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Is Jumeirah Village Circle A Good Area For You?

Have you been thinking of moving to a new place in Dubai? Are you wondering if Jumeirah Village Circle is a good option for you and your family? Well then, keep reading to learn about JVC and whether it might be the perfect neighborhood for you!

What is Jumeirah Village Circle?

Let’s talk a little bit about what JVC actually is. JVC stands for Jumeirah Village Circle. It is a large community located right in the center of Dubai. Nakheel Properties developed JVC and was first opened in 2005. The community spreads over 800 hectares of land. 

JVC is located very close to many major areas of Dubai, like Dubai Marina, Jumeirah, and Dubai Internet City. This central location means you would easily access the whole city from JVC. Over 25,000 people currently call JVC their home. The community has many green spaces and parks for residents to enjoy.

It is a huge residential development in the heart of Dubai that has been popular with locals and expats for over 15 years now. It offers families a more relaxed lifestyle compared to the busy city areas. But you still have quick access to everything from JVC thanks to its central location.

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Is JVC Family-Friendly?

One thing you will love about JVC is that it is extremely family-friendly. As you walk around the community, you will notice families all over JVC enjoying the parks and other amenities. 

JVC offers many nice things:

  • Universities, schools, nurseries, parks and more are easy to get.
  • JVC opened Circle Mall. It has shops and restaurants. The roof has cafes, a pool, tennis courts, and more activities.
  • JVC has 30 parks. Adults can walk. Kids can play in the nice surroundings.
  • It has parks, malls, markets, and community centers for people.
  • It has nice schools. This makes it great for kids and families.
  • Malls have local and international stuff.
  • It has 2 nice beaches. It has many restaurants. It has nice hangouts.
  • Medical centers are 15 minutes away.


The best thing about JVC is the greenery. It has 33 connected parks. They are great for walking, jogging and playing.

The views in JVC are amazing. Here are some parks:

  • JVC Castle Park
  • JVC Halfa Park
  • Thamam Park JVC
  • Community Park
  • Sabar Park JVC
  • Roath Park
  • Farfar Park
  • Gadaf Park JVC and more

Types of Homes Does JVC Have

JVC is a family place owned by Nakheel. It is in the center of Dubai. It has homes and facilities. Its services and properties attract many buyers and renters.

It offers affordable residential properties. JVC district map has many types:

  • Townhouses

JVC has townhouse communities. Townhouses have more space than apartments. They have their own parking and gardens. This is good for families who need more space.

  • Villas

JVC has detached and semi-detached villas. Villas suit big families who need space. They have more space than townhouses and apartments. Villas may have their own parking and gardens.

  • Apartments

JVC offers amazing apartments. They have one, two-bedrooms or more. Apartments have gyms, pools and parking. They suit couples, singles and small families.

  • Penthouses

Some apartments have penthouses on top floors. They have great views, terraces, big spaces and facilities.

JVC offers affordable houses. People can opt for houses over apartments, townhouses or villas. Cheap houses attract many renters and buyers.


JVC has schools, universities and nurseries:


  • Kids World Nursery
  • Ladybird Nursery
  • Kids World Nursery


  • University of Manchester
  • Middlesex University
  • University of Wollongong

The top schools are JSS International School, 1.0 Km away, and Sunmarke school 1.8 Km away.

Other good schools are Nord Anglia International School and Victoria Heights Primary School.

There are 5 British, 4 Indian and 5 American schools 5 Km away. They have great ratings.

British Schools:

  • Sunmarke School
  • Nord Anglia International School
  • Arcadia School
  • Victoria Heights Primary School.
  • Gems Founders School Dubai

American Schools:

  • Renaissance School
  • Dubai School Al Barsha
  • Next Generations School
  • American School of Dubai
  • Al Mawaqeb School Al Barsha

Indian Schools:

  • JSS International School
  • Delhi Private School Dubai
  • Bright Riders School Dubai
  • Gems New Millennium School


JVC is also known for shopping. Khalil Road has many malls. Now JVC has Circle Mall.

Near malls are:

Mall of Emirates

The Mall of Emirates is very popular. You can take the J01 bus from JVC. They opened Dreamscape VR Park. This is the main attraction now. It has dining, shopping, and many fun activities.

