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UAE’s Golden Visa Scheme Gains Momentum Among European Property Investors

Dubai, UAE – Demand for the UAE’s much-coveted Golden Visa is growing strongly among European property investors looking to purchase assets in Dubai. Real estate executives report some buyers are seeking property solely to obtain the 10-year residency permit, which offers significant tax and lifestyle benefits.

Investors from countries like Switzerland, Germany, France and the UK fuel this appetite by searching for safe havens free from taxes and political instability back home. With the continent gripped by economic uncertainty and rising living costs, the Emirates is becoming attractive.

Not only does the Golden Visa grant visa-free entry and residency for a decade, but it also allows flexibility to run businesses and open bank accounts freely. It provides stability and access to the UAE’s world-class education and healthcare for families. Jess Stephenson, head of sales progression at Allsopp & Allsopp Group, stated, “There is a strong interest from European buyers in the market for Golden Visas. They can spend longer in the UAE than when on a tourist visa.” Please click here to learn about the best way to get UAE golden Visa

According to realtors, certain developments are actively marketing the visa benefit, with as much as 15% of some projects already pre-sold to Europeans. Buyers value Dubai’s affordable luxury compared to pricey cities back home.

The Gulf emirate’s safety, security, lifestyle offerings, and bustling real estate market increasingly captivate mobile high-net-worth individuals aiming to shield assets. As geopolitical tensions squeeze European economies, Dubai promises investors robust returns with up to 8% rental yields in prime areas.

With markets overheating elsewhere and political uncertainty, buying into Dubai’s real estate market offers stable returns through yields and appreciation. For wealthy families, the Emirates is increasingly seen as an alluring second home and investment to benefit from for years.

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