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Things to Do in Downtown Dubai

The word “iconic” surely came after Downtown Dubai. Whether that is the fact or not isn’t the matter. The mixed-use complex is a haven of experiences, waiting to amaze its visitors every minute. While it is touted for its scenic skyscrapers & warm hospitality, Downtown Dubai is worth every word of appreciation for tourism.

If you are yet to visit Downtown Dubai, there are a lot of things to explore. In this blog, you’ll discover a motley of activities to do in Downtown Dubai that will leave you wanting more.

The Ultimate Guide Of Things You Can Do In Downtown Dubai

Beyond the Sand Dunes

Explore Dubai’s sandy deserts and be treated to a plethora of surprises along the route. Beyond the Dunes reimagines the safari experience and provides travelers with a unique opportunity to journey into the desert, whether they are part of a large group or looking for a romantic break.

Experience an Arabian adventure as you see lively live performances and traditional celebrations, and participate in valuable team-building activities that will bring you and your friends closer together in an unusual atmosphere.

By choosing the Arabian dune experience, you will have access to a world of intriguing attractions ranging from interpretative dances to riding the beautiful creatures of the desert and camels that will leave you in the wonder of their endurance and grace.

Dubai Fountain

Downtown Dubai prides itself on a 24-acre Burj Lake that shoots water in colossal heights of over 450 feet, mingled with vibrant lights and dulcet music.

This structure is inspired by the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas but is definitely the one none can hold a candle to. With over 6,600 WET Superlights and 25 projectors producing a brilliant spectrum of kaleidoscopic color, the fountain stands boldly. The fountain’s light beam may be seen from over 20 miles away, and some even say that it is visible from space, making it the brightest speck of light in the Middle East.

The fountain is choreographed to music and performs every day with a varied selection spanning from Swahili tunes to popular local rhythms. A spectacular way to conclude a night out that will leave you breathless with its intensity.

The Burj Khalifa

Talk about the world’s tallest structure, and you’re looking right at it! Standing at 828 meters and 160 floors, with three Sky Lobbies, the Burj Khalifa is a landmark of unspeakable splendor. The Sky Lobbies are linked by express elevators that play uniquely composed instrumental music evocative of an adventure film’s background theme.

The dramatic music’s objective is to build up to an expected crescendo as the elevator reaches each level. For unexpected hunger pangs, the luxurious Armani restaurant offers a wide range of delectable options to delight you.

The tower takes on a tri-petal shape to provide every unit with an unmatched perspective of the city. Furthermore, the incandescent lights at the top of the structure complete a beautiful piece of architecture.

Zen Lounge

It’s always a “yes” to therapy! Imagine unwinding at Dubai’s one of most remarkable spas! The Zen Lounge is a unisex spa that strives to provide top-notch treatments, and you may feel the burden of the world lifted from your shoulders.

Zen is a wonderful sanctuary that allows you to escape from the stresses of regular life. Relax your muscles with a deep massage, revitalize your skin with a cleansing facial, and treat yourself to waxing treatments.

The Zen spa, an exquisite and tranquil retreat to feed the body and spirit, is secluded, despite being located in downtown Dubai, to allow you the well-deserved space to repose in private. Why not treat yourself and provide your body and soul with the sensitive, loving care they require?

The Dubai Aquarium

Family-time or me-time, The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is just the place. Discover marine life hovering right above you in an underwater wonderland. Located in The Dubai Mall, The Dubai Aquarium has a capacity of 10 million liters of water and provides an exciting sneak peek into aquatic life.

This is one of the and harbors astounding species of marine life. The Underwater Zoo, located just above the aquarium, shows visitors a motley of species ranging from penguins and sharks, sea horses, crabs and jellyfish.

The King Croc, a magnificent new addition to the Underwater Zoo, is recognized as a natural wonder due to its massive length of roughly 5 meters and weight of 750 kg.

The Underwater Zoo features a variety of creative exhibitions on a regular basis, including a presentation of fascinating cephalopods as well as nocturnal species from the UAE.


Are you the brainiest in the room? Let’s find out! Take up a challenge at the Brainscape: a chance to solve a series of mini-problems in order to achieve the ultimate goal: escape!

Yes, Brainscape’s goal is to lock your party in a room and give you 60 minutes to escape by answering and cracking numerous riddles and codes that are sure to cognitively push you.

The techniques you acquire in school as a child are used in a fun and inventive scenario that brings out your competitive side as you use your intellectual capacity to beat the clock.

Find yourself surrounded by a maze of clues in seemingly harmless, themed rooms and have a great time doing something that not everyone gets to do.

The Calabar Lounge

Calabar is an exciting, Latin-inspired premium lounge bar that serves as a frequent social center for Dubai’s most fashionable and wealthy. When the sun sets and evening approaches, Calabar’s sundowner patio comes alive with an exciting buzz.

Calabar’s famous South American mixes are among the many refreshing beverages and unusual new cocktails on the menu. In addition, the club provides delectable South American delicacies. Calabar is a pleasant spot that brings people of all sorts together.

It is exclusively available to those aged 21 and over, making it an ideal location for dinner parties and reunions. Reduce your inhibitions and explore Dubai’s bustling nightlife.

The Dubai Ice Rink

The ice rink, considered a prominent recreational feature at The Dubai Mall, can be found on the bottom level of the mall close to the Souk and has become a popular trend, appealing to people of all ages.

The Dubai Ice Rink has been successful in increasing its variety of facilities in order to preserve its status as an unmissable attraction.

This famed attraction features a dance floor swarming with visitors as well as a dynamic location for a variety of events. They provide endless pleasure for anyone, whether you’re a skilled skater or a beginner.

Art Gallery Sconci

The Sconci Art Gallery establishes itself as a haven for art fans in search of inspiration, exhibiting some of the most abstract masterpieces by a diverse range of artists right in the heart of Dubai.

Take a moment to appreciate Carlo Morganti, Antonio Corpora, and many more artists hailing from the early 17th century. If a painting catches your sight and your mind, the gallery has consultants that can assist you in making the decision.

There’s no better place than an Art Gallery that can widen your creative horizons while also letting you experience the best of Italian artwork on Arabic lands.

Dubai Opera

Last but not the least, Downtown Dubai has one more attraction to keep the thrill going. Yes, it is none other than Dubai Opera – one of the city’s classiest neighborhoods, is home to the famed Dubai Opera, which hosts performances by renowned performers throughout the year.

There is something for every musical taste, including world-famous musicals such as Phantom of the Opera, Cats, and Les Miserables, ballet, modern rock, pop, and local singers. The architecture alone is impressive.

You may also stop by Sean Connolly at Dubai Opera, the venue’s incredibly hip rooftop restaurant, for pre and post-performance drinks and meals.

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