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How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent for Your Needs?

The real estate market in Dubai is seeing a rise of 17.78% increase in transactions since June 2022. The government has relaxed rules and regulations for foreign expats and home buyers to live in this city. Aspiring home buyers, investors, and tourists are eyeing Dubai as it has become the center of business hubs for different continents like Asia Pacific, Europe, and South Africa.

Moreover, given the presence of two hundred nationalities, the city attracts foreigners who want to settle in Dubai. Therefore, buying, selling, and renting out properties is at an all-time high. The process is challenging and tiring for those who want to get a property as soon as possible. And the best way is to onboard a real estate agent. Below we have discussed vital points to help you find the right agent suited for your needs.


Steps for Choosing a Real Estate Agent That Suits Your Needs

Whether you want to buy, sell, or rent properties, hiring a real estate agent can make it easier and smoother than you imagine. Of course, they come at a price that many would prefer to avoid paying as they see it as an unnecessary expenditure. But the cons of not hiring one are too many. You can easily get duped by a seller, lose tons of money, or rent an apartment way below your expectations.

Opposite to popular belief, a real estate agent will save your money rather than waste it. The price you pay to them is an investment in your property. However, not all agents have the best intentions for you and can mislead you. Here is a list of tips to help you filter out the bad ones and hold on to the genuine ones.

  • Research a Real Estate Agent in Your Area

The first step to looking for the right real estate agent is to go on Google and check which agents have been active in your desired area. Knowing where to buy a property will help you narrow your choices. After you select some profiles of realtors you think are the best for you, check their websites or profiles.

Filter out agents based on the number of properties they have listed, the duration of that listing, and the recent buying or selling of properties by them. After that, let’s jump into the next step.

  • Check Experience and Expertise

In this step, you must dive deep into the realtors you have previously shortlisted. Read their bios and go through their social media profile if available. Moreover, check their years of experience in this market or if they are beginners. Learn about their expertise in this field because it matters more than you think.

A real estate agent’s combination of experience and expertise will be helpful as they quickly gauge your wants. Otherwise, you must sit for months and maybe years checking out different properties in Dubai. And in today’s day and age, no one has that time.

  • Look for a RERA License

This is one of the most critical steps, and you cannot miss it at any cost. Before you onboard any agent, a RERA license is a must, no matter what other credentials they have. Remove those realtors that don’t have one. A RERA license or Dubai real estate regulatory agency can be verified on their official website.

The Dubai Land Department offers it and is a regulatory body by the government of Dubai. Realtors with a license are legally authorized to conduct their business within the city and have to follow all codes of conduct under the board. Moreover, they must take complete responsibility for their behaviors and maintain a professional conduct. This license also takes care of you as a stakeholder and ensures transparency.

  • Interview Multiple Agents

After you shortlist the candidate, it’s time to meet them individually and filter out the ones you feel confident about. Most buyers, sellers, and investors tend to get lazy and shy as they think it wastes time. Contrary to their beliefs, this step will save you time in the long run.

You must treat this as a job interview wherein the agents are vying for the position. So prepare insightful questions in advance to know them better. In this process, you can call out the bluff and find the ones who deserve the spot.

  • Check for Local Knowledge

Now that you have met with all the agents in person and answered your questions, the rest of the steps will be simpler. Choose the one with the most knowledge about all the current market trends, areas that are better for bachelors, and the ones most suited for a big family. They must know which areas have the most demand and are losing value.

  • Good Communication and Negotiation Skills

When hiring a real estate agent, you are looking for someone to be on your side of the deal. The only way you could find out the best communicator was with the interview process. If they make you feel comfortable, are open to answering all your questions in great detail, and are interested in getting you what you want.

Check what price range they have worked on before, the number of deals they have closed, and their success ratio. You can compare them with other agents in the area. A good negotiator will help you get the best deal within your budget or sell off your property at a fair price. After all, negotiation is an art in buying and selling.

Additionally, check for customer reviews and feedback on their profiles. You can easily judge an agent’s work by reading the reviews left by previous customers. Take a deep dive into the feedback section, as you can see their pros and cons. Moreover, choose a realtor available to you when you need them to be.


Visit Top Luxury Property for Better Deals

Whether buying, selling, or leasing out property for the first time, there are ample benefits to having an agent by your side. They find the best deals for you and go the extra mile to find your dream home. The points above will help you get an agent perfect for your needs. Top Luxury Property has helped many investors and home buyers in their real estate journey. You can find many listings ranging from townhouses and apartments within different price brackets.

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