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Buy Property In Dubai on Installments

Want to own a home in Dubai but can’t afford to pay the lump sum amount? Don’t worry, you can now buy your dream property in Dubai on installments. Several developers in the Emirate offer flexible payment plans that allow you to buy apartments on Installments and spread the payment over 2-5 years during and after construction. 

Buying a property on Installments in Dubai is a smart option for both residents and investors. You can move into your new home while paying the remaining balance conveniently every month. 

With affordable installments starting from as low as 5% down payment, owning a home in Dubai with installments is now easier than ever. Take advantage of this opportunity to finally own premium real estate in one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. So, without any further delay, let’s start our journey. 

Understanding Dubai’s Real Estate Market

Dubai has established itself as a top destination for luxury real estate. Before driving into Dubai Property on Installments, let’s understand Dubai’s high-end property segment.

Some of the most coveted areas for luxury property in Dubai include Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residences, Emirates Hills and Meydan. On Palm Jumeirah, properties can range from luxury apartments and penthouses to magnificent beachfront villas costing over AED 100 million. Luxury villa communities in Dubai like Dubai Hills Estate, Arabian Ranches, DAMAC Hills 2 and Jumeirah Golf Estates provide spacious living alongside golf courses and landscaped gardens.

Residential communities in Dubai like Emirates Hills, Jumeirah Golf Estates and Arabian Ranches cater to affluent buyers seeking large detached luxury villas. Leos Developments has developed quality communities in these areas. The site highlights the variety of luxury options across apartments, townhouses and standalone villas.

The December 2023 DLD report  analyzes high-end segments. It found prime freehold villas and apartments appreciating 18-23% yearly amid strong demand. The report expects the luxury segment to stay buoyant, given population growth and infrastructure projects.

Dubai continues to attract regional and global elites through world-class infrastructure, lifestyle amenities and tax benefits. Here is a detailed analysis of Dubai real estate market transactions. 

Property TypeUnits Sold% Change vs. Dec-2022Sales Value
Apartments8,51921.3%AED 18B
Villas1,362-26.7%AED 3.9B
Commercial35937.5%AED 599.2M
Plots1,047187.6%AED 18.9B

Areas like the Palm, Downtown and Emirates Hills offer acclaimed addresses for the ultra-wealthy to buy luxury property in Dubai. Developments catering to high-net-worth families are stimulating luxury real estate market expansion. Not only this, rental performance is also promising in Dubai real estate. Here is the rental price information:

PropertyPrice (AED)% Change vs. Dec 2023
Apartment68K18.3% increase
Villa165K23.1% increase
Commercial44.5K3.5% increase

Types of Installment Plans in Dubai

As you already know, some brief information about the Dubai real estate market and its potential, so it’s time to understand different installment payment plans in Dubai

Post-Handover Payment Plan

A post-handover payment plan generally starts  from pre handover and some parts left for post handover, typically over 3-10 years. The buyer needs to pay a certain percentage (e.g. 10-30%) as a down payment before receiving the property. This payment plan was introduced in 2013. Post-handover plans are ideal for investors who can rent out the property and use rental yields to pay installments.

Even end-users find it convenient to settle in the purchased property before paying the remaining amount. For example, a villa worth AED 5 million can be booked by paying 30% i.e. AED 1.5 million upfront. The remaining 70%, or AED 3.5 million, is cleared through monthly payments over 5 years after receiving the keys.

Payments During Construction

Developers offer installment payments during the construction phase through plans. This enables buyers to own an off-plan property by paying a certain percentage of the value in stages until handover and the balance on receipt of keys.  In simple words, it is off-plan property Dubai installments. However, you can often find the plan in the following ratio: 

  • 10:90
  • 20:80
  • 40:60
  • 50:50
  • 60:40
  • 70:30
  • 25:75

Purchasers can also avail of low-interest mortgages from banks for low-down payment property. For instance, a 2-bed apartment worth AED 1.2 million can have a 50:50 repayment term. So AED 600,000 is paid in stages as the building takes shape and another AED 600,000 upon receiving possession.

Rent-to-Own Plans

As the name suggests, buyers first rent a ready property at marginally higher market rates for an agreed period like 3-5 years. A portion of each rental amount then gets adjusted towards eventual purchase installments.

For example, one may rent a 3 Bed villa in Dubai for 5 years at 5% above prevailing rents. After 60 monthly rent payments, 25% will get counted as purchase installments with the tenant now the asset’s legal owner.

This offers a smoother transition to property ownership without large upfront costs for those lacking cash reserves. Longer lock-in periods also instill commitment from rent-to-buy tenants. This offers a convenient way to own a home in Dubai with installments.

