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Dubai Unveils $56 Billion Dubai Social Agenda 33 to Enhance Emirati Families and Community Development

The Vice President, Prime Minister, and ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, lifts the veil on a comprehensive plan known as the Dubai Social Agenda 33. In the next ten years, this plan seeks to double the number of Emirati families. It all comes down to giving residents of Dubai better homes, better healthcare, and better quality of life.

Dubai’s population currently exceeds 3.65 million, primarily due to the influx of foreign residents and workers. The Vice President, Prime Minister and ruler of Dubai is planning to increase the number of Emirati families by improving their quality of life in Dubai. Among the many things covered by this plan, they will ensure that families have decent homes to live in. Apart from that they will also cover bare minimums like healthcare, making the overall quality of life better for the people living in Dubai.

 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum emphasized the core values of the plan, stating, “Today we announce the launch of Dubai Social Agenda 33. It is our plan for Dubai’s community for the next ten years, with the slogan ‘Family, the Foundation of the Nation’.” With a budget of AED208 billion allocated for the upcoming decade, the primary goal revolves around catering to Emirati families by providing improved housing, raising living standards, strengthening cultural identity and values, promoting social cohesion, ensuring quality healthcare, and nurturing future skills among the younger generations.

The pivotal objective within this strategy is the commitment to doubling the number of Emirati families, assuring them access to world-class residential areas. Sheikh Mohammed underlined the significance of families in shaping the essence of the nation, stating, “Our homeland is not just numbers and structures; it is families and individuals.”

The Dubai Social Agenda 33 encompasses several specific goals, including the establishment of a top-notch healthcare system, the development of an education sector ranked among the global top ten, and a threefold increase in Emirati employment within the private sector. Furthermore, the initiative emphasizes the creation of a proactive social care system that focuses on safeguarding, nurturing, and empowering citizens.

Highlighting the importance of commitment and continuity in implementing these plans, Sheikh Mohammed emphasized the involvement of his sons, Hamdan, Maktoum, and Ahmed, and their peers, who are deeply devoted to the welfare of the Dubai family, ensuring that the programs are followed through diligently.

The agenda also envisions Dubai ascending to one of the top three cities globally in terms of living standards, with a life expectancy among the top ten worldwide. To support this vision, an AED 65 billion housing program was recently announced, ensuring that Emiratis have access to high-quality homes over the next twenty years. The program aims to amplify the number of citizens benefiting from it by an astounding 400 percent.

Additionally, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, disclosed that over 3,000 residential plots had been allocated to Emiratis within the emirate, illustrating the steadfast commitment to providing housing for citizens.

Sheikh Mohammed underscored the paramount importance of prioritizing families in the forthcoming period, focusing on their protection, empowerment, development, and cohesion. “We pray that God guides us in serving the country and its people,” he remarked, reiterating the unwavering dedication to the nation’s prosperity and well-being.

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