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Best Places To Do Iftar In Dubai: Find Your Perfect Ramadan Feast

The most anticipated holy month of Ramadan is about to start and Muslims around the world are so excited to see the new crescent moon of 2024. Almost all people know what Ramadan is, why it is celebrated and how it is celebrated.

But still, if you have just heard the name of Ramadan and do not know the meaning of it then here is a short introduction to Ramadan.

Introduction Of Ramadan

Ramadan is the most sacred month in Islamic culture and is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. Ramadan originated from the Arabic root “ar -ramad” which means scorching heat. Muslims believe that in A.D 610 the angel Gabriel appeared to Prophet Muhammed and revealed to him the Holy Quran (Islamic Holy book). That revelation, Laylat Al-Qadar – or the “Night of Power” – is believed to have occurred during Ramadan. Muslims fast during this month between sunrise to sunset (daytime) and this is obligatory for all Muslims, except for ill, pregnant women, travelling, elderly or menstruating.

Muslims follow the fast in two ways, pre-dawn breakfast called “Sheri” which usually occurs at 4:00 AM before the first prayer of the day and the evening meal called “Iftar” which begins after the sunset prayer (Maghreb) finishes around 7:30 PM. Traditionally three dates are eaten to break the fast as Prophet Mohammad broke his fast with dates and a glass of water. In the Middle East, dates are rich in nutrients, easy to digest and provide the body with sugar after a long day of fasting.

Iftar is the second meal of the day and Muslims people mostly prefer gathering to break their fast together. Anyone (non-Muslim) can also be invited to their iftar table because Muslims believe that feeding someone iftar is a form of charity and is rewarding and such is practised by Muhammed.

Hence, if you are also planning Iftar for your friend circle then you can invite them to your home or you can explore Dubai’s some famous places in Dubai where you can enjoy the Iftar feast. Here, I have shared the famous community of Dubai and the restaurants which mostly arrange the Iftar feast and also deliver it to your address.

Business Bay


If you want to experience your Iftar under the starry sky then Aqua is the perfect place. The space has been ornamented with modern Ramadan Elements and colours give a vibrant feel. Here, you can enjoy the traditional hot and cold mezze on the table with different types of mouthwatering dishes.

You can start your iftar with a grill and slow-cooked meats and then go for the main course including salmon fillet, lamb ouzi and Wagyu beef lamb kofta and more and finish your meal by having delicious desserts at the end.

  • Location – JW Marriott Marquis Dubai , Business Bay
  • Time – sunset- 9:30 PM
  • Cont. – 044143000

Beau Rivage Bistro

Beau Rivage Bistro is the place where you can enjoy traditional Arabic cuisine while enjoying the serene Dubai Water canal views. Their hospitality will win your heart and they will bring everything to your table directly, from mezze to dessert.

  • Location – Grand Millenium Business Bay
  • Time – Sunset – 8:00 PM
  • Cont. – 056 682 9268


Experience Arabian cuisine with a different selection of other traditional dishes, cold mezze and much more at CineScope. For Iftar, this is the best palace, here it has a dedicated kid’s corner where you can keep your kids busy. Also, you can enjoy the live stations featuring authentic bites.

  • Location – Paramount Hotel Midtown, Business Bay
  • Time – Sunset – 10:00 PM
  • Cont. – 058 826 5729


Cleo is the right place where you can take Levantine Cuisine, here you can enjoy soups and salads and all middle estate cuisine and also you can enjoy the best view of the city.

  • Location – Hyde Hotel Dubai, Business Bay
  • Time – Sunset – 9:00 PM
  • Cont. – 04 871 1111


Couqley is a French restaurant that serves you the best experience of Ramadan. It offers two or three courses of the iftar set menu. Also, if you want home delivery from Couqley and want to enjoy the food at home then you have to place your order within 48 hours and they will send it to your address. And this delivery is only offered in a limited-edition Ramadan gathering menu. They serve lip-smacking food and whole roasted French chicken or the cote de boeuf you must try in this restaurant.

