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About Binghatti Developers

Binghatti Developers is a reputed name in real estate industry of Dubai, led by CEO & Head of Architecture Mr. Muhammad BinGhatti. This real estate developer is famous for its residential and commercial development with innovative designs and high-quality finishes, Binghatti Stars, Burj Binghatti  and Binghatti Terraces are the perfect example of this statement. There are many commercial developments by this real estate developer like Binghatti Gateway, Binghatti Avenue, and Binghatti Sapphires, where you can experience their commitment to luxury and excellence. 

Driven by a customer-centric approach, Binghatti prioritizes personalized service, creating lifestyles tailored to individual preferences. Known for punctual project delivery and global collaborations, they redefine modern living with exclusive communities

Available Projects by Binghatti Developers


Binghatti Developers boasts a diverse and impressive portfolio of projects across various sectors in Dubai and beyond. Here’s an overview:


High-end luxury apartments:

  • Canal View in Business Bay
  • Monarch Tower in Business Bay
  • Binghatti Oasis in Jumeirah Village Triangle
  • The Address Fujairah Beach Resort
  • Boutique and mid-range apartments:
  • Akoya Oxygen in Dubailand
  • Millennium Binghatti Residences in Jumeirah Lake Towers
  • Millennium Binghatti Apartments in Barsha Heights
  • Mercedes-Benz Places in Downtown 
  • Binghatti Tulip in Jumeirah Village Circle
  • Binghatti Lavender in Jumeirah Village Circle

Villas and townhouses:

  • Binghatti Creek in Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • Cavalli Tower & Crystal Views in MBR City
  • The Lofts in Dubai Silicon Oasis


Office buildings:

  • Infinity Tower in Business Bay
  • Plaza 90 in Business Bay
  • Crown Towers in Business Bay

Hotels and resorts:

  • W Hotel & Residences in Business Bay
  • The Address Fujairah Beach Resort
  • Royal Central Hotel in Sheikh Zayed Road

Mixed-use developments:

  • Binghatti Maktoum in Dubai Silicon Oasis: Combining residential, commercial, and leisure spaces
  • Canal View in Business Bay: Offering apartments, offices, and retail outlets

International projects:

  • St. Moritz in Morocco: Luxury apartments and hotel
  • The Beachfront in Morocco: High-end beachfront residences

Binghatti’s portfolio is known for:

  • Unique and bold architectural designs: Often featuring striking curvilinear shapes and innovative facades.
  • High-quality materials and finishes: Utilizing luxurious materials and attention to detail.
  • Focus on sustainability: Integrating eco-friendly elements into their projects.
  • Prime locations: Many projects are situated in desirable areas of Dubai.


Distinctive Designs: This real estate developer is known for pushing the boundaries of architectural creativity with unique and creative designs.

High-Quality Finishes: Their residential & commercial developments with top-tier finishes, ensuring a perfect touch of luxury and unwavering excellence.

Residential Excellence: This real estate developer has a proven track record of luxury developments in different parts of Dubai, exemplified by successes of Binghatti Binghatti and Binghatti Terraces.

Commercial Ventures: Successfully navigating the realm of commercial development with achievements like Binghatti Gateway, Binghatti Avenue, and Binghatti Sapphires.


Sustainability at the Core: An unwavering commitment to sustainability, incorporating green-building standards for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient projects.

Customer-Focused Approach: Devoted to understanding and meeting customer needs through a personalised and attentive approach.

Punctual Project Delivery: Robust project management of this real estate developer, ensuring timely completion of every development

Global Collaborations: This real estate developer is known for partnership with the great minds and experts in industry remain at the forefront of emerging trends and innovative concepts.

Crafting Exclusive Communities:This real estate developer offers exclusive and luxurious communities that set a new standard for modern living.

Thoughtful Living Spaces: Development of concepts that promote thoughtful living for a safer and healthier society.

Binghatti Developers showcases a versatile and comprehensive expertise, ranging from innovative designs to sustainable practices, consistently delivering excellence in both residential and commercial developments.

Binghatti Developer Properties’ Market Trend

Luxury Apartments: Prices range from AED 3 million to AED 10 million+ for units in prime locations like Business Bay or Jumeirah Village Triangle. Higher floors, bigger layouts, and Cavalli-branded units command even higher premiums.

Villas and Townhouses: Expect starting prices around AED 10 million in established neighbourhoods like Dubai Silicon Oasis or MBR City. Luxury and waterfront locations can push prices beyond AED 30 million.

High Appreciation: Due to their unique designs, prime locations, and brand recognition, Binghatti projects have potential for significant capital appreciation over time.

Premium Rental Yields: Luxury finishes and amenities typically command higher rental rates, leading to strong rental yields.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Binghatti Developers?

Binghatti is a Dubai-based private developer renowned for its luxurious, architecturally-distinct residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects.

When was Binghatti founded?

Binghatti Developers was founded in 2008 by Binghatti brothers.

Where are Binghatti projects located?

Binghatti projects are primarily located in Dubai and Sharjah, with recent expansions into Morocco.

What are some of Binghatti's key projects?

Some of the key projects of Binghatii are Canal View, Monarch Tower, Infinity Tower, Cavalli Tower, The Address Fujairah Beach Resort, Binghatti Maktoum.

What makes Binghatti's designs unique?

Bold, curvilinear forms, innovative facades, and collaborations with high-end brands like Cavalli and Versace are some of the factors that make Binghatti designs unique.

What are some examples of Binghatti's technological advancements?

Smart homes, advanced building management systems, and even robot integration are the best examples of Binghatti’s technological advancements.

How does Binghatti contribute to the Dubai skyline?

Their iconic structures, like Infinity Tower and Cavalli Tower, have become recognizable landmarks.

What types of properties does Binghatti offer?

Binghatti offers luxury apartments, villas, townhouses, office spaces, hotels, and mixed-use developments.

What is the price range for Binghatti properties?

Highly variable, ranging from AED 3 million for studio apartments to upwards of AED 30 million for luxury villas.

What is the potential return on investment (ROI) for Binghatti properties?

High potential for capital appreciation and premium rental yields due to prime locations, unique designs, and brand recognition.