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About Dubai South

Dubai South is a government body that operates mostly in southern parts of Dubai and majorly focuses on the aviation and logistic ecosystem. This government body is run by Chairman H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum and Executive Chairman H.E Khalifa Al Zaffin. Many remarkable projects under different sectors garner attention in the southern region of Dubai which is mostly developed by the Dubai South. The region is dedicated to logistics, MBR Aerospace Hub, and commercial, and residential developments. 

The entire community is sprawled over 145 Sq. km where the developer has reserved 7 sq.m  for a leading aerospace hub, MBRAH. is reserved for a multimodal logistic hub. Additionally, a 920,000 sq.m zone is dedicated to enhancing e-commerce facilities in the UAE.

MBR Aerso Space Hub is a diverse aviation ecosystem on the doorstep of Al Maktoum International Airport – which will soon be the world’s largest airport and will occupy the top global air, sea and road transport network. Similarly, many commercial and retail infrastructures are well-developed and provide leased office spaces, and a business centre with smart desks, so for investment opportunities, this is the best place where you would get assets at affordable and highly competitive rates. 

Undoubtedly, Dubai South has delivered many flagship residential projects. Further, Dubai South has created the first leasehold staff accommodation including 16 best-in-class buildings, first-rate leisure and sports facilities, well-equipped medical rooms, and self-cooking facilities. 

Dubai South supports all types of facilities by building the Dubai South community which is now home to 150 nationals. Many developments are taking place here and provide 500,000 jobs. 

Available Projects by Dubai South


Dubai South has delivered many successful projects and some of them are already gaining popularity. So here are listed down some ready projects and future projects of the developer which has conceptualised superbly and planned brilliantly.  

The Pulse Residences: – One of the top-notch residential developments in Dubai South community, superbly defined with intense luxury homes and offers the best-in-class lifetime leisure recreations and is ready to let you experience a lavish journey.  

South Bay – It’s a combination of townhouses, villas, and large mansions that delivers a contemporary lifestyle and offers you to unwind amidst endless facilities and recreations. 

 The Avenue – An unrivalled commercial hub, giving a chance to acquire both lands and free zone licenses for Dubai. For investors who are planning to expand their business in Dubai South, The Avenue is the best option. For investment, this is the best option whereby investing you can generate higher ROI.

The Pulse Beachfront Villas – An outstanding villa project, superbly defined with a high-level interior and offers class living, fantastic vistas and offers a standard lifestyle which every end-user wishes to have.  

The Grove – The Grove is a unique, family-focused designed residential development. This is outstandingly done with intense care and offers the best side of the living experience amidst luxury indulgences.  

The Pulse Mall – The mall has two floors including a hypermarket, cinema theatre, and open spaces for shoppers and families to dine and play. It’s a mixed-used development so there is a residential building also located close to the development and here you can enjoy all the facilities within. 

Sakany One – One of the successful residential projects that offers spacious apartments at reasonable prices and it is especially designed with front-line staff. The property also offers rental apartments at reasonable prices for front-line staff. 

The Pulse Hospitality – The Pulse Hospitality is located in the heart of Pulse Boulevard and enjoys views of the central park and the Pulse Mall. The project consists of two towers which are still in progress and fully designed to fit the lifestyle hotel category. 


Affordable Residences – The developer offers affordable ranges of residential developments, introduces easy payment plans and offers the best deal. Home buyers can get the advantage of less financial burden on them while buying any property from the developer. Affordability is possible with Dubai South and that makes sense. 

Superior build quality – Quality matters a lot to Dubai South and every development the developer has built enjoys the same standard and receives the best quality. Every project has received cutting-standard architecture, design, layout and even outstanding construction work. 

Wide Ranges of lifetime amenities – Amenities are the core of any residential development and the developer best knows about it, and you can witness that. World-class amenities, high-end recreation and serving the residents superb quality leisure experience is the motto of the developer and they implemented it in their every development. 

Diverse portfolio – Dubai South carries a diverse portfolio and delivers projects on residential, commercial, logistics and e-commerce facilities. Majorly, focus on the aviation and logistics sector to make the community a multi-modal transportation hub of Dubai. Soon it will garner attention as the world’s largest airport. Further, its business-friendly zone adds another benefit to investors where they can choose a diverse range of properties according to their preferences.  

Dubai South Properties Market Trends

Currently, the developer launched a project named – South Bay in the heart of Dubai South’s residential district. Where the project is featured with 800 spacious villas & townhouses, 200+ luxurious waterfront mansions, approx. a 1 KM lagoon and a waterfront promenade sprawled over more than 3 KM along with this, the developer has created a superb lifestyle in this development. 

Dubai South – The southern part of Dubai offers 5-7% ROI and property prices start here from AED 3,000,000 to AED 1,777,000 and can get a higher rental yield of over 7-8 %. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of projects does Dubai South develop?

Dubai South majorly develops residential as well as commercial real estate projects. The Grove, South Bay, and The Avenue are some of the remarkable residential developments of the development.

Where are Dubai South’s projects located?

Only in Dubai South Community, the developer has delivered major of their developments.

What are the price ranges of Dubai South’s properties?

A studio apartment’s starting price would be between AED 335K – AED 422K. Similarly, a 3 BHK apartment will cost you around AED 1.7M and 2-bed villas’ prices start from AED 1.3M -AED 1.4M accordingly.

How can I buy a property from Dubai South?

Well, buying a property from Dubai South is quite easy, for that you can directly visit the developer’s website and buy the property. Another way is, you can contact Top Luxury Property, where a professional salesperson can assist you with this. Feel free to contact us.

What is the future plan of Dubai South?

Dubai South has set to develop more significant developments in the Southern region of Dubai. Al Maktoum International Airport (the upcoming world’s largest) is the major development it has targeted. Etihad Rail, The Grove luxury residential development are also listed in their future plan.