  • Location – Pullman Dubai Downtown Business Bay
  • Time – Sunset onwards
  • Cont. – 04 514 9339

Kitchen 6

At Kitchen 6 you can enjoy buffet-style iftar with different cuisines around the globe. You can taste the diverse food culture here such as Asian Works, Middle Eastern Grills, Indian Tandoors and International options. You will enjoy many savoury meals on your table.

  • Location – JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, Business Bay
  • Time – Sunset – 9:00 PM
  • Cont. – 04 414 3000


If you want to enjoy the authentic Indian food in our town then RangMahal is the best restaurant where you can enjoy the different flavours of India. RangMahal provides a different selection of hot and cold mezze, along with traditional Indian dishes, vegetarian options and different types of Indian sweets.

  • Location – JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, Business Bay
  • Time – Sunset -11PM
  • Cont. – 04 414 3000

The Larder

The Larder is the right place where you can enjoy iftar on the terrace. Here it offers GCCa and Levantine-inspired food including lamb ouzi, a salad station, hot and cold mezze and a special dessert corner.

  • Location – Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Canal views, Business Bay
  • Time – Sunset – 9:00 PM
  • Cont. – 04 875 3300

Downtown Dubai

Address Downtown

Address Downtown in the area where you can enjoy several delectable dishes featured on the menu list. While enjoying the Burj Khalifa views you can enjoy many classic to international dishes here.

  • Location – Address Downtown, Downtown Dubai
  • Time – Sunset – 8:30 PM
  • Cont. – 04 436 8888

CE’LA VI Dubai

Taste the Asian-Inspired iftar at CE’LA VI Dubai. Here you can enjoy dishes like date and roasted mushroom soup, miso-marinated cod kushiyaki, grilled giant prawns and black truffle sushi rice risotto. You can complete your meal with a pistachio rose delight.

  • Location – Address Sky Views, Downtown Dubai
  • Time – Sunset – 9:00 PM
  • Cont. – 04 582 6111


Ewaan is another best spot where you can break iftar, and can enjoy traditional Arabic food as well as international dishes. Here you can enjoy seafood, grilled meats and live cooking stations, different types of deserts and Arabic juices.

  • Location – Palace Downtown, Downtown Dubai
  • Time – 6:30 PM -9:00 PM
  • Cont. – 04 428 7961

Apricot Dubai

This European eatery Downtown offers the best view of the tallest tower Burj Khalifa. So, you can enjoy the mesmerizing view of these iconic towers and enjoy the four-course set menu, also you can enjoy the Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

  • Location – Old Town, Downtown Dubai
  • Time – Sunset -9 PM
  • Cont. – 04 433 9792

Amelia Restaurant & Lounge

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Amelia Restaurant & Lounge offers you a mix of sharing and individual dishes for iftar. So, satisfy your gastronomical desire by starting with appetisers and salads and then you can dig in the main course offers including corn-fed baby chicken, Machu Picchu Australian wagyu, miso black cod, or Australian lamb chops with Teppanyaki vegetables. Having an iftar meal with such a variety of food will make you more content.

  • Location – The Address Sky Views, Downtown Dubai
  • Time – Sunset – 9: 00 PM
  • Cont. – 04 324 2805

Nine 7One Restaurant

Make your Iftar meal more special at Nine7One Restaurant where you can taste buds with delicious Arabic cuisine and juices while enjoying the sound of Qanun behind.

  • Location – Anantara Downtown Dubai, Downtown Dubai
  • Time – Sunset onwards
  • Cont. – 04 444 1407

Dubai Creek Harbour

Luma Pool Lounge

Luma Pool Lounge offers a buffet-style iftar experience and serves three daily -changing menus with traditional Middle Eastern dishes, additionally, it offers a variety of shisha.

  • Location – Address Grand at Dubai Creek Harbour , Ras Al Khor
  • Time – Sunset – 9 PM
  • Cont. – 04 275 8888

Dubai Marina

Café Society

Break your iftar with traditional Arabic cuisine and desserts at Café Society. This is the most appealing restaurant where you will taste delectable dishes that will surely make you satisfied.

