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Why You Should Invest In The Valley By EMAAR ?

The Valley is a master planned community developed by EMAAR Properties located on the outskirts of Dubai. It offers a range of residential properties including townhouses, twin villas, and standalone villas set amidst green landscapes and community amenities.

The Valley By EMAAR is an excellent choice for long-term returns and a luxury lifestyle. Here, we will learn why The Valley by EMAAR is a good investment.

Community Overview

In November 2019, EMAAR Properties released The Valley, a master development positioned at the outskirts of Dubai – Al Ain Road. This self-sustained community is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of mainland Dubai.

As you enter the community, you may be greeted through lush green landscapes and pristine streets. The community capabilities and numerous facilities unfold across thoughtfully designed wallets, promising an active lifestyle. From sports facilities to shops, The Valley has something for everybody.

The houses at The Valley encompass three- to four-bedroom townhouses and villas built in numerous architectural patterns. Walking through the homes, you will know the eye to detail in the premium fittings and finishes. The huge windows allow sufficient herbal light to flood the interiors, growing bright and airy spaces.

The properties at The Valley start at AED 1.2M, making it an attractive option for buyers and investors. The payment plans are quite flexible, with options to pay over multiple years. As an established developer, Emaar offers quality construction and timely delivery, giving you complete peace of mind.

Reasons Behind Why You Invest In The Valley

1: Strategic Location

The Valley enjoys a prime location on the outskirts of Dubai along the Dubai-Al Ain Road. While away from the busy city center, it still provides easy access to key attractions:

  • Only 5 minutes from The Sevens Stadium
  • Just 8 minutes to Dubai Outlet Mall
  • 25 minutes from Downtown Dubai and Burj Khalifa
  • 20 minutes to Dubai International Airport

The major highway connects directly to central Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Northern Emirates, bringing conveniences right to your doorstep. The strategic positioning gives you the perks of Dubai with more serenity.

2: World Class Amenities

The Valley isn’t just houses—it’s a fully equipped community catering to modern lifestyles. Some standout amenities include:

  • 30,000 sqm Golden Beach for seaside fun
  • 10,000 sqm Kids’ Dale with cool activities like rock climbing
  • 20,000 sqm Sports Village with tennis, basketball and more
  • 32,000 sqm Town Centre for shopping and alfresco dining

You’ll enjoy luxury living at The Valley with green parks, retail centers, sports facilities, and so much more. The range of amenities creates a resort-style experience right at home.

3: Freehold Property

The Valley is a freehold community, meaning expats like yourself can buy property and obtain full ownership rights. As the owner, you can:

  • Rent or sell your villa anytime
  • Pass it down to heirs through a will
  • Make upgrades and renovations easily

Having a freehold villa to call your own makes The Valley an attractive long-term asset. The freehold status gives you complete control and flexibility.

4: Spacious, Comfortable Villas And Townhouses

The Valley offers mostly standalone villas and townhouses ranging from 3 to 5 bedrooms. Properties range from 1,900 to 4,500 square feet, giving you generous living spaces. The architecture focuses on open-plan designs and indoor-outdoor flow.

All units come equipped with multiple balconies or private gardens. There is also ample parking with at least two spaces for every property. The spacious homes and low-density layout further enhance the relaxing vacation vibes.

You get to enjoy the conveniences of community living alongside the privacy and tranquility of your own spacious sanctuary.

5: Family-Friendly Ambiance

Lush gardens, cycling paths, and playgrounds make The Valley ideal for raising a family. Kids will love the interactive activities, while the tranquil setting creates a safe, peaceful environment. Nearby schools like Ranches Primary School ensure your children’s education is covered too. The family-centric amenities let you enjoy quality time together.

6: Contemporary Architecture

EMAAR Properties is renowned for its inspired designs, and The Valley delivers stylish homes sculpted for modern living. Choose between a contemporary 1-story villa or an elegant 2-story townhouse, all finished with premium materials and surrounded by scenic landscapes.

Each sub-community has a unique architectural theme, so you can pick a neighborhood that matches your tastes. With varied designs, you’ll find a residence aligned with your style.

