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Why Married Couples And Asian Expats Are Investing In UAE Real Estate ?

A recent survey by market research firm YouGov reveals married couples and Asian expatriates are most interested in investing in UAE’s real estate market. The study found nearly 70% of married individuals intend to purchase a property in the country this year. 

Meanwhile, over half or 58% of Asian respondents expressed their interest to invest in UAE real estate. Strong confidence in the steadily rising market and desire for profitable investments are fueling demand. 

According to the report, 79% of participants actively seek ways to improve their financial security and wealth. The real estate industry has witnessed significant value growth in recent times. Dubai property prices jumped 19.9% in the last year alone as per ValuStrat Index. 

While no specific details are provided, popular locations for investment include Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah and Festival City as well as Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island known for premium offerings and accessibility. Knight Frank forecasts values here may increase by over 10-20% by the end of 2024.

Dubai is fast emerging as a preferred hub for wealthy Asian individuals and families. As wealth managers set up Dubai offices, the emirate offers a diversified portfolio and favorable policies. China’s Noah Holdings plans to obtain a Dubai business license by year-end to cater growing Chinese interest. 

The UAE welcomed over 4,500 millionaire migrants in 2023, demonstrating strong appeal. This influx has boosted luxury property segments according to analysts. With supportive initiatives, real estate continues thriving in the country. The rising demand and higher growth projections make investing here an attractive prospect for married individuals and Asian expatriates alike.

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