  • Location – Tamani Hotel Marina, Dubai Marina
  • Time – Sunset – 8:30 PM
  • Cont. – 04 318 3755

Garden Oasis at Arabian Courtyard

Taste the authentic dish from Lebanon, Turkey, Syria and Jordan, mezze platters, and flavourful dishes this iftar at Garden Oasis at Arabian Courtyard. Along with this, enjoy a live cooking station and taste the traditional Levantine Cuisine, Arabian nights-inspired décor and much more.

  • Location – One & Only Royal Mirage Resort Dubai, Dubai Marina
  • Time – Sunset – 9:00 PM
  • Cont. – 04 315 2412

Palace Courtyard

If you want to taste the Levantine and Moroccan dishes then Palace Courtyard is the right place where you can explore Moroccan tagines, Lebanese grilled meats, and traditional salads.

  • Location – One & Only Royal Mirage Resort Dubai, Dubai Marina
  • Time – Sunset – 9:00 PM
  • Cont. – 04 315 2412

Mina’s Kitchen

Mina’s Kitchen is the perfect place if you want to taste the delectable dishes around the globe. The restaurants offer stylish buffet Iftar with live stations from Kebab and shawarma stations and Turkish Ice cream while enjoying the oud player.

  • Location – The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Resort & Marina
  • Time – Sunset – 10 PM
  • Cont. – 04 399 4141

Dubai South

Assembly Mezze & Skewers

Enjoy your iftar at Assembly Mezze & Skewers, where it offers traditional lentil soup shish taouk and much more.

Al Fanar

You can enjoy Arabic food at Al Fanar restaurants including chicken biryani, hares and authentic Emirati Luqaimat. Break your Iftar fast here and make Ramadan more memorable with your family.

  • Location – Dubai South
  • Time – Sunset Onwards


Cuisines restaurant is another place quite famous for traditional as well as international cuisine. For Iftar, this is a great place to explore different types of foods, here you can taste the Arabic dishes as well. Samak Harra, kibbeh bil laban and umm Ali are some mouthwatering dishes you can enjoy here.

  • Location – Holiday Inn Dubai Al-Maktoum Airport, Expo City
  • Time – Sunset – 10:30 PM
  • Cont.- 08 808 8999

Oasis Iftar

If you want all the different dishes on your table and give an authentic Ifat treat to your family then Oasis Iftar is the right place for you. The restaurants offer a range of delectable foods, from soup to salad, pastries, falafel, foul and chicken shawarma. If you are a biryani lover then this place is an ideal option for you, here you can taste authentic lamb biryani and live foul station on the menu. Also, you can enjoy some sweet dishes such as lokaymat (sweet dumplings) with organic date syrup and roasted sesame seeds and assorted qatayef (Stuffed fried pancakes)

  • Location – Expo City Dubai
  • Time – Sunset – 10:00 PM


To celebrate Iftar PXB is the right option and here you will taste vegan-friendly dishes such as Caesar salad, Mexican bowls, creamy hummus, and mixed roasted vegetables.

  • Location – Expo City Dubai
  • Time – Sunset onwards

Gup & Shup

If you love Indian cuisine and desserts then must explore Gup & Shup where you can explore a variety of appetisers and creamy curries and Indian desserts.

  • Location – Expo City Dubai
  • Time – Sunset onwards


At Alkebulan restaurant, you can experience and African-inspired iftar which is specifically created by Chef Alexander Smalls. They offer African-inspired iftar box and sweet boxes. The iftar box includes homemade cocoa granola with yoghurt, orange cardamom coffee cake, vegetable samosa and chicken fataya. On the other hand, the sweet box is packed with hibiscus rose macaron, spiced date bar, pecan praline bonbon, Congo Bar, and Cinq Centime cookies.

  • Location – Expo City, Dubai
  • Time – Sunset onwards

Grand Beirut

Grand Beirut is quite famous for offering cold mezze where you can enjoy your iftar by starting on juicy mixed grills, Arabic desserts and Ramadan Juices.

  • Location – Dubai South
  • Time – Sunset onwards

Palm Jumeirah

Asateer at Atlantis The Palm

Asateer tent is Dubai’s most famous Ramadan Tent and welcomes up to 1,400 guests for Iftar. Here the restaurants serve various appetizing dishes and you can taste the fusion of Arabian dishes with Khaleeji, Persian and Turkish Cuisine and also you can enjoy Jordanian lamb mansaf and lamb ouzi. You can end your iftar meal with traditional Arabic sweets or ice cream like Kunafa, or Oslmaliya with ashta.