7: Developer Reputation

EMAAR has an unparalleled reputation, having developed icons like the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. Their expertise in master-planned communities makes The Valley a reliable investment. When investing with EMAAR, you can expect the highest quality standards and timely delivery. Their track record gives confidence in the project.

8: Attractive Payment Plans

EMAAR is known for offering flexible payment plans on its off-plan properties. You can secure your property in The Valley for a fraction of the upfront cost.EMAAR generally allows payments to be spread over multiple years during construction.

This makes investment more accessible, as you don’t need the full purchase price immediately. Paying in installments also gives you time to save or free up your money for other opportunities.

9: High Rental Potential

The Valley offers attractive gross rental yields averaging 5-8% for villas and townhouses. With high demand expected from families, singles, and couples alike, properties in The Valley are a smart buy for investors seeking steady rental income.

The Valley offers better yields than comparable communities while still providing amenities and facilities on par with premium developments. Investors will be able to command good rents without sacrificing quality.

The gross rental returns and future capital appreciation make The Valley a lower-risk investment with good upside potential.

10 : Schools & Education

The Valley has several reputable schools coming up to cater to families living in the community. While the onsite schools take shape, there are plenty of options in close proximity.

Pre-schoolers can enroll at locations like Faris Nursery and Chubby Cheeks Nursery, barely 10 minutes away. Established names like Gems Founders School and Kings’ School are located within a 15-minute radius for primary and secondary grades.

Parents of older children need not worry either. Academic City, Knowledge Park, and other education hubs are a short drive away, home to universities like Zayed University and the University of Dubai. The Valley certainly ranks high regarding accessibility to quality education at all levels.

11: Proximity To Shopping And Dining

Forget long drives for grocery or meals out. The Valley has a 32,000 square Town Centre with stores, restaurants, and a farmer’s market. The Pavilion is another retail hub within the network. Dubai Outlet Mall and Cityland Mall are each below a 15-minute pressure away. Nearby department stores like Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates are around a 30-minute pressure.

Popular grocery stores like Carrefour are placed nearby as properly. The Valley offers comfort without congestion.

12: Close To Leisure And Entertainment

The Valley puts you right next to plenty of attractions to keep you engaged and entertained. IMG Worlds of Adventure theme park is an 18-minute drive away. Dubai Parks and Resorts with its 3 theme parks is about a 30-minute drive.

The famous Global Village and Last Exit are less than 20 minutes away. The Valley lets you be in the middle of the action or retreat to your quiet community whenever possible.

13: Surrounded By Nature

Life in The Valley lets you reconnect with nature’s beauty. Lush parks and gardens surround the neighborhoods, with jogging trails and quiet spots for relaxing. The Valley’s landscape will appeal to your senses if you value spending time outdoors. The natural environment creates a calming, healthy ambiance.

14: Strong Community Vibe

The Valley isn’t just houses but a vibrant community. Meet like-minded neighbors at the many parks or community facilities. Kids can make new friends, while activities like outdoor yoga bring residents together. The shared spaces help foster a friendly, welcoming environment. You’ll form meaningful connections with neighbors.

15: Future Infrastructure Growth

As one of Emaar’s new projects in Dubai, The Valley has massive future growth potential. Other Emaar communities like Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai have significantly appreciated value over time. Investing in The Valley puts you in early while prices are still reasonable.

As the community takes shape in the coming years, with new amenities and phases opening up, property values will surely rise. The Valley is still in the early stages of development, with new phases and sections continually being announced. By investing now, you maximize returns as the community matures.

16: Hassle-Free Ownership

Purchasing property as a foreign investor can often be complicated, but The Valley simplifies the process. No special approval is needed from the Land Department, and ownership automatically transfers after purchase. The streamlined process makes buying stress-free.

17: Capital Appreciation

As one of Emaar’s master-planned developments, The Valley is poised for tremendous growth. The project is still in the early phases, meaning you can buy on the ground floor and realize sizeable gains as the community takes shape and matures. Purchasing off-plan lets you maximize your appreciation potential.

