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How To Buy Property In Dubai From Singapore ?

Today’s real estate market is globally so big and investing in different countries makes it more attractive. Singapore and Dubai are some outstanding destinations to draw investor attention from all the world for their diverse investing options. Many countries are seeking interest in Real estate market, especially in Dubai.

The Dubai market is globally dominating as the potential investors from Singapore are also investing in its real estate and searching for more property options.

Dubai is known for high standard living and luxurious products in a budget-friendly manner. Dubai has numerous housing options with the best locations and facilities available. With prime locations, attractive views and different residential options, Dubai is the best place to live with your family. If you imagine shiny skyscrapers, beaches, Grand malls, theme parks, beauty of nature and a clean and safe environment; Dubai is an answer to all your questions. Growing professionally and most important personally, Dubai has never failed to prove, It is the fantastic place for all your dreams.

To give you some extra edge in understanding Dubai and Singapore Real estate market, here is some compared fact :-

  • Singapore’s real estate market is suitable for both local and foreign investors., offering a variety of properties from apartments to office buildings. Local investors of Singapore look for opportunities in both residential and commercial sectors, attracted by Singapore’s reputation as a hub for innovation and technology. whereas foreign investors mainly focus on luxury residential and commercial properties, attracted by its safe environment for investment and its reputation globally. Whereas Dubai’s real estate market attracts more foreign investors and is renowned for its luxurious lifestyle. The government’s supportive policies make things easier for foreigners to invest in Dubai’s property. Its high end amenities and exclusive locations, such as waterfront properties with stunning city views makes the city life vibrant.
  • The Singapore market is known for its consistent growing nature and government policy for promoting market stability and sustainability to maintain a healthy balance between demand and supply. In contrast, the Dubai market is famous for its dynamic and volatile nature and property prices and is directly influenced by global economic conditions and its local market factors.
  • The transfer process in Singapore is a thorough process and includes several steps like property inspection, discussion of price and terms, and drafting and signing of the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA). Both property buyers and sellers must agree to the legal regulations to ensure the transaction process. Extensive paperwork and legal procedures are done to ensure ease to the both parties and protect them from potential disputes. The timeline for the transfer process in Singapore can range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of the transaction and any outstanding issues. In Dubai, the transfer process is straightforward and mainly involves three major steps: the initial agreement, payment, and property registration with the Dubai Land Department. The Dubai government has made policies to improve the transfer process for foreign investors to purchase property in the city.

Benefits Of Investing In Dubai Real Estate

Diverse Housing Options:

Dubai is known for high standard living and luxurious products in a budget-friendly manner. Dubai has numerous housing options with the best locations and facilities available. Popular residential areas like Jumeirah Lake Tower , Palm Jumeirah , Motor city , Emirates Hills, Dubai Marina, Mudon are best known for providing the best family apartments and growing a family there. With prime locations, attractive views and different apartment options, Dubai is the best place to live with your family.

Flexible Payment Options:

Dubai real estate promises to provide flexible payment options in installments starting from just 5%. Most of the developers offer only 1% payment plans for off-plan purchases. Some properties give you extra freedom with exciting zero down payment schemes as well. With less down payment and installments options, Dubai Market is just so growing and an ideal destination for foreigners.

Minimal Time Zone Adjustment:

The best part about Dubai is its timezone which is a convenient location in between Asia, America, Europe for easier communications. There is a minimal difference in the length of day between winter and summer like No short days in winter and No super long days in summer. Sun sets early during summers allow you to stay out of the heat when you are free from work to enjoy your day.

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Global Connectivity:

Dubai is well connected and acts as a gateway across the globe. Almost all the continents are reachable in under eight hours- Asia, Africa, Europe, any name you take. Dubai airport is the busiest hub in the aviation market and provides regular flights to all major destinations across the globe. It’s always open for exciting avenues for exotic holidays and even if someone is looking for residents.

Real Estate Investment Benefits:

An important part of the strong economy in Dubai is real estate investment and other is oil production. In the beginning, It had a slow pace of growth rate but now it is continuously growing at a sustainable rate. When the world faced a crisis, Dubai witnessed a fast growth and sudden increase in real estate investment. There is no doubt, Dubai is ready to dominate the market by the next 5 years in every sector. It will be a favorable place for those who are willing to move and invest there.

This city enjoys tax free income and gets back lucrative incentives and returns on real estate investments. The Golden Visa Investment really attracted foreign investors in Dubai Real estate as It provides a long term residential security for foreigners in Dubai.

Top-Notch Healthcare, Education And Transport:

Dubai’s infrastructure says all about their people, Government and development. They made the most reliable and modern infrastructure in all the fields and sectors. If you relocate to Dubai, you get assurance of the best international schools, healthcare facilities and transport connectivity.

Schools follow the American or British Curriculum. Healthcare facilities also follow high standards of service. You will get the best medical care with excellent doctors and nursing staff. The Dubai Metro system, modern and reliable alternative means of transport have been a huge project and a successful investment.


The low crime rates in Dubai are another big reason for relocating there. Dubai is considered one of the safest cities in the world where laws are strictly enforced on their citizens and well disciplined police force. Streets are safe and friendly for all ages and gender people. People walking late at night on the roads find it no risky and threatening.