1% Payment Plan

Offered by certain developers under tie-ups with financiers, this entails paying just 1% of the purchase price in monthly installments until fully clearing the amount, taking around 8-10 years. Unlike in a Rent-to-Own situation where one pays rent for some time and then buys the property, in a 1% payment plan, you pay 1% of the total house price per month. 

The 1% payment plan makes you buy luxury property in Dubai from day one, paying a monthly amount towards the purchase price, not rent. For an AED 1 million flat, installments of AED 10,000 per month for 100 months deliver ownership. This makes high-value properties very cost-effective.

Advantages of Buying Property on Installments

There are several benefits to owning a home in Dubai with installments. Installment payments make the significant financial commitment of purchasing real estate more affordable and manageable for buyers. Some key advantages include:

  • Eases cash flow burden: Installments spread the total cost over several years, reducing the upfront capital required. This makes owning a home in Dubai with installments viable for buyers who cannot pay lump sums.
  • Quick property ownership: Buyers can move into their new homes sooner by paying deposits initially rather than saving for total payments. This is useful for those urgently needing housing, like renting a studio apartment in Dubai or a larger unit.
  • Hedge against inflation: Property values in Dubai consistently rise with inflation. Paying in low installments allows buyers to invest in appreciation assets even with limited budgets.
  • Use rent to repay: Renting out installment-bought properties generates yields that offset monthly payments. Positive cash flow helps repay what’s owed when purchasing investment units or off-plan property Dubai installments.
  • Build equity over time: Each installment payment reduces outstanding principal and increases owners’ stake in their homes. Their equity rises as the emirate’s real estate market booms.
  • Leverage affordable areas: Installment options give access to developments everywhere from budget 1 Bedroom apartments in Dubai to upscale 2-bedroom apartments in Dubai. This deepens roots in the community.
  • Predetermined payments: Installments have set amounts and due dates fixed upfront. This allows budgeting certainty compared to uncertain lump sums.
  • Golden visa eligibility: Purchasing certain property values on installments can qualify buyers for the coveted 10-year UAE golden visa, providing long-term Dubai residency. To qualify for a Golden visa, the down payment needs to be Dh200,000 (10 percent of the Dh2 million investment value to be eligible for the Visa), and developers’ installment schemes can take care of the rest. 

Legal Aspects and Documentation

Buying property in installments, also known as payment plans, is a popular way for individuals to own a home in Dubai with installments. However, it is essential to understand the legal considerations and documentation involved in such transactions.

There are a few options available for purchasing property through installments in Dubai. Investors can buy off-plan property Dubai installments, meaning the unit is currently under construction. Developers offer flexible payment plans where the buyer pays a percentage upfront and the remaining amount in installments linked to the project construction milestones.

Another option is to buy an apartment in Dubai with Installments that is already built. In this case, the purchase price can be paid in installments over 1-3 years to the current owner of the property.

Regardless of the payment structure, certain legal procedures outlined by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) must be followed for the property on installment transaction to be binding and recognized officially.

One of the first steps is deciding between purchasing an off-plan property or a ready property. 

  • For off-plan purchases, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is signed between the buyer and developer, outlining the installment schedule aligned with project milestones. As per the Dubai Property Laws, a minimum 10-20% initial payment is required. Subsequent installments are then paid as construction progresses.
  • For ready properties, negotiations take place to agree on a suitable installment scheme. A Form F (Memorandum of Understanding) is prepared and signed by both parties in the presence of a witness, as mandated by the Real Estate Law No. 7 of 2006. This MoU forms the basis of the sale contract.
  • As installments are paid, the developer or current owner must issue receipt proofs acknowledged by the DLD.
  • Once full payment is made, the final documentation process is initiated, which includes a NOC from the developer (if off-plan), registration of ownership transfer at the DLD and issuance of the Title Deed under the buyer’s name.
  • Studio apartment Dubai installments or larger configurations like 1-bedroom apartment Dubai installments or 2-bedroom apartment Dubai installments follow the same legal process.

Associated Charges 

Fee or TaxRate in AED
Land Registry Tax4% of Property Value Plus AED 540
Registration Charges for Properties up to AED 500,000 in Value2,000
Registration Charges for Properties Above AED 500,000 in Value4,000
Mortgage registration fee0.25% of loan + AED 10 fee
Mortgage processing feeUp to 1% of the loan amount
Valuation Fees2,500-3,500
Oqood Contract Fee(if purchasing through a developer)4% of Property Value
Conveyance Fees6,000-10,000

Legal Paperwork

  • Registration forms A and B: Provided by the agent to both parties
  • Contract in form F: Signed by both parties
  • Certificate of ownership (Title Deed): Provided by the seller
  • Certificate of no objection to the transfer of ownership rights (NOC):
  • Original Title Deed
  • Original NOC from Developer
  • Personal documents
  • Emirates ID

Proper legal counsel and expertise are recommended to navigate documentation requirements and ensure all regulatory approvals are secured at each stage of the installment-based purchase. Understanding the property laws as defined by DLD provides buyers with the necessary information and protection for their investment.