18: Surrounded By Other Premium Communities

The Valley is situated alongside high-end communities like Dubai Hills Estate , Arabian Ranches, DAMAC Hills , and Dubai Hills. This further boosts The Valley’s premium appeal. Renters seek out the area for its luxury branding and reputation.

Being next to other top-notch neighborhoods also ensures quick appreciation of your property value as the entire district becomes an exclusive enclave.

Top Projects In The Valley

Several residential projects have already been announced within The Valley, with more expected to launch. Here is an overview of some of the top upcoming and recently launched projects in The Valley:

1 : Rivana

One of The Valley’s most recently announced projects is Rivana, which will consist of contemporary 3 and 4-bedroom twin villas. The twin villas will have a modern aesthetic, clean lines, and ample lighting. Units will range in size from 3,152 to 5,192 Sq Ft.

Key Features Of Rivana Twin Villas:

  • Spacious living rooms opening onto backyards
  • Private plunge pools in backyards
  • Covered terraces for outdoor dining
  • Children’s play areas
  • Landscaped front gardens

The project is expected to be completed in Q4 2027.

EMAAR Rivana offers excellent value in The Valley, with prices starting from AED 2.82 Million.

2: Alana

Alana is another top new launch in The Valley, comprising 3- to 5-bedroom semi-detached villas arranged in clusters around lush green courtyards. The twin villas will have a unique design with steep sloping roofs inspired by Nordic architecture.

Key Highlights Of Alana:

  • Units range from 3,485 to 4,630 square feet
  • Spacious terraces overlooking courtyards
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows for natural lighting
  • Open plan layouts
  • Private plunge pools (in 4 and 5 bedroom units)

EMAAR Alana is scheduled for completion in Q2 2027, with prices starting from AED 3.5 Million.

3: Farm Gardens

Catering to those looking for spacious living, EMAAR Farm Gardens at The Valley offers exclusive 4 and 5-bedroom villas. The villas have a farmhouse aesthetic with warm, natural tones and materials.

Notable features of Farm Gardens villas:

  • Units range from 4,950 to 10,004 Sq. Ft
  • Large backyards with options for private pools
  • Spacious bedrooms with walk-in closets
  • Family entertainment rooms
  • Study or library rooms
  • Majlis-style living rooms

Handover is expected in Q3 2026, with prices from AED 5.1 Million.

4: Eden

For those seeking an affordable villa in The Valley, Eden is a top choice. Eden offers 3 and 4-bedroom villas with units ranging from 1,929.75 to 2,336.73 Sq Ft.

Key Details About Eden:

  • Contemporary facades with neutral colour tones
  • Living rooms opening onto private backyards
  • Study rooms perfect for working from home
  • Children’s play areas within the community
  • Access to all of The Valley’s facilities and amenities

Completion is slated for Q4 2023, with prices starting at AED 1.4 Million.

5: Elora Townhouses

Elora is a newly announced townhouse project within The Valley, offering contemporary 3 and 4-bedroom units. The townhouses will have bright and airy interiors complemented by floor-to-ceiling windows.

Salient Features Of Elora Townhouses:

  • Units range from 2,321 to 2,767 square feet
  • Spacious open-plan living areas
  • Private plunge pools in backyards
  • Large terraces for outdoor dining
  • Children’s play spaces nearby
  • Easy access to retail and recreation

Handover of Elora townhouses is expected in Q2 2026, with attractive pricing from AED 1.6 Million.

6: Lillia Townhouses

Lillia is one of The Valley’s most competitively priced townhouse options, offering 3 and 4-bedroom contemporary units starting from just AED 2.1 Million. EMAAR Lillia Townhouses will range from 2,321 to 2,767 square feet.

Notable Features Of Lillia Townhouses:

  • Bright and spacious open-plan living areas
  • Modern kitchens with high-end appliances
  • Private backyards with options for plunge pools
  • Children’s play areas nearby
  • Easy access to The Valley’s recreational facilities
  • Excellent value pricing

The completion of Lillia will be announced soon.