Circle Mall

JVC opened Circle Mall. It has shops and restaurants. But the roof has cafes, a pool, tennis courts, and more activities.

It has over 1000+ parking spaces. Cars can be 2.1 m high. Stores include:

  • Coffee Planet
  • McDonald’s
  • Home for Less
  • Ajmal
  • Al Karmel Studio
  • Bath and Body Works
  • Boots Pharmacy
  • Chai and Co
  • N Bar
  • We Flowers
  • Nawab
  • Starbucks


  • Socialicious Cafe JVC: Cozy pan-Asian food. At Condor Castle.
  • Pinza: Serves pizza with meat, vegan, and seafood in flavors like Tawook, Fajita, Shish, Tandoori Chicken etc.
  • Pide Keyfi: Top Turkish and Middle Eastern restaurant in JVC. Pide is Turkish pizza. Also has Cheese, Kunafa, Kebab etc.
  • Trattoria By Cinque: Has original Italian food including pizza, pasta, tartare di salmone, Tonno-e-pistacchi, Zuppa de pesce and Ravioli.
  • Sticky Rice JVC: For authentic Thai food. Has salad, curries, rice, noodles etc.
  • Salts and Chillis: Serves top quality Pakistani food and traditional breakfasts like halwa puri, beef nihari, mutton paya rolls etc.
  • Bawarchi: Indian restaurant with North Indian food. Offers tandoori chicken, panner lababdar, chicken giraffe kebabs etc. One of the most affordable restaurants in Dubai.

Nearby Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

JVC directions show supermarkets and grocers everywhere:

  • Greens Supermarket – 0.49 kilometers away
  • Blue Mart – 1.06 km away 
  • Milestone Café and Food Market – 1.13 km away
  • Jyothi’s Supermarket – 1.19 km away
  • Choitram – 1.24 km away
  • Subah Tafadel – 1.36 km away
  • Rubiyan Grocery – 1.42 km away
  • Spinney’s Market – 1.47 km away
  • JVC 12H – 1.51 km away
  • All Day Supermarket – 1.54 km away

Medical Care 

There are not many hospitals in JVC. But there are medical clinics and centers:

  • Right Health
  • Emirates Hospital Day Surgery
  • Medicare Medical Center
  • Saudi German Hospital
  • Magnum Dental Clinic JVC
  • Apex Medical and Dental Clinic
  • Med Clinic Arabian Ranches
  • Aster Clinic Aswaaq Mall
  • Medicina Pharmacy
  • Life Pharmacy

Top clinics and pharmacies

Emirates Hospital Day Surgery

This is in Motor City. It is a top hospital option in JVC. They take in and outpatients. They offer cardiology, surgery, radiology and pediatrics. They have 8 beds, good facilities, operation theaters and more.

Right Health

This clinic is near JVC. It has great doctors, nurses and staff. It offers general and dental medicine. It offers gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedics and more.

Medicina Pharmacy

A popular pharmacy in JVC. It offers vitamins, personal care, baby care, home care, nutrition and more.


JVC has residential properties. But it also has many hotels. This adds more facilities. Top ones are:

  • Five Jumeirah Village Hotel

This 5-star hotel has a 60-story tower. It has good dining and street food. You can buy apartments here. It has a spa, pool, gym and parking. It has 247 hotel rooms. And 221 one and two-bedroom apartments. And 33-bedroom hotels with private pools.

  • Milano by Giovanni Boutique Suites

This 4-star hotel by Milano has budget options. It has one and two-bedroom units. It is 19 stories with furnished studios.

Is Transportation Convenient from JVC?

After knowing everything, You may wonder about transportation if you move to JVC. The good news is that despite being located a bit away from downtown Dubai, JVC has excellent connectivity thanks to its central position. 

Major roads like Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road pass right next to JVC, giving you easy access to other parts of the city. Reaching popular destinations like Dubai Marina or Jumeirah takes just 15-20 minutes by car.

While JVC doesn’t have its own metro station, the closest station is the Mall of the Emirates, accessible via Bus J01. This bus runs every 20 minutes and drops you off at the mall. The journey takes around 25 minutes from JVC.

