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Top 5 Communities In Dubai Where The Super-Rich Live

Demand for luxury property escalates in Dubai every year. The city majorly attracts the world's wealthy investors.

The current year data showed a 47% increase in high-end property buying as compared to last year.

Due to few supplies of residential homes, the year 2024 sees 44% transaction. Dubai recorded 190 residential properties sales priced above $10 million in the Q1 of 2024. According to Knight Frank 2024 Destination Dubai Report says the real estate market of Dubai has seen a 76% increase from last year.

This clearly indicates that international home buyers, particularly wealthy homebuyers, are continuously buying homes here. Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah performing well and still dominating Dubai’s luxury real estate landscape.83.3% deals were done in the first half of 2024 with 853 home sales.

Despite limited supply Dubai is seeing strong appreciation in the residential market and wealthy home buyers or investors across the globe show their interest here.

So, where do the world's super-rich people buy property in Dubai?" Let’s take a look at those areas which are continuously dominated by wealthy home buyers.

Top Location Where Super-Rich Are Buying Properties in Dubai:

The Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is the prestigious yet exclusive residential community in Dubai and highly preferred amongst super rich individuals to own a property here. This stunning man-made island is famous for beachfront villas and luxury apartments. With a scenic waterfront view of Arabian Gulf, Palm Jumeirah has been the favourite area to invest in Dubai.

Generally, property prices start here with AED 3 million which is the cost of an apartment. Suppose you are looking for an opulent villa, starting price of AED 100 million.

Palm Jumeirah is home to notable celebrities of Hollywood & Bollywood including David Beckham, Roger Federer, and Shah Rukh Khan.

Here are some neighbourhood recommendations from Top Luxury Property, where you can exactly get the same luxury lifestyle with handy prices and an opportunity to live near renowned celebrities’ residential property.

Latest Residential Projects

Project Name Starting Price Key Features
Armani Beach Residences AED 21,500,000 2, 4 and 5 bed apartments & penthouses , 25 % Down Payment,60:40 Payment Plan, 2026 Handover
Ela By Omniyat AED 44,000,000 3 & 4 bed apartment & penthouses,5% Down Payment,60:40 Payment Plan

Price Trends & ROI

  • Average property price is starts here with AED 1,200,00 – AED 4,400,000

  • Highest demand in villa & townhouses property types, rent prices increases with 63% rise in Q1 2024

  • Expected capital appreciation is approx. 5% annually

Dubai Marina

Another most sought -after area of Dubai is Dubai Marina – an exclusive community that attracts the super-rich. This magnificent waterfront community is home to high-end residential towers, marinas and offers a vibrant lifestyle. Property prices start here with AED 1.5 million – AED 4 Million. Dubai Marina is famous for its promenade, finest dining, shopping, waterfront views, sea food and world-class entertainment options.

Project Name Starting Price Key Features
Six Senses Residences AED 5,800,000 2, 3, 4 and 5 bed townhouses & penthouses , Handover 2028

Price Trends & ROI

  • Average price prices start with AED 2.5M
  • You can expect strong rental yields of average 6-7%
  • Due to high demand of property and limited supply price is consistent here

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is the centrally positioned community and famous for luxury living. Downtown Dubai is home to the iconic Burj Khalifa tower. If you want to experience an extravagant life with top-class amenities, shopping experience then this is the prime spot.

Downtown Dubai is home to top attractions too such as Dubai Opera & Dubai Mall and The Dubai Musical Fountain.

Property prices start here with AED 2 million – AED 30 million. Exclusive lifestyle what you get here. Buying a home in Downtown Dubai symbolised prestige & class.

Project Name Starting Price Key Features
Baccarat Residences Tower 2 AED 22,000,000 2, 3 and 4 bed apartments & penthouses, 5% down payment,60:40 payment plan
Rouge by Baccarat AED 20,000,000 2, 3 and 4 bed apartments & penthouses, 3 & 4 bed penthouses , 5% down payment,60:40 payment plan

Price Trends & ROI

  • Average property starts with AED 3.1M
  • You can expect robust ROI of average 5 -7%
  • Property price have seen steady growth here in this community

Dubai Islands

Emerging Island community, gleans super rich attention. Featured with beachfront properties and stunning views, it has now become a popular hot zone amidst end-users recently. This superb lifestyle destination is offering a tranquil lifestyle away from the hustle bustle of the city. Dubai Island property prices range from AED 2.6 million.

Project Name Starting Price Key Features
Amali Islands AED 40,750,000 5, 6 and 7 bed villas ,5% Down payment, 60:40 payment plan,2027 Handover

Price Trends & ROI

  • Average property price starts here with AED 2.6 million
  • The community offers beachfront properties with exclusive lifestyle amenities and recently got some projects hence it is expected that you can expect robust returns.

Emaar Oasis

Developed by Emaar, Oasis community offers premium residential homes. The community is home to world-class amenities. Luxury apartments & townhouses are the primary property types the community delivers. Property prices start here with AED 8.1 million. End-users as well as investors will select the property types they require for larger units, price may cost higher.

Project Name Starting Price Key Features
Emaar Palmiera Phase 2 AED 9,180,000 4 bedrooms,10% booking amount ,90:10 payment plan,2028 Handover
Emaar Mirage AED 15,800,000 5 & 6 bedroom ,10% down payment plan,90:10 payment plan,2028 Handover
Emaar Palmiera AED 8,500,000 4 & 5 bedrooms ,10% down payment,85:15 payment plan ''

Price Trends & ROI

  • Average property price starts with AED 8.1 million
  • The oasis a recent community and is mixture of water and urban development hence promises higher ROI

Investment Potential

Investing in these premier communities would generate higher returns and give you lucrative benefits indeed.

Let’s evaluate it from investor point of view:

Robust Rental Yields

Luxury property demands in these premier communities are higher and the same you can see in rents. Hence, from an investment standpoint, it will give you strong and stable rental income. Additionally, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai are the most preferred yet sought after areas in Dubai where high-net -worth individuals generally look for property. The occupancy rate is quite higher in these communities. 5-9% is the maximum rental yield these areas offer which provides a reliable income stream for investors.

Capital Appreciation Potential

Investors can expect long-term capital appreciation because properties in Emirates Hills and Dubai Islands are continually increasing and property prices appreciated by 10-15% annually in recent years. This positive growth potential makes luxury investment an attractive option for wealth creation.

Diversification Benefits

Dubai Real estate offers diversification like residential and commercial. Whether you choose residential or commercial you will get different options and the property market of Dubai supplies a limited number of projects that always makes the market competitive amongst developers as well as investors. This strategy helps.

Let’s evaluate it from end-users’ point of view:

Unparalleled lifestyle

End-users would experience an unparalleled lifestyle as Dubai is known for being a luxury hub and gives you access to world-class lifestyle. The above-mentioned communities offer top -notch living experience where end-users will be facilitated by exceptional amenities, private beaches and even championship golf courses. Exclusive is what these communities hold and for long-term investment these are the best areas to invest in Dubai.

Long Term Value

These communities are built to the highest standards and superbly integrated with intense luxury projects and premium amenities. The projects here follow the cutting-edge design and offer the end-user a reason to choose these places for buying a property. This community not only ensures long-term value but protects your investment from rapid depreciation.

In a Nutshell

Whether as an investor, you are looking for stable returns or an end-user, aspiring for a luxury lifestyle, these communities will offer you the best. Select the right property with their location advantages and unlock the benefits of living a luxury life as well as secure a long-term investment in these areas.

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