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Dubai Real Estate Recap: Week Ending December 22, 2023

The year 2023 has been a great year in UAE Real Estate. Dubai Real Estate markets’ tremendous growth and higher property transactions this weekend are shocking. 

Let’s quickly look at the Dubai weekly real estate transactions for the week ending 22 Dec 2023. The report says a total of 3,785 properties have been transacted worth 16.6 billion.

216 plots were sold out for a worth of AED 4.91 billion and 2,729 apartments and villas were sold out for AED 7.49 billion. Dubai Real Estate’s Top 3 transactions have been done in Al Yelayiss 5 worth AED 2.43 billion. Plots sold in Al Hebiah Fourth with the worth of AED 64.09 million, and AED 57.87 land sold in Al Goze. 

The highest sales transaction has been recorded in Palm Jabal Ali with 35 transactions worth AED 850.21. Areas like Madinat Hind 4 have done 29 sales transactions worth of AED 52.87 million. Al Hebiah has a total of 18 sales transactions worth AED 58.5 million in third place. 

Similarly, Villas for sale in Dubai have also seen an impressive result.  Palm Jumeirah recorded the highest transaction for villas and apartments worth AED 720 and ranked first; whereas Dubai Investment Park sold out properties worth AED 92. million and ranked second position and Island 2 secured its position third, by transacted apartments for sale in Dubai with a worth of AED 509.2 million. 

Likewise, the mortgaged property also has been sold out with a worth of 2.29 billion. The highest sales are recorded in Al Safouh with a worth of AED 509.2 millionUAE Real Estate weekly report says a total of 257 properties are granted for sale between first-degree relative worth of AED 2 billion.

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