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Dubai Real Estate: Buying vs Selling-Make the Right Move Today!

Trying to decide whether to buy or sell property in Dubai’s fast-moving real estate market this year? I feel you—it can be super confusing with prices and inventory changing so rapidly!
But take a deep breath and don’t stress. I’ve got the inside scoop after chatting with real estate experts to help you make the best move in 2024. Let’s walk through everything you need to know.

Is Now A Good Time To Buy And Sell?

First up, the big question: should you buy or sell at the moment?

Well, the good news is that experts say now is actually an ideal time for both buying and selling Real Estate In Dubai !

Home prices are steadily rising, so selling lets you cash out and realize some nice gains from appreciation. Plus, newer communities have opened up lots of solid options for buyers right now.

Upgrading by selling your current place and then purchasing a larger property can allow you to gain value from price increases while getting more living space.

So if you’re considering entering the market, the door is wide open for sellers to profit and buyers to find good deals!

Are Homes Selling Quickly Or Stuck On The Market?

Okay, but are properties actually selling rapidly these days? Or are they getting stuck on the market for ages?

This is where pricing yourself correctly and partnering with a strong real estate agent really pays off.

If you price reasonably in line with similar recent sales and market your listing well, homes can sell surprisingly fast even in today’s market.

Properties that are empty and ready for a quick move-in tend to sell most rapidly. Upgraded or renovated homes are also in high demand.

And some recent legislative changes around notice periods and other buyer protections have created more confidence, so things are actively moving.

The bottom line is: take the time to price right, and homes can sell relatively quickly!

To Renovate Or Buy A Turnkey?

Now for a big decision: should you try to find a nice move-in-ready home or take on a fixer-upper renovation project?

This choice really depends on your personal situation in terms of budget, renovation experience, and willingness to take on home improvement work.
Building very high-quality homes does cost more upfront, but it helps avoid maintenance issues and unexpected costs down the line.

If you opt for taking on renovations, thoroughly vet contractors, get multiple detailed quotes, create a realistic timeline, and budget very wisely.

If you’ve got the extra cash flow and patience to handle surprises, you can customize the property to your taste and potentially add value through upgrades.

But if you’re low on renovation experience, time, or funds, finding a turnkey home you already like can be a less stressful way to go.

Weigh your resources and risk tolerance carefully when deciding between a blank canvas and a move-in-ready place.

Make A Fair Offer; Don’t Lowball Or Overpay.

Here’s another key question that comes up: should you offer above or below the asking price on a home?

How long a property sits on the market really comes down to accurate pricing. Overpriced homes not aligned with recent comparable sales will take longer to sell.

But homes priced fairly in line with the current market value can sell quite rapidly. A responsible Real Estate Agent will provide enough neighborhood data for you to make an informed offer.

Don’t go in so low that you offend or turn off the seller. But you also don’t want to overpay just to win the bid.

Start with a reasonable offer to show you’re a serious buyer worth negotiating with.

Cash or Mortgage: Which Has The Advantage Now?

Okay, let’s chat about mortgages versus cash offers—which one gives you an upper hand as a buyer today?

Cash often allows for the fastest or simplest transaction but can require extra time upfront to document proof of funds.

Pre-approved mortgages also let qualified buyers move quickly without as much upfront financial prep.

For sellers who want proceeds ASAP, an all-cash offer can look very attractive.

But thanks to some decreasing interest rates in 2022-2023, monthly payments on mortgages are more affordable and accessible for many buyers lately.

Either cash or financing can work, so focus on your overall budget, timeline, and financial readiness when making an offer.

Get Your Paperwork In Order Before Buying or Selling

No matter if you’re the buyer or seller, having all your paperwork fully in order is crucial!

For sellers with mortgages, you’ll need to show you’ve paid on time with no outstanding debts or liens. Documents proving legal ownership are vital too.
Cash buyers should be prepared to document the source of their funds thoroughly.

Mortgage buyers should have income statements, bank records, and any other documents needed for loan approval ready to go.

And pick an ethical real estate agent who’ll help guide you through gathering proper ownership verification and financing paperwork.

Having your ducks in a row streamlines the process!

Location, Schools, Size—What Impacts Price?

When evaluating a home’s value, its location, proximity to quality schools, and amount of living space are key factors.

Properties in very prime central areas near community amenities with easy access to well-ranked schools will see the highest property values.

Up-and-coming neighborhoods can offer opportunities for buyers who want to get in before major price hikes. Recently developed communities often provide incentives or payment plans too.

Smart Spots: Where Should I Buy In Dubai?

So, where are some smart areas to buy in Dubai right now?

Here are some communities that real estate analysts recommend focusing on:

And deals can sometimes be found in up-and-coming areas too if you want to get ahead of future growth.

Ready To Buy? Do These Things First.

If you’re getting ready to buy, here are some tips to prep and make the process smoother:

Budget Realistically

Property prices in Dubai can range from affordable apartments in the International City to ultra-luxury villas worth tens of millions. Define your budget and loan eligibility before you start property hunting.

Understand All Costs

Factor in mortgage payments and interest, registration fees up to 4%, service charges, broker commissions, and any renovations needed. Budget for yearly maintenance fees, like cooling charges, too.

Know The Property Laws

Understand the difference between freehold and leasehold ownership. Freehold allows full ownership, while leasehold limits it to 99 years. Confirm if the property’s location permits foreign ownership.

Research Market Trends

While the market looks strong now, it’s prudent to assess historical prices and rentals in your desired location. Analyzing supply-demand dynamics can help forecast the area’s future performance.

Consider The Investment Horizon

Are you looking to flip the property in a few years or hold it for the long term? This will determine whether you buy off-plan or completed properties.

