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Dubai Real Estate Market Trends: Why Investors Hold Property Sales

The announcement of the relocation of Dubai International Airport (DXB) to Dubai South has led to some interesting shifts in Dubai’s property market. As investors and sellers adjust their strategies to capitalize on expected infrastructure upgrades and development around the new airport site, certain Dubai real estate market trends are emerging.

Sellers Raising Prices, Holding Off Sales

With the massive airport project slated to bring improved connectivity and greater accessibility to Dubai South and surrounding areas, property owners have begun raising prices on units for sale, while others are postponing listings altogether.

Dubai Property Investment strategists like Angelika Egoschin, founder of Real Estate Blondies, note that many investors are holding off on selling as they expect property values to increase over time. There’s no standard percentage increase yet, but prices are trending upwards across the board.

Some sellers have raised prices as much as 25%, like one investor who increased the listing price on a Dubai South 3-bedroom from AED 1.6 million to AED 1.8 million and then AED 2 million after the airport announcement.

Overall, areas like Dubai South , Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, and Emirates Road are seeing sellers revise pricing upward in the short and long term. Industry experts predict approximately 10% increases in the short term, rising to 20–30% in the future.

Surge in Off-Plan Property Interest

The pending development and infrastructure improvements around the new airport have led to heightened investor interest in Dubai off-plan property investment in communities like Dubai South.

Farooq Syed, CEO of Springfield Properties, notes that investors are opting to retain properties in the area to capitalize on expected appreciation driven by the airport acting as a catalyst for transformation.

Areas surrounding the airport site stand to witness remarkable growth. Sellers eager to benefit from likely spikes in demand are strategically listing more off-plan properties in response to the surge of investor interest.

Positive Factors Driving Market Growth

Several factors indicate strong continued growth is in store for Dubai’s real estate market:

  • Dubai property investment in Dubai South and nearby areas is already quite appealing, with occupancy levels above 70%.
  • The new airport will significantly expand passenger capacity upto 260 million annually, likely increasing housing demand.
  • An entirely new city is being built around the airport site to accommodate the influx of people.
  • Areas set for transformation will gain improved infrastructure and accessibility.

Market dynamics firmly shifted the moment the airport announcement was made. Investor and developer strategies adjust to make the most of the impending changes.

What does the future hold?

Industry insiders have a positive outlook on the Dubai property market future growth. As massive development unfolds over the next decade, they anticipate steady property value appreciation and strong investor demand.

The strategic corridors of Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road should capitalize well on proximity and accessibility to the new airport. Continued innovation and major projects also strengthen Dubai’s overall real estate outlook.

Factors sustaining ongoing market growth include:

  • New and improved infrastructure is expanding across the emirate.
  • Initiatives enhancing connectivity and transportation access
  • Developers launching modern, high-tech communities are attracting investors.
  • Reputation as a global business, tech, tourism, and lifestyle hub

Savvy developers will focus future residential and commercial projects in areas offering optimal advantages from expansion efforts around the relocated airport.

The future looks bright.

In assessing the latest Dubai real estate market trends and growth indicators, the consensus is clear: Dubai’s property market future shines bright.

Dubai off-plan property investment in communities like Dubai South and surrounding areas stands to gain exceptional value in the coming years, thanks to the new airport catalyst. Investors are responding enthusiastically and adjusting their strategies accordingly.

From a likely steady stream of new off-plan inventory to heightened investor appetite, the market is poised for sustainable, long-term growth. The airport relocation may be the most significant single factor influencing future appreciation and development.

If current activity is any indicator, sellers and developers are wasting no time in capitalizing on the immense opportunities ahead. Dubai’s property landscape 10 years from now may bear little resemblance to today. The future certainly looks promising.

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