Other transportation modes you can rely on include taxis, buses and driving yourself. Ride-hailing services like Uber are readily available too. Despite living outside downtown Dubai in JVC, all these options mean you never feel too disconnected from where you need to go.

So yes, traveling from JVC is very convenient due to its centralized location within the city and the variety of transportation links serving the community. You won’t have any issues getting around.

Is Living in JVC Affordable?

Regarding costs, JVC is amongst the more affordable areas to live in Dubai. Annual rents for apartments start from just 35K AED for a studio. You can also find 1-bedroom- and 2-bedroom flats in JVC for rent from 50K to 80K AED.

School fees for top JVC schools may range between 20K to 60K AED annually, depending on the grade level and curricula. However, this is still lower than British or American curriculum schools elsewhere in Dubai. 

Regarding daily expenses like groceries and eating out – supermarkets and restaurants in JVC mean you don’t have to travel outside often. A full grocery shop for a month could cost 1000-2000 AED, and dining out 2-3 times a week at local cafes averages 500-1000 AED.

When factoring in the cost of living for an average family of 4 members, including rent, utilities, food, travel and more – your total monthly budget is likely around 20,000 AED or lower in JVC. This makes living quite affordable compared to areas like Downtown Dubai.

So, if you are looking for value for money yet a high standard of living, JVC presents a cost-effective option to consider for your residence in Dubai. Many young professionals, families and students choose to live here due to the affordability.

Would You Feel Safe Living in JVC?

Security and safety are major concerns when choosing a place to live, especially for families with children. But you need not worry about this aspect if you reside in JVC.

The community is highly gated and secured with security personnel on patrol around the clock. CCTV cameras are installed everywhere for surveillance. Residents often remark how peaceful and safe they feel living in the neighborhood. 

Crimes like theft or assault are almost non-existent thanks to attentive security. Children can play in parks without parents worrying too much. It is considered one of the most protected communities in Dubai.

In addition to the private security, you frequently spot Dubai Police patrol cars within JVC. This extra presence by authorities provides JVC residents with the comfort and reassurance of a safe, crime-free environment to raise their families in.

You are unlikely to find safer living conditions anywhere else in Dubai compared to the peace of mind offered by residing inside the JVC community. This high level of security surely tips the scales in favor of JVC if safety is a main concern for you and your loved ones.

Does JVC have a Community Spirit?

The JVC map shows many sub-communities. JVC has a friendly and helpful vibe.

JVC has parks, spaces and facilities for a healthy lifestyle. It has everything nearby – schools, malls, shops. This helps people mingle.

JVC is very family-friendly. The diverse communities bring different cultures and countries together. The facilities help them mingle and be helpful. They care for their neighborhood. Some communities help residents be observant for safety. This gives a sense of community.

JVC Resident Reviews

Residents love the calmness and green canals and parks. JVC communities attract young couples and singles. The spirit is positive due to the community sense. They care for each other. The lifestyle is family-oriented.

Some have lived in JVC for years. Some just shifted. No one complains about a negative vibe. They rate JVC 5 or 4 out of 5. Some rate 3.5 out of 5 due to ongoing projects. But all are happy with the community atmosphere. Here are factors that lift community spirit in JVC:

Diverse Community

JVC residents have different backgrounds and nationalities. This brings them closer.

Community Events

Every month, JVC has kid events, fundraisers, movie nights etc. Latest events:

  • Win a scholarship
  • Candy land event
  • Astro lab event
  • Snow feast
  • Game On
  • The Ripe Market
  • Ultimate summer CAMP

These were in July and August. Other events are:

Religious Events

Residents celebrate their religious events like Eid, Diwali, Christmas etc.

Community Carnivals

Communities organize carnivals with game and food stalls, face painting etc.

Art Events

Communities celebrate art festivals – new skills, talents, exhibitions.

Is JVC a Good Investment?

JVC Dubai is a hotspot for apartments, townhouses and villas. The high investment comes to JVC due to amenities. Property investment is good if ROI is considered.

Rental Trends in JVC

JVC Dubai rental trends vary by property:

  • Rent for villas is higher than studio apartments.
  • 3-4 bedroom rent is higher than 1-2 studio apartments.
  • Townhouse rent in JVC is high.

