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What Are The Benefits Of Dubai Golden Visa?

The Dubai Golden Visa is a long-term residence visa program introduced by the government of Dubai in 2019. Under this program, specific individuals are eligible to receive a renewable 10-year residency visa. In this blog post, we will explore the key Dubai Golden Visa benefits and advantages that make it an attractive proposition for many.

The Main Benefits Of Dubai Golden Visa

The main advantages of the Dubai Golden Visa advantages are as follows

Long-Term stability And flexibility

One of the biggest Dubai Golden Visa advantages is that it provides 10 years of long-term stability and flexibility within the UAE. With a standard visit/employment visa, you need a sponsorship from an employer. Moreover, your visa is usually valid for only 2–3 years. This means you must renew your visa and depend on an employer sponsor.

With the Dubai 10-year visa requirements of the Dubai Golden Visa, you are not reliant on an employer sponsor. You can live, work, and study in Dubai freely. This provides stability for both professional and personal planning over the long term.

Multi-Entry Visa

The Dubai Golden Visa is a multi-entry visit visa. It means you can travel in and out of the UAE as often as you want during the 10 years without requiring a new visa stamp each time. If travelling outside the UAE, you must apply for re-entry permits with a regular employment visa. The multi-entry benefit of the Dubai Golden Visa thus provides unlimited ease of international travel.

Family Inclusion

The Golden Visa allows you to sponsor your spouse, children, and dependent parents on the same 10-year residence visa. This means your entire immediate family can live, work, and study alongside you in Dubai without separate visa requirements. For many high-net-worth families looking for long-term stability, the family inclusion benefit is a major advantage of the Dubai Golden Visa.

Tax Benefits

There is no personal income tax levied in Dubai. As the Dubai Golden Visa allows you to reside in Dubai without employer or visa sponsorship requirements structurally, it can be an attractive option for tax planning purposes. By living in Dubai for over 6 months in a year as a Dubai Golden Visa holder, you would not have to pay income taxes in your home country on any employment or business income earned abroad.

Property Ownership Benefits

A Dubai Golden Visa allows you to purchase and own property in Dubai freely without requiring a local company sponsor. Foreigners are usually restricted from owning property, but the Dubai Golden Visa removes this barrier.

Property Investment is a lucrative option in Dubai, and the ability to purchase with a Golden Visa provides stability for property investors and homeowners over the long 10-year period.

Access Advanced Healthcare & Schooling Options

Dubai’s world-class healthcare infrastructure and reputed international schooling facilities become readily available for investors and expats living there long-term through the 10-year visa. This allows for the secure nurturing of families and businesses.

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Real Estate And Mortgage Benefits

Golden visa status entitles individuals to 100% ownership of companies and properties across mainland Dubai. They may purchase homes, commercial realty, villas or apartments with no ceilings on capital investment. Banks also offer mortgage financing and loans to golden visa holders at priority rates without the involvement of guarantors or sponsors.

Buying property in prime Dubai areas has become achievable for long-term ex-pats and investors with the assistance of an attractive Dubai Golden Visa.

Support For Businesses And Startups

Leveraging the steady pool of global entrepreneurs and investors settling in Dubai through Dubai Golden Visa, the government actively promotes business initiatives. Incubation programs, tax privileges, funding and partnership benefits are exclusively available to those with a dubai investor visa. Business setup costs like trademarks, licenses etc, are much lower versus ordinary visas.

Zones like Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and other free zones have dedicated startup programs, accelerators and mentoring circles tailored for the golden visa community. Their ventures gain early support and visibility to scale internationally from within Dubai. Overall operation becomes cost-effective with the advantages that come as part of this premium residency scheme.

Categories Eligible For The Dubai Golden Visa

To qualify for the long-term Dubai Golden Visa, you need to fall under one of the below eligibility categories:


High-net-worth individuals can qualify by investing AED 2 million in UAE-based, government-approved investment areas such as real estate or shares of approved companies. Entrepreneurs who establish a new company are eligible if they invest AED 500,000 and hire at least 10 Emiratis.

Exceptional Talents And Researchers

Specialized talents, scientists, and researchers are eligible if they have internationally recognized credentials in their field. This covers talented individuals in science, technology, the arts, and sports.

Corporate Directors Or Specialized Professionals

Senior executives managing a company branch in Dubai or professionals with specialized skillsets in priority sectors like AI, space, and renewable energy are eligible.

Humanitarian Pioneers

Individuals with outstanding contributions to the charity or humanitarian sectors are eligible for a Golden Visa as pioneers.
This covers the leaders of charities and humanitarian organizations.

Outstanding Students

Top-performing students who have graduated from prestigious universities are eligible for a Dubai Golden Visa to support their career development.


The introduction of the Dubai Golden Visa program has significantly enhanced Dubai’s value proposition for long-term residents, investors, talent, and their families. The long-term stability, flexible living and working conditions, multi-entry travel benefits, and ease of family sponsorship make it a best-in-class residence visa worldwide.

A Dubai Golden Visa provides several unparalleled advantages for anyone looking for a 10-year lifestyle, study, or business opportunity in Dubai. Overall, the Dubai Golden Visa benefits make a compelling case for both individuals and corporations to settle in Dubai long-term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get A Golden Visa In Dubai?

Yes, you can apply for a Dubai Golden Visa if you fall under one of the eligibility categories, such as investors, talents or specialists, entrepreneurs, top students, etc. It is open to residents of all nationalities.

How Much Is A Golden Visa In Dubai?

There is no direct application fee for most Golden Visa categories, like talents, entrepreneurs, etc. However, to qualify as an investor, you must invest a minimum of AED 2 million, which can be considered an indirect cost.

Is The Dubai Golden Visa Good For Investment?

Yes, the Dubai Golden Visa provides long-term stability, which is beneficial for investing in property, business ventures, or stocks. It also supports tax advantages by allowing you to reside in a tax-free location for over six months each year.

What Are The Requirements For A Dubai Golden Visa?

To be eligible, you must spend at least AED 10 million in a business, buy a property worth AED 5 million, or have a valid job contract with a fixed salary of at least AED 12,000.

Can I Renew My Dubai Golden Visa?

Yes, the Dubai Golden Visa can be renewed every 5 or 10 years, depending on the visa category.

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