7: Nara Townhouses

Nara comprises contemporary 3, 4 and 5-bedroom townhouses with bright, neutral-toned interiors. Units will range in size from 1,864.52 to 2,249.87 Sq Ft .

Key Details About Nara Townhouses:

  • Open-plan living rooms opening onto private backyards
  • Large terraces perfect for al-fresco dining
  • Children’s play areas within the community
  • Easy access to retail and dining options
  • Shared community facilities, including a swimming pool

Handover of Nara Townhouses is expected in Q4 2024, with prices starting at AED 1.34 Million.

8: Orania Townhouses

Orania offers some of the most spacious townhouses in The Valley, with large 3, 4 and 5-bedroom units ranging from 1,896 to 2,346 Sq Ft.

Notable Features Of Orania Townhouses:

  • Contemporary architectural facades
  • Bright open-plan interiors with floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Spacious living rooms opening onto backyards
  • Private plunge pools in backyards (in select units)
  • Large terraces for outdoor dining
  • Easy access to community facilities

Completion of Orania is slated for Q4 2025, with prices from AED 1.5 Million.

9: Nima

EMAAR Nima comprises contemporary 3 and 4-bedroom townhouses in a prime location near the community beach. Units will range from 1,959 to 3,186 Sq ft.

Key Highlights of Nima:

  • Shared fitness facilities for residents
  • Children’s play areas are scattered throughout
  • Open-plan living rooms with ample natural light
  • Private backyards and terraces
  • Access to retail and dining options

Handover is expected in Q2 2027, with prices starting at AED 2.1 Million.

10: Talia Townhouses

Talia offers spacious 3 and 4-bedroom townhouses ranging in size from 1,862 to 2,248 Sq Ft. The townhouses have a contemporary aesthetic with neutral tones.

Salient Features Of Talia Townhouses:

  • Units open onto private landscaped backyards
  • Bright open-plan living rooms and dining areas
  • Spacious master bedrooms with walk-in closets
  • Shared community swimming pool
  • Children’s play areas nearby
  • Quick access to parks and trails

Completion of Talia townhouses is scheduled for Q1 2025, with prices from AED 1.45 Million.


The Valley lets you live an upscale lifestyle with amenities while enjoying Dubai’s gorgeous weather and sights. If you’re searching for a community where convenience and luxury unite, The Valley by Emaar is a top-tier option worth investing in today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Developer Of The Valley?

The Valley is being developed by Emaar Properties, one of the leading real estate developers in the UAE.

Where Is The Valley Located?

The Valley is located on the outskirts of Dubai, right next to Dubai Hills Estate. It is situated along the Dubai Al Ain Road in the Dubioote vicinity.

What Types Of Properties Are Available In The Valley?

The Valley offers a range of villa and townhouse options, including 3, 4 and 5-bedroom units. Property types include standalone villas, semi-detached villas, and townhouses.

What Are The Amenities Offered Within The Valley?

Amenities in The Valley include a beach, parks, sports facilities, retail outlets, restaurants, schools, clinics, and much more across the different neighbourhoods.

What Are The Price Ranges For Properties In The Valley?

Prices start from AED 1.2 million for townhouses and go up to AED 10 million+ for premium 5-bedroom villas. There are options to fit most budgets.

Why Is The Valley A Good Investment Option?

Key reasons include developer reputation, amenities, potential for capital appreciation, high rental yields, freehold ownership, upcoming infrastructure, and payment plans.

What Is The Status Of Construction In The Valley?

The Valley is still in the early stages of development, with new phases and projects being launched. Some projects are underway, while others are still in the planning stages.

When Will Projects In The Valley Be Completed?

Completion timelines range from 2023 to 2027, depending on the project. Most launches are expected to finalize construction over 3-5 years.

Are The Properties Leasehold Or Freehold?

All properties in The Valley are freehold, allowing foreign buyers to obtain full ownership rights.

What Are The Payment Plans Available?

EMAAR offers flexible payment plans, often allowing up to 50% of payments post-handover. Investors can pay over several years rather than upfront.

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