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Ajman, Sharjah and RAK Emerge as Real Estate Gems With 11.5%+ ROI And 40% Rent Hikes

Undoubtedly, Investment in Dubai brings countless benefits but property prices are quite high in the Golden City. But, still, if you want to generate Dirham only then you can think beyond Dubai.

Yes! There are three primary locations in the UAE where you can consider real estate investment. One is Sharjah – the capital of UAE, second one is Ras Al Khaimah – and the third, on the list is Ajman. So, this blog is all about these three gems of UAE where recently real estate has seen unprecedented growth. Hence, stay tuned to this blog and you will find the investment opportunities here, for sure!

Last year in 2023, these three areas of the UAE saw significant growth with 11.5% ROI and 40% rent hikes which is a sign of profit and an invitation to avid investors to choose these areas as their investment zone.

So, here I have brought to you the 2023 real estate data of these 3 cities so that you can understand and get an idea about the location and their ROI & Rental prices and according to that you can plan your next investment.

Ajman Real Estate in 2023

Ajman in UAE is a quite good location and holds a robust ambience with all sorts of conveniences, this urban area has a robust infrastructure, an advanced lifestyle and an epicentre of all advantages. Hence from an investment standpoint, this area is an appealing destination.

The area mostly receives rental demand and due to this investment rates are rapidly increasing here. According to reports Ajman has generated a remarkable ROI of 9.44% and that is a clear indication that Ajman is now becoming the Top Investment Zone UAE.

Sharjah Real Estate in 2023

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According to real estate reports by Dubizzle Sharjah’s primary locations and their property prices have also seen growth in 2023.

Maryam Island , Massar, Aljada , Al Mamsaha Raseel and Al Mamzar were popular places for investors as well as buyers and generated different praise worth ROI according to that.

Maryam Island generates a higher ROI of 6-9% as the community comes under Al Khan it was the preferable choice for investment and apartments are quite the preferable choice here. The average asking price was AED 948,000 and ROI is 3.51 percent.

With 33% ROI Massar in Sharjah has become the best investment community and Most of the area offers villa properties and you can expect an ROI for villa properties between 10%-11%.

Likewise, Aljada’s average ROI was 5%, and studio cost was AED 270,000 to AED 363,000. Similarly, Al Mamsaha Raseel located in the Muwaileh region also has seen a creased rate in annual rent. The area is quite famous for rental villa homes and with average annual rent of AED 111,000 has been recorded in this place.

All in all, Sharjah Property Market has shown an upward growth in rental property and Aljada has become a popular choice for investors now and also the above-mentioned area is also considerable.

Ras Al Khaimah Real Estate in 2023

After Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah is attracting most investors and real estate properties here has seen unprecedented growth last year. The city has witnessed quite an upward momentum in rental as well as sales properties. And mostly, off-plan projects were easily sold out within a couple of days in RAK.

RAK is a perfect place for anyone such as investors, buyers and tenants and properties here are more affordable as compared to Dubai, Other than this, Ras Al Khaimah is quite popular for its natural surroundings and twice as beautiful in this case than Dubai. Here you will be mesmerised by its natural views but in Dubai wherever you take a look you will get artificial vibes.

Additionally, there are some areas like Al Hamra Village , Mina Al Arab, and Al Marjan Island which are the top choices for investment amongst investors. Apartments & villa properties demands are quite a preferable choice in these areas.

Al Marjan Island is the most preferable choice for investment and investors highly search for apartments here. The highest sales price for an apartment went up AED 1.57m, whereas Yasmin Village offered the highest ROI of 11.71%.

Similarly, Al Seer has seen the highest annual rental of a 16% surge in apartments and 10.34 % in villa property hence.

The most famous Al Hamra village also became a popular area for apartments and the property sold out for apartments with an average sales price of AED 656,000 with 7.33% ROI.

Mina Al Arab and Al Marjan are the preferred choices for home buyers and here the average villa prices went up to AED 19m and saw a 35.33% increase in 3-bed prices.

Whether apartment or villa in both cases Al Hamra village & Mina Al Arab have topped the market. Al Hamra has sold villa properties with an average sales price of AED 3.68 in the market.


All, in all, whether you are looking for a residence or just investment, UAE has now 3 more cities except Dubai where you can park your money and gather endless returns.

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