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Dubai Market Shift: Apartment Prices Stable, Luxury Homes See Double-Digit Growth

Property Market of Dubai always offers high-roi & guaranteed returns but here trends & future projections matters alot, and this news is about a major shift in 2024 Dubai Real Estate Market. 

If you are looking for investment in Dubai residential apartments then this segment is expected to calm down a bit, because more new apartment developments are popping up in different communities, creating a supply which is bigger than demand and if this happen than prices won’t shoot up as fast as last year, which is actually a good news for the end-users. 

As stated by real estate investment experts “In 2023, apartment value increased by approx 17% but this year we can only expect a rise of 5%. 

Despite uncertainties in the world, Dubai remains a stable and inviting place for investors, even though apartment prices might not rise as quickly, high-end properties like villas & townhouses in Dubai will probably keep getting more expensive due to the high demand and limited supply.

New Investment Hotspots in UAE

Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah are the major emerging hotspots in UAE real estate market and the best alternative for the investors & home buyers who are looking for affordable price yet luxury property from reputed brands. Experts say these both markets will see high growth due to more supply and unlimited demand.  2022-23 was the best year for Abu Dhabi real estate market, while Ras Al Khaimah is booming thanks to new casinos and leisure spots.

Some things that might keep property prices steady are more people moving to Dubai, a stable economy, low interest rates, and better visa and business rules.

High-Demand For Affordable Housing in 2024

This year, more people might buy affordable homes because they’re easier to get and appeal to a bigger group. Branded & luxurious homes will still be in demand too with high prices because there is limited supply and high demand.

To keep home buyers & investors interested whether it is for affordable housing, luxury or branded developments, developers are offering attractive deals like flexible payment plans,small down payment, best deals & rebate making it easier for everyone to buy a home.

2024 is shaping up to be a great year for everyone, whether you’re a home buyer or a real estate investor looking for apartments or villas in Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, or Abu Dhabi.

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