  • Location – Atlantis The Palm, Palm Jumeirah
  • Time – Sunset – 8:30 PM
  • Cont. – 04 426 2626

AL Noofrah

Taste the authentic Lebanese cuisine and Arabic Beverages at AL Noorfah this iftar with your family.

  • Location – Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Palm Jumeirah
  • Time – Sunset – 8:30 PM
  • Cont. – 04 453 0444


Enjoy an outdoor iftar buffet at Envy where you can experience a BBQ station and there you will taste mixed grills and so much more. Also, you can enjoy live entertainment which will lead you to a Ramadan mood.

  • Location – The Hotel, Palm Jumeirah
  • Time – Sunset- 9:00 PM
  • Cont. – 04525 8896

Fairuz Garden

Experience the open buffet station and Middle Eastern and International dishes at Fairuz Garden. Enjoy a delectable and a delectable variety of desserts on the menu. On the other hand, restaurants offer different types of entertainment options including oud players and instrumentals which will surely sway you.

  • Location – Fairmont The Palm Jumeirah
  • Time – Sunset – 9 PM
  • Cont. – 04 457 3457

Ibn AlBhar

Ibn AlBhar is a family-friendly restaurant and here you can celebrate your iftar with award-winning Lebanese seafood.

  • Location – Club Vista Mare Palm Jumeirah
  • Time – Sunset – 3:00 AM
  • Cont. – 04 553 9757

La Maison Restaurant

For those who want to experience the classic Middle Eastern dishes, cold and hot mezze, La Maison Restaurant is the best option. Here you can enjoy watching live cooking stations. The restaurants provide slow-cooked lamb ouzi and grilled meats like chicken shish taouk, beef kebab and lamb kofta.

  • Location – Royal Central Hotel The Palm, Palm Jumeirah
  • Time – Sunset – 9:00 PM
  • Cont. – 04 843 9300


Break your Iftar fast at Levantera’s scenic view where you can enjoy Palm West Beach while having Levantine and Middle Eastern Dishes, complement the meal with a delectable dessert such as freshly fried Katayef, cheese kunafa and logaimat.

  • Location – Marriott Resort, Palm Jumeirah
  • Time – Sunset – 9:30 PM
  • Cont. – 04 666 1430

Riva Beach Club

Break your iftar fast with a delicious starter like lentil soup, kibbeh, cheese sambos, Fattoush salad, or hummus and try the main course food such as Dawood Basha, Assorted Arabic grilled or grilled prawns with harra sauce (each comes with sides). All you get this mouthwatering food at Riva Beach Club restaurants where you can enjoy the best iftar dining.

  • Location – The Shoreline, Palm Jumeirah
  • Time – Sunset – 8:30 PM
  • Cont. – 04 218 0065


If you are looking for the best restaurant in Palm Jumeirah where you can break your Iftar fast then ZEST is the one & only place where you can enjoy a wide variety of appetisers, mains & desserts. For starters, the restaurant offers lentil soup, vegetable soup, Hummus, Moutabbal, Kibbeh and Tabouleh. The main course they offer is seabass say adieu and Chicken Oriental Rice, Chicken Tawouk and Beef Kofta, after completing your meal you can end your iftar with some desserts.

  • Location – Throughout Ramadan
  • Time – Sunset – 9:30 PM
  • Cont. – 04 440 1010


Enjoy iftar at Crescendo where you will enjoy a beachfront setting and taste the traditional Middle Eastern Flavours including mezze platters, lamb ouzi and seafood. Crescendo provides you with both indoor as well as outdoor dining experience.

  • Location – Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort, Palm Jumeirah
  • Time – Sunset – 10:30 PM
  • Cont. – 04 567 8304

Sheikh Zayed Road

Al Habtoor Palace Ramadan Garden

For the best Ramadan Iftar feast you can go to Ramadan Garden at Habtoor Palace. This restaurant is quite famous for Arabic and Lebanese dishes, also you can enjoy different types of dessert.

