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The Role of A Real Estate Agent: Why Do You Need One

If you are planning to buy or sell your property but have no idea where to start or lack knowledge about real estate, then you definitely need the help of an experienced Real Estate Agent.

Now the question is – Who is a real estate agent?

Generally, there is a wall between buyers & property developers, and a real estate agent acts as a window in this wall, working as a communicator. However, the role of a real estate agent is not limited to being a communicator; there are many other roles and responsibilities associated with this profession. So, let’s explore the role of a real estate agent.


Yes, it is true that buyers don’t have to pay anything to the real estate agents; they get their commission from the developers. However, they work solely for the buyers, and one of the most significant roles of a real estate agent is that of an advisor.

A trustworthy and experienced real estate agent has access to good and updated data on the available property options in the neighborhood. When a home buyer comes to them with specific requirements, they can suggest the best available options and provide valuable advice.


A trustworthy real estate agent acts as a negotiator and always tries to negotiate the price with the builder to offer the best deal. When it comes to negotiation, real estate agents ensure that they are working in the interest of both buyers and sellers.

Promoting The Property

Real estate agents also promote the properties of sellers or builders by using both traditional and modern advertising mediums. They post property listings on top real estate listing sites, publish classified ads in newspapers, and utilize various other methods to reach buyers easily and generate inquiries.

Documentation Expert

Real estate agents are not exactly real estate lawyers, but they are experts who know about every required document. This includes all the necessary documents and formalities to buy or sell a property. One crucial point to note is that every real estate agent has good knowledge of their locality only. Therefore, it is essential to deal with only reputed and local real estate agents & experts.

For example, if you are a foreign property buyer in Dubai and believe that a real estate agent from your home country will work better here, then you are mistaken. In Dubai, you need to rely on agents from Dubai, who are verified by the Dubai Land Department (DLD). TopLuxuryProperty is a reputed and trustworthy name in Dubai real estate, offering the best property options from prominent real estate brands.

Final Words

If you are planning to buy or sell your property, then it is very important to rely on an experienced real estate agent. And if you are looking for the best off-plan property for sale in Dubai, then it is recommended to only buy from a reputed real estate developer like Verona at Damac Hills 2 by Damac Properties.


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