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Sheikh Zayed Road

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About Sheikh Zayed Road

Sheikh Zayed Road or SZR, whatever you want to call it, is one of the major roads of the city that also connect to the 7 Emirates of the UAE. Yes, it is true that SZR is the busiest road but here we are going to describe it as a real estate investment destination in Dubai. It’s a lively stretch, popular among working professionals because it’s close to many business hubs of the city. Let’s explore that, how is living on Sheikh Zayed Road?

Sheikh Zayed Road is lined with residential developments that offer impressive amenities like swimming pools, gyms, and parking in most buildings. Many new developments on this road come with  top-notch finishes and prime locations. Living on Sheikh Zayed Road is incredibly convenient and residents enjoy easy access to banks, small furniture shops, car showrooms, real estate offices, pharmacies, and a range of restaurants and cafes.


  • Major highway in Dubai known as E11
  • Connects Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  • High-Rise Residential & Commercial skyscrapers
  • Extends 558.44 km from Abu Dhabi to Ras Al Khaimah
  • Bears Different Names In Various Emirates

Available Projects in Sheikh Zayed Road

Properties on Sheikh Zayed Road

When it comes to the residential properties on Sheikh Zayed Road, the majority of options are the high-rise towers of residential apartments as Studios, 1 Bed, 2 Bed and 3 Bed Apartments and Penthouses. These apartments offer stunning views of the golden dunes and city skyline. 1 bed  units typically span an average area of 541 sq. ft to 811 sq. ft, while 2 bed apartments offer more spacious living, covering an average range of 875 sq. ft to 1,360 sq. ft.

  • Studios
  • 1 Bed Apartments
  • 2 Bed Apartments
  • 3 Bed Apartments
  • 4 Bed Apartments

Property Price on Sheikh Zayed Road

Compared to typical real estate price trends, apartments for sale in Sheikh Zayed Road command higher price points due to their prestigious location and exclusivity. The minimum price for a 1 Bed apartment in this region is  AED 1,650,000. For 2 Bed apartments on Sheikh Zayed Road, the starting sale price is AED 2,900,000. These exceptional apartments are characterised by their top-tier finishes, inclusive parking spaces, guest bathrooms, and a privileged view of the man-made canal. The below table will give you the best idea of property price on Sheikh Zayed Road.


Property Price on Sheikh Zayed Road
StudioAED 620,000
1 Bed ApartmentsAED 1,650,000
2 Bed ApartmentsAED 2,900,000
3 Bed ApartmentsAED 4,800,000
4 Bed ApartmentsAED 5,810,000

ROI On Sheikh Zayed Road

Based on the available statistics, studio apartments lead the way with an impressive 9.10% ROI. Following closely behind are 1 bed apartments situated on Sheikh Zayed Road, offering a solid return of 5.70%. Meanwhile, 2 bed and 3 bed units complete the list with respective returns of 4.5% return on investment.


ROI on Sheikh Zayed Road
1 Bed Apartments5.70%
2 Bed Apartments4.50%
3 Bed Apartments3%
4 Bed Apartments4.50%


Master Plan of Sheikh Zayed Road

Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai extends from the interchange near the Oud Metha area to Jebel Ali, close to the Dubai-Abu Dhabi border. This renowned thoroughfare traverses the heart of the emirate, passing by some of its most iconic landmarks, including the Dubai World Trade Centre, Emirates Towers, Dubai Mall, and the majestic Burj Khalifa.

The buildings that grace the stretch from the Trade Centre area to Business Bay are considered part of Sheikh Zayed Road. These properties not only offer an exceptional standard of living but also provide access to a wealth of luxurious amenities in their vicinity. Among the notable landmarks on this distinguished road are the iconic Maze Tower and Ghaya Residence. 

Facilities & Services on Sheikh Zayed Road

This road is not just a highway to travel from point A to B but a best place to buy residential property. A perfect place where you can choose from a small studio to big apartments with everything you expect from your dream home in Dubai. 

If you’re looking for apartments for sale on Sheikh Zayed Road with the best amenities & features then here you will get access to the best shops, luxurious five-star hotels, fun places to enjoy, and exciting spots for entertainment, within a few minutes away from your home.  As well as, residential developments also offers some best amenities & features like:- 

  • Pool
  • Gym
  • Parks
  • Jogging Track
  • Kids Play Area
  • Club

Location of Sheikh Zayed Road

Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai starts from the Oud Metha area to Jebel Ali near the Dubai-Abu Dhabi border. It passes through the centre of Dubai and near famous places like the Dubai World Trade Centre, Emirates Towers, Dubai Mall, and the Burj Khalifa.

The buildings on this road, from the Trade Centre area to Business Bay, are considered part of Sheikh Zayed Road. These buildings are not only great places to live but also have many fancy things nearby. On this road, you can find landmarks like the impressive Maze Tower and the luxurious Ghaya Residence.

  • Dubai International Airport is a 15-minute 
  • Downtown Dubai is just 12 minutes.
  • Abu Dhabi is 1 hour and 26 minutes 
  • The Dubai Metro’s Red Line runs parallel to Sheikh Zayed Road

Why Invest on Sheikh Zayed Road

Prime Location: Sheikh Zayed Road offers easy access to various key areas of the city and close proximity to major landmarks, business districts, and recreational spots, making it highly desirable for residents and businesses alike.

High Demand: Properties along Sheikh Zayed Road are consistently in demand, whether for renting or selling. The area’s strategic location and proximity to business hubs attract a steady stream of potential tenants and buyers.

Strong Rental Yields: Sheikh Zayed Road has the potential for excellent rental yields, with different types of properties providing competitive returns on investment.

Luxurious Amenities: Many top residential and commercial developments here offer luxurious amenities, including state-of-the-art facilities, restaurants, shopping centers, and more.

Iconic Landmarks: The road is surrounded by some of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks, creating a vibrant and dynamic urban environment. This can be an additional draw for individuals and businesses.

Access to Transportation: The road offers excellent transportation links, including proximity to the Dubai Metro, which further enhances its appeal to both residents and commuters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the famous landmarks on Sheikh Zayed Road?

There are countless landmarks on Sheikh Zayed Road but some of the most famous landmarks are Dubai World Trade Centre, Emirates Towers, Dubai Mall, and the Burj Khalifa, etc..

Why is Sheikh Zayed Road popular for property investment?

Sheikh Zayed Road is popular for property investment due to its prime location, high demand, strong rental yields, and the potential for long-term growth.

How far is Sheikh Zayed Road from Dubai International Airport?

Sheikh Zayed Road is approximately a 15-minute drive from Dubai International Airport..

How long does it take to reach Abu Dhabi from Sheikh Zayed Road?

The emirate of Abu Dhabi is hardly 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Sheikh Zayed Road.

Is the Dubai Metro accessible from Sheikh Zayed Road?

Yes, the Red Line of the Dubai Metro runs parallel to Sheikh Zayed Road, providing an accessible and convenient public transportation option.

What types of properties are available on Sheikh Zayed Road?

Sheikh Zayed Road features a mix of residential and commercial properties, including apartments, office spaces, and retail spaces.

Are there luxury amenities and facilities available along Sheikh Zayed Road?

Yes, every residential development from top real estate developers in Dubai along the road offer luxurious amenities, such as gyms, restaurants, shopping centers, and more.

What are the best times to travel on Sheikh Zayed Road to avoid traffic congestion?

During the peak hours there is lots of traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road, so we advise you to avoid these hours to visit.