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Top Areas and Developments for Installment Plans

Several famous developers in Dubai, such as Emaar, Dubai Properties, Damac and Meraas, offer affordable installment plans. Here are some of the top areas and developments for buyers looking to purchase through installments:

Azizi Venice

Azizi Venice is a luxurious waterfront off-plan property in Dubai South. It features studios to 3-bedroom apartments in residential towers that range from G+10 to G+22 floors. The property also has an 18 km lagoon with artificial waves, as well as 155 km of parks. The community amenities include retail, a 1500-seat cultural center, hotels, schools, and a hospital. Due to its strategic location, Azizi Venice offers many off-plan villas for sale in Dubai.

Azizi Venice Types And Sizes

Property TypeBedroomsPrice
StudioAED 550,000
Apartment1AED 950,000
Apartment2AED 1.5 M
Apartment3AED 1.9 M

Payment Plan:

  • 50%: During Construction
  • 50%: On Handover

Emaar Bayline & Avonlea

Emaar Bayline & Avonlea is a new luxury off-plan property in Dubai’s prime Rashid Yachts & Marina waterfront destination. You can purchase top-quality waterfront apartments and townhouses in one of Dubai’s most sought-after locations.

The off-plan development comprises 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments and 3-bedroom duplex townhouses. Units range from 800-2,700+ sqft, featuring modern finishes with sea or marina-facing views.

Emaar Bayline & Avonlea Types And Sizes

Property TypeBedroomsSize (sq.Ft)Starting Price (AED)
Apartment1814 – 9561.6 M
Apartment21209 – 14422.3 M
Apartment31691 – 19503.3 M
Duplex32721 – 27765.3 M

Payment Plan

  • 10% booking amount
  • 90% to be paid in installments as per the construction schedule
  • Installments starting from 2024 till 2027

Nakheel Rixos Phase 2

Nakheel’s newest launch at Dubai Islands is Rixos Phase 2.

The development comprises 1 to 4-bedroom apartments and duplex villas that face

private beaches and gardens. This Dxb off-plan development offers low-down-payment property in Dubai, featuring diverse residences that define luxury

beachfront living.

Rixos Phase 2 Types And Sizes

Property TypeBedroomsSize (sqft)Price
Apartment11036On Request
Apartment24349On Request
Apartment35774On Request
Apartment410524On Request

Payment Plan:

  • 20% down payment
  • 60% paid during construction
  • 20% on handover

Nshama Symphony

Nshama Symphony is a new transformative residential development that also offers low down payment property in Dubai. This visionary community redefines urban living with its modern amenities, expansive green spaces, and vibrant atmosphere. The development comprises modern 1-3 bedroom apartments from 648-1354 sqft, all with scenic park and garden views.

Symphony On The Park Types And Price

Property TypeBedroomsSize (Sq.ft)Price (AED)
Apartment2903.30 – 972.841,080,888
Apartment31316.42On Request

Payment Plan:

  • 10%: Down Payment
  • 40%: During Construction
  • 50%: On Handover

Ellington One River Point

If you are looking for 1-bedroom apartment Dubai installments or 2-bedroom apartment Dubai installments in Business Bay, you can consider Ellington One River Point. It consists of high-rise residential towers ranging from 50 to 60 stories, offering studio to 4-bedroom apartments, 3 & 4-bedroom penthouses, and 4-bedroom duplexes with private pools. It is an ideal investment opportunity in Dubai for families with easy access to schools, healthcare, and entertainment options in Business Bay.

One River Point Types And Sizes

Unit TypeSizePrice
Studio487 Sq.FtAED 1,482,828
1 Bedroom Apartment958 to 1199 Sq.FtAED 2,782,828
2 Bedroom Apartment1447 to 1795 Sq.FtAED 3,582,828
3 Bedroom Apartment2397 to 3968 Sq.FtAED 6,982,828
4 Bedroom Duplex4971 to 5576 Sq.FtOn Request
3 Bedroom Penthouse3502 to 3734 Sq.FtOn Request
4 Bedroom Penthouse5847 Sq.FtOn Request

Payment Plan:

