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Luxury Living Is Booming In Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah, the northernmost emirate of the UAE, has long been overshadowed by its flashier neighbours Dubai and Abu Dhabi. But new developments led through WOW Resorts and Nikki Beach Place, RAK firmly on the luxury map.

In recent years, there was an influx of high-net-worth people and investors flocking to the emirate. Developers have become aware, of bringing Luxury Residential Projects to market.

In this blog post, we will give an on-the-ground view of Rak’s evolving luxury landscape and the kinds of projects redefining luxury living standards. Let’s delve deeper from the analysis of price growth and yields to the lifestyle benefits of living in RAK.

Rising Prices Reflect Strong Investor Interest

Healthy price appreciation is the first sign of a thriving luxury market, indicating rising demand against limited supply. RAK has seen property prices climb 15% over the past two years and even faster in the past 12 months. Locations like Al Marjan Island are leading the price growth.

This above-average appreciation shows that investors are taking notice of RAK Potential.

As Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s luxury residential markets mature, wealthy investors search for higher returns.

Ras Al Khaimah offers them discounted entry prices and above-average upside as the market expands.

The quick pace of price growth also signals that the existing luxury supply is limited compared to investor appetite. With multibillion-dollar projects in the pipeline, developers rush to fill this supply-demand gap. The new branded residences they launch help absorb some price growth and widen luxury living options.

Based on current trends, industry experts forecast RAK’s luxury residential prices have room for further appreciation. The market is still years away from being oversupplied or overheated. Investors who buy now can capitalize on the upcycle and achieve strong rental yields too.

Global Hospitality Brands Add To RAK’s Draw

RAK is best known as the UAE’s most popular leisure and adventure destination. But previously, it lacked hospitality options comparable to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. That perception is changing fast as the world’s leading hotel brands open five-star resorts with luxury amenities.

WOW Resorts Makes a Splash With Huge Marriott Tie-Up

One developer making major waves in RAK’s luxury market is WOW Resorts, founded by pioneering Dubai developers Sanjay Manchanda and Manav Manchanda.

In January 2023, they unveiled plans for WOW Resorts Marjan Beach, a sprawling mixed-use development featuring:

  • 524 branded residences and 300 guest rooms to be operated by Marriott International under their exclusive “The Residences By Marriott” brand – the first Marriott-branded residences in RAK
  • Two luxury hotels also operated by Marriott under the W and Westin brands
  • A waterpark, retail shopping, restaurants, sports facilities and more are spread over 37 acres with 700 meters of beach access.

In total, the project is valued at Dh4.8 billion, with completion expected by 2026.

For Sanjay Manchanda, RAK provided the right setting to create a globally recognizable luxury destination that can also generate strong investor returns. As he stated:
We believe the UAE has a discerning clientele with a taste for uncompromising luxury – and Ras Al Khaimah provides the perfect canvas for this.”

The stellar growth within RAK’s hospitality sector enticed WOW Resorts to launch their mega-project in the emirate:
“RAK will be completing some of the most sought-after resorts and hotels in the next 4-5 years, the big one, of course, being Wynn on Al Marjan Island.

These new hotels are expected to attract wealthy visitors ready to invest in luxury second homes:
“This trend of global high net worth investors along with UAE-based ultra-rich investing in resort-like, luxury homes will continue.

The Marriott tie-up also provides a globally renowned brand to elevate WOW Resorts Marjan Beach:
By collaborating with an internationally acclaimed hotel group like Marriott International to operate the residences and hotels, we will redefine luxury hospitality in the emirate,” added Manchanda.

Aldar Brings Iconic Nikki Beach Brand To RAK

Joining WOW Resorts in elevating RAK’s luxury credentials is Aldar Properties , the Abu Dhabi-based development giant.

In 2023, Aldar announced a joint venture called Nikki Beach Residences RAK, located on the rapidly developing Al Marjan Island.

The project will feature 803 units operated by Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts. The properties will have access to a private beach club, Nikki Beach’s famous pool parties and entertainment events, plus dining options at the brand’s renowned beach club and restaurant.

Sales launched in November 2023, with apartments starting from Dh2.37 million and 4-bedroom villas available for Dh18.5 million.

For Aldar CEO Talal Al Dhiyebi, the Nikki Beach tie-up aligned perfectly with RAK’s growth:
The emirate presents great opportunities for us to deploy our capabilities to cater to strong demand for high-quality residences in the UAE’s fastest growing tourism hotspots.”

Emaar Properties is another top real estate developer in Ras Al Khaimah with residential projects Emaar Address Residences and Emaar Address Residences Phase 2 at Al Marjan Island.

Upsides For RAK Luxury Living Investors

For investors and second-home purchasers evaluating options, RAK brings several advantages over other UAE luxury markets. The first is timing—RAK’s branded residences markets remain in their infancy compared to more mature Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Getting in early allows for a greater upside on capital gains and rental yields.