  • Location – Habtoor Palace Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Time – Sunset – 8:30 PM
  • Cont. – 056 315 7241

Kinara by Vikas Khanna

Kinara is quite a famous restaurant by Indian chef Vikas Khanna and offers a three-course family-style menu, which is the star dish at Kinara. The food here offers an authentic home taste and here you can enjoy Kurkuri dahi, shakarkandi ki chaat, sesame-crusted kofta, achari lamb, etc as a main course. The food is incomplete without baked Chenna or Saffron rose pudding which you can taste better.

  • Location – JA Lake View Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Time – Sunset – 10:30 PM
  • Cont. – 04 814 5604

Les Cuisines

The restaurant is inspired by the famous traveller or explorer Ibn Battuta, and here you can experience various types of food recipes, starters, and main course, along with international sweets and desserts.

  • Location – JA Lake View Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Time – Sunset – 10:30 PM
  • Cont. – 04 814 5604


If you want to explore Middle Eastern and International dishes then this is the best place for an iftar feast. Here, you can enjoy different types of dessert options such as traditional kunafa. Also, you can enjoy iftar al fresco on the restaurant terrace while listening to the live oud player.

  • Location – JA Lake View Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Time – Sunset – 11:00 PM
  • Cont. – 04 814 5604

Dunes Café’

Try out Turkish-inspired buffet-style iftar at Dunes Café, where you can explore mezze to mains and desserts. Provides live stations and entertainment and much more.

  • Location – Shangri-La Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Time – Sunset – 8:30 PM
  • Cont. – 04 405 2703

Al Bahou

Al Bohu is such a nice place, where you can enjoy the iftar seating beneath lanterns and feel the positive vibe around the ambiance. Here, it provides a range of food items for Ramadan including lamb ouzi, mixed grills and seafood.

  • Location – Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel, Garden
  • Time – Sunset – 10:00 PM
  • Cont. – 04 444 0000

Feast Restaurants

Offers delicious Arabic food and international flavours like cold and hot mezze, lamb ouzi, mixed grill, shawarma and an array of global dishes and vegetarian options. For dessert, here you can taste basbousa, Umm Ali, Kunafa and homemade ice cream.

  • Location – Sheraton Grand Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Time – Sunset – 10:00 PM
  • Cont. – 04 503 4444

Purani Dilli

If you want to try to enjoy Indian food cuisine with well -priced then move ahead to Purani Dilli where you will get an iftar buffet at just Dhs99.

  • Location – Four Points by Sheraton, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Time – Sunset – 10:30 PM
  • Cont. – 05 641 42213

Ramadan Garden

Taste the authentic Lebanese and Arabic cuisine at Ramadan Garden, where you can treat your taste buds and also compliment your meal with Arabic and International desserts.

  • Location – Habtoor Palace Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Time – Sunset – 8:30 PM
  • Cont. – 056 315 7241

Sirali Restaurant

If you are planning to break the iftar fast with your family and you want to try some new cuisine then step ahead to Sirali Restaurant and try some Turkish Cuisine. Here it offers delicious main course food recipes such as chicken Kabab, Vegetable beyti kebab, lamb tandoori and beef kulbasti with Turkish rice. Complete your meal with some sweet desserts like gullac, hamsikoy rice pudding and sobiyet.

  • Location – AL Habtoor City
  • Time – 6:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Cont .- 04 456 1760

The Market

The Market is another best place in Sheikh Zayed Road where you can start your Iftar with nuts, dates, and dried fruits, seafood crudo, etc. Also, you can experience some traditional food experiences like cold and hot mezze.

  • Location – Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Time – Sunset – 10:30 PM
  • Cont .- 04 435 5577

City Walk


Enjoy the traditional Arabic flavour and Italian twist at this restaurant. Here it provides dates stuffed with goat cheese, walnut and spice honey, homemade rosemary garlic flatbread, basil pesto and mixed olives. The restaurant serves meat combo, grilled beef and lamb kofta, beef tenderloin, grilled chicken, baked baby potato, mixed salad, sweet potato puree, green peppercorn sauce, tomato chilli dip, yoghurt and herbs as main course.

