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Invest in London Like a Pro: Insider Tips for GCC Real Estate Buyers

If you’re a GCC property investor looking for the best real estate investment opportunities in London, then this news is for you.  

Barratt London, a UK real estate developer, suggests that “property buyers should focus on transportation and green spaces when looking for property in London.”

YouGov, a global public opinion and data company, conducted a survey of 1,000 adults, asking them various questions about their main concerns during property buying, the survey found that proximity to London’s transport system is a high priority for all age groups. 

64% home buyers prefer to access the local amenities like retail, restaurants and cafes.

Green and open spaces are another major consideration, with 50% of home buyers considering them very important for their families. 

When it comes to the selection of preferred London Zones for living, the survey showed that Zone 3 is the most popular choice for living, followed by Zones 2 and 5. When they sorted the opinion age group wise, then they found that younger people like Zones 2 and 3, while senior citizens prefer Zones 4 and 5, which are adequately away from the city centre,

Final tip: Real estate investment experts recommend that GCC investors prioritize transportation, amenities, and green spaces when buying property in London.

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