Top rental buildings like Ghalia Constella start from AED 34k. The cheapest is AED 22k at Kensington Manor.

Property TypeBedroomsAverage Annual Rent (AED)
Studio Apartment36,000
1-Bedroom Apartment151,000
2-Bedroom Apartment272,000
3-Bedroom Apartment375,000 – 150,000
Villa/Townhouse (JVC)95,000+
3-Bedroom Villa3122,000
4-Bedroom Villa4128,000 – 155,000
1-Bedroom Townhouse195,000+
2-Bedroom Townhouse2105,000

Sales Trends in JVC

JVC is attractive for sales, buying and renting. Top for living and investing due to amenities. Ongoing off-plan projects like Catch Residences, Levanto by Oro24 and Binghatti Crest also attract investors.

Studio apartment sales start at AED 454k now. 1-2 bedroom flats are AED 729k and AED 1M. AED 1.4M for 3 bedrooms. Penthouses go up to AED 5M to 7M.

Townhouses and villas suit high-income buyers. The average is AED 1.2M to AED 3.2M. A basic villa or townhouse is AED 1.9M, 2000 square feet. A 3-bedroom villa is AED 2M.

4-5 bedroom villas start from AED 1.4M to 2.1M. Townhouses are 4000 to 6000 square feet from AED 925k. A 3-bedroom is AED 1.6M. A 4-bedroom is AED 1.6M – perfect for families.

Many communities are profitable. JVC projects are very profitable in Dubai for renting or buying. Here is the current ROI data of JVC:

ROI  For Apartments 


ROI  For Villa


The location provides access to all key buildings. For profit, consider 4-5 bedroom villas. Their ROI is the highest. Government policies and infrastructure also increase JVC property values steadily.

Do research to get proper info on property and community. Check the latest studio and apartment ROI. For villas and townhouses, check their ROI, too.

Investing in JVC avoids losing money. Half the people still like JVC projects and may consider investing in ongoing ones.

The Final Verdict

Jumeirah Village Circle provides the perks of community living with quick access to Dubai. The family-friendly amenities, green spaces, and recreation options make JVC ideal if you have kids. It’s also great for retirees and couples who value a quieter lifestyle.

Take a tour of the properties, get to know the neighborhood, and speak to residents before you make the big move. While JVC has pros and cons, for many people, the community feel outweighs the negatives. JVC could be the ideal place to call home in busy Dubai!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Jumeirah Village Circle located in Dubai?

JVC is located in the center of Dubai, at the intersection of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Al Khail Road, and Hessa Street. This makes it easily accessible from all parts of Dubai.

What kind of properties are available in JVC?

JVC offers a range of housing options including apartments, townhouses, villas, and affordable houses. There are over 2,000 residences spread across gated communities.

Is JVC a good area for families?

Yes, JVC is very family-friendly. It has lots of parks, playgrounds, schools, and amenities tailored for families. The neighborhoods are safe with security patrolling.

What is the average cost of renting a property in JVC?

Rents start from AED 30k per year for a studio apartment and AED 70k per year for a villa. Property prices are affordable compared to other areas of Dubai.

What amenities are available in JVC?

JVC offers gyms, swimming pools, parks, jogging tracks, sports facilities, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, clinics, nurseries, and schools within the community.

Is JVC well-connected to the rest of Dubai?

Yes, the central location of JVC makes it easy to access other parts of Dubai by road. But there is no Metro access currently. Buses and taxis are the public transport options.

What is the community culture like in JVC?

JVC has a friendly, peaceful community culture. Residents look out for each other. There are events organized that bring people together.

Is JVC a good investment option?

Property prices and rents are rising steadily in JVC. It offers good ROI potential in the long term, especially for larger villas and townhouses.

What are the downsides to living in JVC?

Some downsides are the lack of public transport, heavy traffic, and ongoing construction work. The pace of life is also quiet compared to central Dubai areas.

Who is JVC suitable for?

JVC is ideal for families, retirees, couples who want a community feel but also easy access to the rest of Dubai. It suits those looking for suburban living in the heart of the city.

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