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Boom In Sharjah Real Estate: $844 Million In Transactions During February!

Sharjah Real Estate Registration Department unveiled the highest $884 million real estate transactions in Sharjah for February recently. The department revealed that the city has traded AED 3.1 billion with a total of 4,458 real estate transactions, and the total number of transactions occurred in various areas and regions of the city.

This record-breaking data shows that Sharjah Real Estate Market is growing and attracting investors from across the world, international funds and investments and promising higher returns. 

Sharjah’s Government also supports this by taking different series of initiatives and providing facilities to investors, entrepreneurs, and real estate developers. 

Sharjah February 2024 Real Estate Transaction Report of Different Areas And Cities 

The February sales transactions occurred in 101 primary areas of Sharjah and the reports included residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural lands. A total of 413 real estate traded among them 328 units in towers and 307 of built-in land transactions. 

  • Muwailih Commercial transacted 213 highest number of sales 
  • Rawdat Al-Qart’s transaction was 138
  • Al Mazairah and Al-Khan sales of 77 transactions each

Areas With High Trading Volume 

  • Muwailih Commercial traded volume of AED 382 million
  • Um Fanan traded with AED 109.5 million
  • Al-Khan traded volume was AED 84.2 million
  • Al – Sajaa Industrial area traded with AED 83.3 million

Sharjah’s central region also recorded some robust transactions. Areas like Al-Madina Al -Qasimia with 8 transactions and the highest trade volume were recorded in the area Blida with AED 13.4 million. Khor Fakkan, Al-Bardi 4 topped with a total of 11 transactions with the highest trading volume of AED 6.9 million. Sur Kalba commercial areas traded with 4 transactions and Al Saaf 7 with the highest trading volume of AED 1.5 million recorded.

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