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World Realty Congress in Dubai to Drive Growth and Innovation in the Real Estate Industry

Dubai, UAE – Dubai is all set to witness a groundbreaking event. The first-ever World Realty Congress is coming to Dubai from December 12th to 15th at Movenpick Grand Al Bustan. This special summit brings together big real estate meetings like the International Real Estate Community Management Summit (IRECMS), REM TIMES Realty Confex, and the CAM G10 Summit. It’s all about sharing knowledge, showing the best ways to do things, and learning from top real estate leaders around the world.

Dubai’s real estate market has been growing fast. In the first part of 2023, it added up to 7.4% of the whole economy, and the number of real estate deals went up by 22% compared to the year before. To make this sector even better, experts say we need to use technology better, work together more, and plan everything together to make the real estate industry even more important for Dubai’s economy.

Jatin Deepchandani, who is the boss at Plan3Media, talked about how this Congress started from IRECMS. They wanted to make something bigger that looks at more specific things, like fancy luxury properties in Dubai and new ideas that push real estate forward.

At this Congress, there will be more than 60 speakers and over 30 sessions. People like Vishnu Sharma, who leads the Community Associations Institute, Chris Duggan from Bright & Duggan Property Group, and Abdulaziz Al Gargawi, CEO of Dubai Community Management, will be talking about different parts of the real estate world. They’ll cover everything from building houses to using technology to manage properties and sell them.

Some special discussions will happen at the CAM G10 Summit about managing gated communities in Dubai on December 13th. Then, on December 14th, the REM TIMES Realty Confex will focus on developers and people who help sell houses, with big names like Porush Jhunjhunwala from Banke International Properties and Atif Rahman from ORO24 Developments sharing their thoughts.

Jatin gave a big thank you to the companies that are helping make this happen. This Congress is coming at a time when Dubai is becoming a super cool place for investors worldwide. It’s like a big light showing how important it is to work together, learn from each other, and make real estate better for everyone. If you want to know more about the event, visit the World Realty Congress website.

This Congress is a huge step for Dubai’s real estate world, making way for more teamwork, new ideas, and making things better for everyone.

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