way.

Who is the developer of Al Maryah Island?

Mubadala Development Company has developed Al Maryah Island, where everything is smartly developed with a purpose and that is to offer the residents the best side of life.

Where is Al Maryah Island located?

Al Maryah Island is located in northeastern Abu Dhabi.

Is Al Maryah a freehold development?

Yes, Al Maryah is a freehold development and properties available here hold the same status hence it allows immigrants to purchase a property in it.

What types of properties are available on Al Maryah Island?

Al Maryah Island is a mixed-use development community. Here, the community has residential, leisure and commercial properties are available. As the community is closely developed to the island it offers a waterfront lifestyle hence, the increased demand for apartment property makes it the most sought-after residential destination amongst end-users.

What are the amenities planned in Al Maryah?

Al Maryah boasts a legion of recreational amenities in its heart, here one can get all the facilities that too at a close distance. Here, residents would be facilitated by world-class leisure amenities including luxury hotels, restaurants, café, public transportation, parking spaces, health and educational centres, supermarkets, places of worship, malls, outdoor activities and several community events are organised to serve the residence best side of living.

What are the transportation facilities available in Al Maryah Island?

Bus and taxi services are easily available in Al Maryah Island for easy commute to everywhere. Further, the island is close to Street 19 and Bainuna Street bus stops where you can easily get Buses 8, 10 and 11.