  • Location City Walk , Dubai
  • Time – Sunset onwards
  • Cont. – 056 992 4326


Mint provides the best iftar menu, including Italian-style creamy lentil soup with vegetables, fried halloumi cubes with pomegranate, apple, pistachios and maple leaf syrup as a starter. For the main course, you can taste lamb and chicken kofta served with ras al hanout hummus with pita bread. And lastly, you can finish the iftar meal with mil cake with saffron milk, dried rose petals and pistachio kernels.

  • Location – Citywalk Phase 2
  • Time – After Sunset
  • Cont. – 04 255 4247

Chival Global Social

For a perfect Iftar meal, you can enjoy a rotation menu at Chival Global Social. For starters the restaurants offer hot mezze options including meat Kibbeh, spinach fatayer, smabousek, cheese rokakat, zaatar and cheese manakish. In the main course, you can enjoy an Arabic mixed grill and chicken moussakan and end your meal with orange blossom panna cotta.

  • Location – La Ville Hotel & Suites, City Walk Dubai
  • Time – Sunset – 11:30 PM
  • Cont. – 04 403 3111

Al Jaddaf


Enjoy authentic Persian dishes with your family at Engima. The restaurant offers a variety of walnuts and dates, homemade Persian cheese, roasted Persian bread and fresh hubs and much more.

  • Location – Palazzo, Versace Dubai, Al Jaddaf
  • Time – Sunset – 8:30 PM
  • Cont. – 04 556 8805


Giardino is known for traditional Middle Eastern and International dishes, here you can enjoy kebabs, rotisserie chicken, grilled meats and lamb ouzi as well as salads and fresh juice stations.

  • Location – Palazzo Versace Dubai, Al Jaddaf
  • Time – Sunset – 8:30 PM
  • Cont. – 04 556 8805

Zabeel Iftar Tent

If you want to experience the authentic Ramadan experience then must visit Zabeel Iftar Marriott Hotel, Al Jaddaf. Here, the restaurants provide delicious foods including roasted lamb ouzi, shawarma station, hot and cold mezze. Also, the restaurants serve traditional Arabic dishes like chicken Kabsa, fish with sumac and Daoud Basha, etc.

  • Location – Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf, Al Jaddaf
  • Time – Sunset – 9:30 PM
  • Cont. – 04 317 7777


Buffalo Wings & Rings

Break your Iftar fast at Bufalo Wings & Rings and enjoy an American two-course meal with just Dh 59 for one and Dh 99 for two people.

  • Location – Cluster U, JLT and Liberty House, DIFC
  • Time – Sunset – 8:00PM
  • Cont. – 050 247 1226

Rohini by Little Miss India

If you love multi-cuisine recipes then you can enjoy a variety of foods at these restaurants. Here, you can enjoy dates and drinks such as laban, rouafsa or mango lassi. In the starter, it offers you hummus topped with scrambled tandoori paneer, Indian -style Fattoush salad, onion bhaji, Amul cheese and palak-stuffed samaosa, shisha twarook and mutton seekh kebab.

And you will enjoy mouthwatering main course dishes such as butter chicken, mutton biryani aloo jeera, dal makhni, sahi murgh pulao, and assorted Indian bread. complete your iftar meal with some sweets & desserts like kalakand-stuffed baklava, kunafe rosmali cheesecake and fresh-cut fruits.


Couqley is a French restaurant and here it provides a different Ramadan experience. The Restaurants offer two-course and three-course iftar menus. Couqley also provides home delivery options but you have to place your order before 48 hours. The restaurant is quite famous for whole roasted French chicken or the cote de boeuf.

  • Location – Cluster A, JLT
  • Time – Sunset Onwards
  • Cont. – 04 514 9339

Key Takeaway

Celebrate Ramadan with an iftar gathering this year with your family and friends. Muslims celebrate the last day of Ramadan with a festival called Eid-Al-Fitr – The festival of breaking the fast. This festival begins with communal prayer at daybreak. During these three days of festival season, Muslims gather to pray, eat, exchange gifts and pay respect to deceased relatives.

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