Cultural Heritage And Unique Architecture:

Dubai is also known for its rich culture, historical places and unique and great architecture. Historical places like AL Fahidi Neighbourhood, Hatta heritage Village, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House, Al Bithnah Fort and Souq Ad hadid Archaeology Museum are the glory of Dubai. Dubai is great and well known for its brilliant architecture.

It has some spectacular skyscrapers, finest buildings, City’s main Sheikh Zayed road and so many amazing and inspiring architecture with diverse styles.

Experience Like Never Before:

From world famous theme parks to exciting natural beauty and from luxurious shopping malls to unbelievable architecture of skyscrapers, hotels and restaurants, Dubai is all in one. Thrill like desert safaris, taking a walk on the ocean’s side, and various events seasonally, Dubai offers a plenty of experiences to you for life. Gold plated cars and coffees are the next to unimaginable surprises here. Without any doubt, Dubai is a complete package of vibrant nightlife and charming daylife.

Major Steps To Follow For buying Property In Dubai:-

Know your budget:-

Before investing in any property, project or real estate market, it’s important to know your budget and gather it collectively. Like you can not waste your whole life earnings on just one property, so you must be careful about your budget plan. And if you are looking for a loan to invest in your dream project then considering different banks might help you. You may collaborate with a local bank or lender for financial freedom.

It is highly recommended to know their terms and conditions and even interest rate on which they are lending money to you. You may take help from some bank we have shortlisted for you to seek local mortgage- HSBC, Mashreq, etc. and you may discuss it with Top Luxury Property team for more help.

Get a Trustworthy Company or Agent:-

It’s really important to know each and every detail before investing and for better guidance, you will really need a realestate agent to make you decide which property option is good for you. It will take time and effort for you to search for a good and trustworthy agent especially for international investors.

With good reputation in the Dubai real estate market market, Topluxuryproperty stand at the top in providing assist to foreigners investors in identifying appropriate properties, negotiating costs, and ensuring a smooth transaction.

Following reasons make TopLuxuryProperty best in the market:-

  • Extensive local expertise
  • Certified real estate company
  • Excellent track record
  • Multi-lingual agents
  • Wide property selection
  • Comprehensive services

In person visit to the property:-

You must go through the whole process and physical visit at the property before you proceed with various procedures and investment plans. It includes thorough study of the volatile nature of the market, local regulations and government policy, analyzing current market trends, and identifying various risks and challenges. More important to know the exchange value of Singapore currency in the Dubai market to know your real budget.

Understanding Dubai’s Laws, Rules and legal procedures:-

Foreigner’s buyers and investors must understand basic rules and laws of the city and discuss factors with real estate agents. Knowing about the visa and residency criteria for owning property in Dubai and the tax implications for property owners will be helpful for easy relocation.

Reporting Due Diligence:-

Due diligence and a thorough property inspection are very much necessary before finalizing your investment. Various steps are taken during this process, including a physical visit to the property, a review from the local and owner, and an evaluation of any potential liens or encumbrances. It is a critical step to thoroughly investigate the property in order to prevent any legal or financial damages in the future. This will give you the freedom to make an open and wise decision about investing in the property according to your suitability.

Discuss Price And Payment Method:-

Discuss the price of the property directly through the seller or real estate agent and know the various payment plan methods. In case you are dissatisfied with the price or property, negotiate and look for some more property options. As you might be buying this property for family raising or having good ROI, so you must be careful and consider all the factors before you make an investment.

Seek Guidance on Exchange Control Regulations:-

As an foreign investor, it’s important for you to know the exchange control regulations that will be done during transferring funds from your country to Dubai for investment. Understand guidelines and restrictions imposed by the nation’s central bank and the UAE Central Bank to ensure smooth transfer of the funds. Take help and guidance from authorized banks or financial advisors to direct you through the whole process in a smooth and efficient way.

Registration Process:-

Once you are satisfied with the price, fund transfer and payment options, the next step is to complete the purchase and registration process, including making down payment, arranging the remaining funds for next installments, and completing the necessary paperwork. Complete this process in the guidance of some professional agents and law persons to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership.

Post-Purchase Requirements:-

After investment, there are a few important steps taken as post-purchase requirements. Set up your home and features, utility connections, register with property insurance, and make yourself familiar with the rules and regulations of the community or building where your property is located. If you are planning to rent the property, go through the rental laws and requirements.

Some Shortlisted Exclusive Properties:-

Discussing with your real estate agent or partner will give a real edge to decide on which property to invest depending upon your preferences and budget. You must ensure that the property is registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). Make a list of luxurious properties you wanna invest in and come under your budget.

We have shortlisted some great communities where you can find divers property options:-

  • The Valley
  • Dubai Hills Estate
  • Dubai Creek Harbour
  • Rashid Yachts & Marina
  • Al Marjan Island
  • The Valley
  • The Oasis
  • Emaar Beachfront
  • Emaar South


As a foreign investor, Dubai offers you a variety of options to invest with immense lucrative returns. Being known to all the legal and personal procedures, you can execute your investing journey with smoothness. Dubai’s market will lead the world in the real estate market in upcoming years by expanding its residential masterplan.

Features like tax free investment, higher rents, world class amenities, and flexible payment options makes Dubai a hotspot in the investing market. Before investing in any property, Discuss it with top local real estate professionals and get the idea about ownership rules and legal procedures. Freehold properties, off-plan purchases, and apartments with different investment strategies, will elevate your financial growth.

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