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New 60 unit villa in Al Ain to be launched by Cristal

The company Cristal Group, which is known for developing and managing hotels, has recently introduced a new project called the Cristal Collection. This project is designed to cater to independent hotels and resorts seeking to join a larger collective with extensive industry expertise.

The Cristal Collection aims to support independent hotel owners by providing them with additional sales channels, cost-saving measures, expert hospitality services, and competitive franchise fees. By joining this collective, hotels can benefit from the experience of a strong management team, as well as innovative sales, marketing, and business strategies.

The main advantages of joining the Cristal Collection is the increased purchasing power it offers to member hotels, which will lead to improved revenue optimization. Along with that, hotels will gain access to streamlined processes, data-driven insights, and scalability, which are very essential in today’s competitive hospitality landscape.So the Cristal Collection brings an opportunity for independent hotels to enhance their operations, increase their visibility, and ultimately provide them a chance to thrive in the hospitality industry.

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