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UAE Developer Al Habtoor Group Hits Construction Milestone

Al Habtoor Group has reached an important stage in their huge Dubai tower project. The UAE construction firm said work on their 87 floor tower in Al Habtoor City is over 23% complete.

This includes finishing all the hard work laying the foundation. Over 50,000 square meters of construction on the lower floors is also finished. Normally this would take around 2.5 years but Al Habtoor did it much faster.

The giant skyscraper will be one of the largest residential towers in the world once complete. It is located near famous spots like Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Canal. Construction is ahead of schedule which is great for the firm and future residents.

Using advanced techniques helped speed things along. The highest grades of steel and concrete were used, reducing carbon emissions. An innovative building method called “top down” means one year less to build. This allows 350,000 square meters to be done in just 1000 days.

Chairman Khalaf Al Habtoor praised the construction workers. He said reaching this milestone already is “an outstanding achievement.” Even more progress will be clearly visible by the end of 2024 when the tower hits 35 floors.

The environmentally friendly skyscraper will serve as a monument to Al Habtoor Group’s skills when finished in 36 months. Their reputation for quality projects delivered on time remains strong. This shows they are trusted leaders in Dubai’s booming construction industry.

Al Habtoor Group Hits Construction Milestone

The UAE developer Al Habtoor Group has made good progress on their huge Dubai project. Over 23% of their 87-floor Al Habtoor City skyscraper is now done. This includes all foundational work. Over 50,000 square meters ahead of schedule using advanced methods. It shows their expertise in ambitious but green building.

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