Analyze The Lifestyle Aspect

Evaluate community amenities, distance from your workplace, school proximity, recreational options, etc. to ensure the property fits your lifestyle.

Property Buying Process

Once you’ve considered these key aspects, it’s time to look at the step-by-step process for successfully Buying Property In Dubai :

Finding The Right Property In Dubai

The property search is an exciting phase. But it needs in-depth research across portals, classifieds, developer websites, and real estate agencies. Expand your options by exploring properties in nearby communities. Collaborate with an experienced real estate agent who can source suitable options.

Shortlist properties that match your requirements and schedule on-site visits. Thoroughly view the unit and building to assess maintenance needs. Also, verify details like property ownership, pending payments, disputes, etc. with the agent.

Making An Offer And Negotiating The Deal

Once you zero in on a property, submit an offer letter indicating your proposed price and terms. The agent will communicate this to the seller and negotiate an agreement. Use market insights to support your quoted price. Be open to some flexibility in negotiations.

To secure the deal, you’ll need to pay a token amount upfront. This is usually 5%-30% of the property value. If your offer is accepted, get the payment terms, timelines, etc. drafted in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Both parties should sign this to reserve the property.

Completing Legal Procedures And Documentation

There are several legal steps involved in officially registering a property in Dubai:

  • Draft the final sales agreement with all details and clauses. Register this with the Dubai Land Department.
  • Conduct title deed verification to confirm ownership’s legality.
  • Apply for an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the developer. This confirms no pending dues.
  • Register for utility connections like electricity, district cooling, water, and sewage.
  • Get approval if you are taking a mortgage. Banks will evaluate property papers.
  • Complete ownership transfer and title deed issuance under the buyer’s name.

An experienced real estate broker will help navigate this paperwork. You may also need to hire a property lawyer for added legal protection and verification.

Getting Mortgage Financing

As a foreigner, getting a home loan to buy property in Dubai is straightforward. Dubai banks offer mortgages to expats with flexible schemes and competitive rates. The maximum financing is usually 80% of the property value. The interest rate averages 2–3%.

Banks will evaluate your income, credit score, debt obligations, and employment stability before approving the loan. The mortgage amount will depend on your eligibility. Opt for owner mortgage schemes for self-usage. Investor mortgages require a higher down payment but offer better rates.

Understanding Additional Costs

When budgeting for your Dubai property purchase, account for the many additional costs, like:

  • Broker commission fees of up to 2% of the purchase price
  • Mortgage processing and documentation fees
  • Property registration and transfer fees up to 4%
  • Advance service charge payments are estimated at AED 20–40 per square foot.
  • Dewa connection and deposits for electricity and water
  • Notary, valuation, and legal fees if availing of a mortgage
  • Renovation or maintenance costs if buying resale

Factoring in these expenses will give you a realistic idea of the total capital required to buy a home in Dubai.

I’m Selling: How Do I Prepare My Home?

For those looking to sell, make sure to:

Your Investment Horizon

If you bought recently or plan to stay invested long-term, selling now may not maximize profits. Consider market forecasts to decide the optimal exit timing.

Tax Implications

Find out if you need to pay capital gains tax or other taxes when selling a property in Dubai. This will impact your net gains.

Future Performance of Location

Research is needed to see if the community still has strong growth potential. Selling in a flattening location may forfeit future gains.

Current Liquidity Needs

Analyze if you need to free up capital urgently for other expenses or can wait for greater profitability. Don’t sell under duress.

Property Selling Process

Preparing Your Property

First impressions matter immensely when selling real estate. Ensure your property looks attractive and well-maintained.

  • Repair minor defects and give it a fresh coat of paint if needed.
  • Declutter and depersonalize the space to give it a spacious feel.
  • Hire a cleaning company to make it spotless for viewings.
  • Stage the property by accenting selling points like view or layout.
  • Hold an open house for better visibility.

Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent

A proficient real estate broker knows how to accurately price, market, and close deals in your area. Interview a few agents before selecting one with relevant experience. Look for an RERA-registered agent. Discuss their fees, marketing outreach, and signing the official listing contract.

Marketing The Property Extensively

Ensure your agent creates enticing listings on classifieds like Property Finder and Bayut, along with their website. Hire a photographer to showcase the property and highlight selling points. Boost visibility through targeted social media promotions to reach likely buyers.

Pricing It Right

Instead of overpricing, set a fair asking price based on recent transactions in your community. The price is just slightly above market rates since buyers expect some negotiation room. Appeal to buyers emotionally while backing numbers with rationale.

Negotiating With Potential Buyers

Skillful negotiation with buyers can help seal a favorable deal. Remain calm and flexible. Understand the buyer’s perspective. Use your agent as a buffer during tense negotiations. Focus on areas like timelines, contingencies, and terms for a win-win outcome.

Handling The Legal Formalities

Your agent will help navigate the paperwork needed, like:

  • Generating the title deed, NOC, owner’s association approvals, etc.
  • Drafting the memorandum of understanding (MOU)
  • Transferring utility connections to the buyer’s name
  • Settling agent commissions and fees
  • Registering the sale deed and transferring ownership

With the right preparation and strategy, sellers can capitalize on Dubai’s bullish real estate market. Work with experienced consultants to make your property transaction smooth, profitable, and risk-free.

Confused? You’re Not Alone!

We know that the Dubai real estate market can seem crazy complex and fast-moving at times. But take a deep breath. You’ve totally got this!

Arm yourself with market knowledge. Partner with real estate professionals of Top Luxury Property . Avoid rash choices.

Take time to thoroughly research options, run the numbers, and evaluate what matters most in a home.

Whether you’re new to the market or a seasoned investor, you can navigate buying and selling with confidence.

We wish you the absolute best on your real estate journey in Dubai! Let us know if any other tips would be helpful. We’re happy to chat more and point you in the right direction.

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