  • 20% down payment
  • 50% during construction  
  • 30% on handover

Haven By Aldar

Located in Dubailand, Haven by Aldar offers easy off-plan property installments. It comprises 3-6 bedroom villas and 3-4 bedroom townhouses. Spread across 2,428 units, this modern wellness-focused community features luxurious apartments, serene villas, and park townhouses. Equipped with modern technology, this offers the best off-plan villa for sale in Dubai

The Haven By Aldar Types And Sizes

Property TypeSize (sqft)Price (AED)
3 Bedroom Villa29973.85 M
4 Bedroom Villa33804.6 M
5 Bedroom Villa44415.65 M
6 Bedroom Villa9114On Request
3 Bedroom Townhouse22802.55 M
4 Bedroom Townhouse31513.6 M

Payment Plan:

  • 5% down payment
  • 65% during construction
  • 30% on handover

Yasmina Villas

Yasmina Villas at Expo Valley offers buyers an opportunity to buy low-down payment property in Dubai. Expo Dubai Group presents a limited collection of 4- and 5-bedroom villas ranging in size from 4,000 to 4,000 square feet. The development is situated in a prime location in Expo Valley, surrounded by lush greenery and offering spectacular views of Expo City’s iconic landmarks.

Yasmina Villas Types And Price

Property TypeBedroomsPrice (AED)
Villa46.1 M
Villa57.1 M

Payment Plan:

Flexible payment plans are available with a 10% down payment on booking and a balance 

paid over 3 years.

Tips for A Smooth Buying Process

Purchasing property through installment plans is a popular option for many buyers in Dubai. Whether you’re looking to buy an off-plan property Dubai installment, a studio apartment Dubai installment, or a 2-bedroom apartment Dubai installment, following some key tips will help ensure a smooth process.

Decide on Budget and Location

Figure out your maximum budget and preferred areas. Consider factors like proximity to work, schools, and amenities. Research recent market rates to set realistic expectations.

Visit developments of interest to get a feel for the property and location. Ask about installment payment plans to ensure they fit your budget.

Tips for Finding the Right Developer

  • Check the developer’s reputation, portfolio, and project delivery track record. Go for established names to mitigate delivery risks.
  • Review contracts carefully for payment schedules and clauses regarding delays or changes. Queries should be clarified upfront.
  • Compare estimated total outlay, including installments, handover fees, and other costs. Choose plans with minimum upfront payments.

Finance Approval and Down Payment

Get pre-approval for a property purchase plan from your bank before signing contracts. This shows the ability to pay. Have the minimum down payment amount readily available. For high-demand properties, book with a down payment to secure your unit.

Ready Essential Documentation

  • Obtain Emirates ID, proof of income, utility bills etc., for Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance checks.
  • Execute sale and purchase agreements and post-dated installment cheques as per developer payment plan terms.
  • Register property purchase with the Dubai Land Department to safeguard your rights as the legal owner.

Manage Installment Payments on Time

  • Set payment reminders to avoid penalties for missed or delayed installments.
  • Consider raising early installments to pay off property sooner and reduce overall interest costs.

By following these tips, buyers can ensure a smooth process for buying their dream home in Dubai with easy installment plans. This makes owning a home in Dubai with installments very achievable.


In conclusion, purchasing property through installment plans is  an excellent way. It provides an affordable avenue to own your dream home in Dubai through easy installments. 

Whether you are looking for a studio apartment Dubai installment, or a 2-bedroom apartment Dubai installment, installment payment plans give buyers the flexibility to manage their payments over time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a post-handover payment plan in Dubai?

A post-handover plan allows payments in installments after property delivery, typically over 3-10 years.

How do installment payments during construction work?

Developers offer plans where a percentage of the value is paid in stages until handover, with the balance on receipt of keys.

What does a rent-to-own plan involve?

Buyers first rent a ready unit at marginally higher rents, with a portion adjusted towards eventual installments.

How does a 1% payment plan work for luxury Dubai properties?

Pay 1% of the total price in monthly installments until the amount is fully cleared over 8-10 years.

What legal procedures must be followed for installment purchases?

Developer payment plans require documentation as per the Dubai Land Department, including MoUs and title transfers.

Can installment plans make me eligible for a UAE golden visa?

Purchasing certain property values through installments can qualify buyers for the 10-year residency visa.

What developers offer popular installment options?

Emaar, Dubai Properties, Damac, Nakheel and Meraas offer affordable installment payment plans.

Can I get bank financing for low-down payment properties?

Yes, banks provide mortgages for installment-basis purchases for approved customers.

Which areas are suitable for installment property investments?

Top locations include Dubai South, Dubai Hills Estate, JLT, Business Bay, Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina.

How do investors benefit from installment purchase plans?

Low installments make premium real estate affordable, payments can be offset from rental income.

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