The second is the value proposition. Luxury Residences In RAK come at a significant discount to comparable Dubai properties. The cost difference stretches into the millions for villas of similar size and quality. Despite recent price rises, RAK offers relative affordability for ultra-luxury home buyers.

Third, RAK promises higher rental yields due to expanding demand drivers. With several five-star resorts plus recreational attractions in the pipeline, RAK is poised for an influx of tourists over this decade. Affluent Dubai residents will also find its serene settings perfect for weekend getaways. This broadening rental demand translates into better annual yields.

Lastly, living in RAK provides access to a vibrant, well-developed community on par with Dubai’s quality of life. Ras Al Khaimah has competitive schools, advanced healthcare facilities, luxury shopping and dining. The new splashy hospitality projects also bring glamour and prestige to homeowners in adjacent residences.

For investors focused on capital gains or rental income, RAK luxury residences stack up attractively on all fronts. The lifestyle appeal for second-home buyers is equally unmatched.

What The Experts Are Saying About RAK?

Industry experts have taken notice of RAK’s remarkable ascension as a luxury destination:

Surging Demand from Wealthy Migrants Bhupender Patel, Managing Director of WOW Resorts, credits an influx of high-net-worth individuals.

RAK For Driving Luxury Property Sales

In 2023, the UAE had one of the highest numbers of millionaire migrants, leading to record-breaking sales in luxury real estate. This is a phenomenon that will continue.

With ultra-high-end branded projects like those launched by WOW Resorts and Aldar, developers keep pace with demand from wealthy investors and second-home buyers.

Prices Rising But Still Affordable Vs Dubai

For Patel, RAK also stands out for its value relative to other emirates:

Due to the high cost and way more affordable than Dubai and Abu Dhabi Properties, residents are relocating to Ras Al Khaimah.

This creates opportunities for luxury developers in RAK to deliver premium residences at attractive prices compared to Dubai or AD. Investors can spend less on luxury property but still access facilities and amenities in pricier locations.

Buying Advice For RAK’s Luxury Property Market

For high-net-worth investors and luxury buyers evaluating RAK, the experts provided several recommendations:

Act Quickly Before Prices Increase Further

Patel suggests that buyers wanting to maximize value shop early as Ras Al Khaimah continues to grow:
This is the right time to invest in Ras Al Khaimah which will give you endless benefits in the upcoming days.

Getting in on the ground level of RAK’s luxury wave provides the opportunity for price appreciation as demand rises. And investors can secure larger units that may be scarce and more expensive in future projects.

Leverage Developer Payment Plans

Since off-plan purchases require less upfront investment, Mr Manuj Garg says this allows buyers to get into RAK’s resurgent market without overextending their finances:

“Investors can choose what type of property they want to invest in. Properties here are smartly built up with extreme luxury and offer quite a cosy lifestyle and allocate a range of property options.”

Developer payment plans for off-plan units like those offered by WOW Resorts provide flexibility when structuring a luxury property purchase.

Consider RAK As Part Of A Balanced UAE Portfolio

Rather than an either/or choice between Dubai or RAK, the experts see the wisdom in diversifying across both emirates. From a developer source:

“If you’re looking for a profitable investment and a good market position, Ras Al Khaimah is a great choice with a supportive ecosystem for success in real estate.”

Owning luxury residences across multiple UAE markets allows investors to hedge against risks like oversupply or shifting buyer preferences. RAK provides relative affordability while a branded Dubai development offers prestige.

Focus Both On Lifestyle And Rental Demand

Patel advises that buyers evaluate RAK properties not just as financial assets but also as second homes:
“Hence you can easily get all things just within driving distance.”

RAK has succeeded in developing self-contained communities like Al Hamra Village and Mina Al Arab, providing residents with extensive amenities without leaving the emirate.

These communities also generate strong rental demand, especially for branded residences leased to vacationers. As RAK’s tourism expands, luxury homes near hotels and attractions will be popular with holiday renters.

Is RAK’s Time For Luxury Living Finally Here?

After being overshadowed by Dubai and Abu Dhabi for decades, Ras Al Khaimah seems ready to claim its rightful place among the UAE’s luxury heavyweights.

The building blocks – increasing global interest, major new attractions and infrastructure tying everything together – are falling into place to support RAK’s ambitious growth plans.

Branded residences are a central pillar of the Emirates’ luxury push. Globally recognized hospitality firms like Marriott and Nikki Beach add credibility and visibility to developments.

And based on expert forecasts, this appears to be only the beginning of RAK’s expansion into luxury living. Investors and high-end buyers who position themselves early will be rewarded on the global property stage.

So, try Ras Al Khaimah if you are looking for luxury living in the UAE!

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