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The Magnificent Burj Al Arab Hotel: A Symbol of Luxury and Elegance

An old statement “If Paris has Eiffel Tower and New York has the Statue of Liberty then Dubai has Burj Al Arab.” Even this statement has changed with the existence of Burj Khalifa. But the charm of Burj Al Arab has not faded away and still, this is one of the most famous landmarks. This seven-star sail-shaped hotel stands tall 321 meters high on a private island that is accessible through a bridge.

Since 1999 Burj Al Arab has welcomed many celebrities & public figures from all over the world. This hotel comprises the most expensive rooms and the best Seaview restaurants in Dubai. 

Let’s explore the unique features and unparalleled experiences that you can only experience here.

Architecture and Design:

The architecture and design of Burj Al Arab were perfectly considered to withstand different types of loads, such as wind load and live load. All these challenges, along with others, are impeccably handled by the exoskeleton and the honeycomb concrete barrier.

The interior of this hotel is inspired by the four basic elements of nature: Water, Earth, Wind, and Fire. Throughout the hotel, you can observe these elements represented by water in the aquariums, fountains, and the surrounding sea. As you enter the hotel, you’ll be greeted by an entrance fountain exuding steam, symbolizing fire and air in the same place. Additionally, the earth is symbolized everywhere in the hotel through the use of marble. Overall, the architecture and design of Burj Al Arab convey nothing but luxury.

Unmatched Luxury and Services:

Burj Al Arab is not only famous for its design and architecture but also as a seven-star property, where you will experience the world’s best hospitality through unmatched luxury and services.

Private Butler Services – This hotel is known for its personalized services, made possible with a dedicated reception on every floor. 24/7 butlers are available to attend to every need of the guests. It is said that there is an 8:1 staff-to-suite ratio in Burj Al Arab (the highest in the world).

Gold iPad – This is an exclusive and unique service only for the VIP guests of the Burj Al Arab. The Gold iPad is a 24-carat gold-plated device that works as a virtual concierge assistant. With this Gold iPad, guests can access every available service in the hotel.

Culinary Delights:

When it comes to breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you have countless options in the best restaurants of Burj Al Arab. The hotel offers 10 restaurants and bars, serving Asian, French, and Arabic cuisine, among others. Among them, the best ones are:

Skyview Bar – Located on the 27th floor of the hotel, this bar offers a selection of classic alcoholic drinks. The evening is the best time to visit this restaurant.

Al Iwan restaurant – Known for its multicuisine menu, here you can enjoy the best food and alcoholic drinks (if you want).

Final Words

So, this is the basic information about Burj Al Arab. You can visit the official website of this hotel to learn more about room prices, menus, and services. If you are interested in investing in a luxury home in Dubai, where you can experience the same level of luxury living, then visit the website of TopLuxuryProperty. Select the best option, and they will help you get the best deal


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