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Emaar Announces Complimentary Repairs for Rain-Affected Homes

Dubai got lots of rain this week. On Tuesday and Wednesday, it rained very hard. Many houses got water inside. Emaar has built many buildings in Dubai, such as the Dubai Marina and Downtown.

Emaar chairman Mr. Mohamed Alabbar said they will fix all homes in their areas that got broken by the rainwater. They will do the repairs for free. This will help people live normally again fast.

When it rains hard, some houses get water inside. Walls or floors can break. Electrical things can stop working too. Mr. Alabbar said since Tuesday, Emaar workers have helped people a lot. They cleaned water from streets and houses.

Now Emaar will repair any broken things in houses because of the rains. They will fix walls, floors, or electrical things that have stopped working. People won’t have to pay anything. This will make them happy.

Mr. Alabbar said Emaar always helps the community when things are difficult. Their workers will keep working hard. Emaar builds big places where many people live in Dubai. They want people living there to feel safe.

Dubai got more rain in one day than in a whole year! It was very unusual. Authorities worked hard to drain flooded roads and areas. Now Emaar is also working hard to fix rain damaged homes.

Emaar builds famous places like Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai. They have delivered homes to over 108,000 families since 2002. Emaar owns big hotels and malls too. They are the largest builder in Dubai and want to support people. After the heavy rains, they will repair all affected homes in their areas for free. This makes residents very happy.

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