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The Impact of Dubai Metro on Rental Prices in Premier Residential Areas

Rental property prices developed near metro stations are likely to increase in future, says the report. 

Dubai’s popular locations Al Furjan and Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)  rental properties would see a significant increase. For landlords, this is a piece of opportune news. Tenants should be ready to pay 30% higher who are looking for rental homes close to the metro stations. Dubai metro is impacting on rental prices of the property in such areas of Dubai and. 

According to Reidin-GCP, properties close to the metro always boost demand and most tenants seek such kinds of properties which give all the facilities nearby and landlords usually take advantage of that one factor and charge rental prices according to that. 

Al Furjan & JLT are the two prime locations that are closely located in the Dubai metro and quite famous for rental properties. A 2-bed rental price demand is more than Dh80,000 in Al Furjan and the same 2-bed apartment in JLT rental costs in between Dh05,000 -Dh180,000 

This increased rental price will surely impact landlords and tenants or it is predicted that in the coming time, tenants may decide to stick with this updated price or just move to a new location for accommodation.

Metro effect in upmarket locations 

While there are some areas in Dubai like Dubai Marina or Downtown, both localities’ rental apartments are higher whether they are closely developed to the metro or not, it doesn’t matter at all; as the location possesses affluent status. A 2-bed apartment’s rental difference was only 3% in Dubai Marina and for the same unit Downtown had 6% and the Business Bay was 3%. These locations have had across-the-board rental increases of 30% within three years. 

Selling Prices and the metro

Metro will impact the property sales prices also.  It will boost the property value and demand will certainly increase. The owner of the property can sell it at twice the rate or can increase the rent. Eventually the metro will impact properties closely developed to it. 

Rental prices near Dubai metro stations, especially in Al Furjan and JLT, are predicted to surge by 30%. Properties close to the metro experience high demand, as tenants seek convenience. Tenants may need to pay higher rents for proximity to the metro. The impact extends to property sales, where values are expected to double, reflecting increased demand.

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