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Tips for Selling Your Home in a Buyer’s Market

As real estate agent Joe Manausa says, the process of selling your home in exchange for a good price has changed over his career of thirty years. In the past, when there was no Internet, people depended on market conditions for selling. He has seen many new developments and the lean period during the pandemic that offered very low-interest rates and profits.

The seller’s market has completely changed in the last ten years, with buyers taking the lead. If you want to sell your home now in the buyer’s market, you can take note of these unique tips.


Tip 1. Find a Listing Agent

For those who are first-time home sellers, the job of a listing agent is to market your property and list it on the right websites. It is not the same as the buyer’s agent who assists in the house buying process. Most sellers have two goals. First, sell a home in a pre-decided time frame, and second, get the maximum return on investment which will fuel their next buy.

In the current buyer’s market in Dubai, there is a gap between demand and supply. Therefore, it is important to sell your home within a determined period. Additionally, if you take too long to sell your house and it is sitting on the market for too long, buyers may not find it that appealing as an offer.

Anyhow, you can move smoothly to your next property with enough money in your pockets. If the selling process gets delayed, you may even lose out on your dream home.


Tip 2. Understand the Selling Process

To get the best price possible, you need to hire the best professionals available in the market. So even if you don’t have enough experience in selling homes, they make up for what you lack. Firstly as mentioned above, getting a good listing agent is key to unravelling the best possible gain on your home. 

Of course, it is not crucial as you will definitely sell your home without one. Dubai has been attracting lots of expats in the last few years, which is bound to increase in the coming years. So there is and will be a huge demand for real estate. Therefore, selling your house in Dubai is not as difficult as selling it at a good price. A good agent can deliver just that with their experience and expertise.

In order to fully comprehend the entire selling process, you can contact real estate agents and investors in similar areas, read up on real estate trends, and listen to podcasts. You must do thorough research and homework before starting the selling journey. Dealing with the buying and selling process in the digital age is very different, so talk to various sellers in your neighbourhood.


Tip 3. Find Reviews on Real Estate Agents Before Hiring

This is something you can do sitting in your home on your computer. Google real estate agents in your area and read their reviews online. Shortlist a bunch of them with the highest ratings and good feedback from past customers. You can go the extra mile to know more about each agent by reaching out to their past customers online and asking more questions.

Pro tip: These days, people can buy Google reviews. If you feel an agent’s profile is not convincing of their experience in real estate but has hundreds of reviews that look the same, chances are your gut is right. Therefore, you must try to connect with these customers through email or social media and ask for their feedback.

Most people don’t feel checking their agents’ Google reviews is necessary. However, the difference between choosing an agent blindly and with high recommendations can save you a ton of money.


Tip 4. Create an Interview Checklist

Once you start reading about selling real estate, come up with some questions that will give you an insight into your agent. Treat it as a job offer where you are the interviewer looking to find the right candidate for your next project. So you could ask if they are comfortable with negotiating on your behalf. How good are they at reading between the lines?

Think and write everything you want from your agent before hiring them to sell your property in the market. Take a look at their budget set for marketing, knowledge of real estate, and digital marketing skills. Although you may find this unnecessary and too much at first, it is very important if you are a non-resident and looking to sell your property in Dubai.


Tip 5. Find an Agent With Top Marketing Skills

According to seasoned real estate agents, if this list needs to be pruned, then marketing would stay. Before we proceed to expand on this point, you need to remember that this is not just to sell your house. Any real estate agent with poor marketing skills can help you do that. But it’s about getting a pool of potential buyers and the best competitive price for your property.

Therefore you need someone who understands marketing that can fetch you the right price for your property. For this to happen, you need two things. First, potential buyers must be aware of your property. Secondly, attract and control in such a way that nobody can hop on the offer prior.

Digital marketing also acts as a catalyst in getting your property sold off within the predetermined period. Moreover, you will have the upper hand in the process and don’t have to settle for a bargain or face financial loss. Your buyer must refrain from renegotiating as they will see that you have more buyers waiting in line.


Choose the Right Real Estate Agent Today!

All of the tips above will help you find a suitable buyer for your home. What’s better? Your buyer will have tough competition in the market, and they will bid for your home as it appears more desirable. Additionally, if you are looking to buy a luxury home in Dubai, the Top Luxury Property has got you covered. They have various property listings on their website in exclusive neighbourhoods of Arabian Ranches, Downtown Dubai, and Palm Jumeirah, to name a few.

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