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UAE Ranks Fifth In 2024’s Top Property Investment Destinations Worldwide

In the Housearch Investment Index’s debut rankings, the UAE has secured a place among the globe’s top ten destinations for residential property investment in 2024. The index, assessing 50 global markets based on stability, security, and rental returns, highlights promising investment prospects for the upcoming year.

Ireland leads the pack as the number one spot due to its appealing combination of lower risk and high rent yields, even after adjusting for local rental income tax. Following closely are Cyprus in second place, Oman in third, and Qatar in fourth. The roster of top performers rounds out with Costa Rica, Georgia, Armenia, and Bulgaria.

Housearch emphasized Ireland’s uniqueness, pointing out its resilience in offering substantial rent yields despite factors like local rental income tax. The Gulf countries, particularly the UAE, have prominently featured in the top echelons of property investment, underlining the region’s allure as a stable and dependable investment haven. This is particularly noteworthy amidst cooling property markets in Europe and North America.

Dubai, known for its opulent real estate offerings, advantageous business landscape, and near-zero tax environment, has long been a magnet for overseas property investment. 

Following Brexit, London’s appeal diminished, leading to an influx of entrepreneurs, high-tech start-ups, and high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) in the UAE, which further fueled the residential market in Dubai.

The property consultancy firm CBRE reported a remarkable surge of 43.3% year-on-year in residential property transactions in Dubai during the first half of the year, setting new records. The UAE’s fifth-place ranking in this index highlights its standing as an attractive and promising hub for real estate investments on the global stage.

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