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How To Buy Property In Abu Dhabi?

Whether you are a novice home buyer or investor in Abu Dhabi and wish to own a property here then the procedure is no longer tough.

As you know we are in the advanced generation and use advanced technology hence, there are myriads of information you will get on the web to buy a property anywhere on the globe.

Using the same platform we also came forward to help you in this regard with detailed information. In this blog we will not only tell you the process of buying a property in Abu Dhabi but also will share with you some essential information on further process, budgets, real estate agents, some necessary facts and some outstanding projects. Let’s begin


Understanding Abu Dhabi property market is the first step, then only you can expect to grab a lucrative benefit on it. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. We are all aware of it but very few of us know that the Abu Dhabi property market attracts investors around the globe and is known as a thriving real estate hot zone after Dubai.

The reason is Abu Dhabi Real Estate Market offers ranges of property options and offers freehold ownership. Residential, commercial, office space of whatever you wish all you get here with affordable price range, simultaneously enjoy the same luxury benefits.

Current Market Trends: - Expert says that currently rental property demand is higher. The annual growth rate increased and now Abu Dhabi became a favourite place for investors. Off- plan property types surge are escalating.

Year 2024 has become an opportune year for Abu Dhabi Real estate. In Q1 average rental rents grew by 5.1% in Abu Dhabi.According to CBRE Average apartment prices increased 4.3% and the demand for villa property was higher and average prices escalate by 2.3%

Types of property Available: - Abu Dhabi offers wide ranges of property options in Residential including apartments & villa. In commercials you will get retail & office space. Most investors choose residential property for investment because property appreciation is higher. As mentioned above rental demand is higher, apartment’s demand reached 3% and villas increased 4%.

Popular area for investment: - Abu Dhabi has some outstanding locations where it offers exclusive beachfront properties. Also, property demands surged in these areas and witnessed average sale performance.

Popular Areas Name Avg. ROI (%) Year
Saadiyat Island 5.83% Q3 - 2024
Yas Island 4.94% Q3 - 2024
Reem Island 6.57% Q3 - 2024
Al Reef/ Ghadeer 8.16% Q3 - 2024

Abu Dhabi Property Market is indeed escalating and the above data on the table is the evidence of it. For detailed information you can read our blog Abu Dhabi Real Estate Market 2024.


After thoroughly analysing Abu Dhabi Real Estate and property types available, you can select your property types that you wish to own and move forward to seek a certified real estate agent. Because only an expert or licensed real estate agency can guide while buying a property. We at www.topluxuryproperty.com provide all guidance and also resolve any query clients ask. In case they need help in property buying we also provide them in the A-to-Z process. Only certified agents can deal with all the property buying issues because they are trained in this area and know the property buying rules & regulations.

Before stepping ahead must search the brand reputation of the builder and their previous projects and customer review.


The next step you do is to set a budget to own a property. Evaluate the project as well as your score credit, including saving, income and existing liabilities and then march forward for financing options available in Abu Dhabi.

There are several financial institutions that offer mortgage services to locals and expats in Abu Dhabi. Just you need to fulfill the requirement they asked and you will get loan services. These financial institutions need some documents as proof and after their evaluation and verification they step forward for further steps or procedure.


Now, the most crucial step is you must thoroughly check on some points which are essential while home buying. You must check on these given below 3 points to find out the best property according to the budget you have set.

Location & Neighbourhood: - Location is the crucial factor of any property. It decided the future of the property. A robust location loaded with all social amenities in close proximity such as schools, hospitals, shopping centres and public transportation facilities closely always boost the property value.

Also, such conveniences close to any project attract home buyers and be an ideal spot for both family and working professionals.

Legal Regulation and ownership: - This is the most important factor every expat understands before taking any step ahead. In Abu Dhabi, you will get two types of property options such as freehold and leasehold. And expats are only eligible to buy property which holds freehold options. Because only such property types can only provide an expat a complete ownership of the property.

There are certain laws that govern the real estate sector of Abu Dhabi, but we will emphasize three primary laws which are essential to understand. Let’s take a look at those laws:

  • Law Number 3 of 2005 – Property registration regulation in Abu Dhabi
  • Law Number 19 of 2005 – The overall regulation of the real estate sector of Abu Dhabi
  • Law Number 13 of 2029 – The great estate property law’s amendment And if you are an expat and wish to buy a property at Abu Dhabi then, you must known that under Law Number 19 of 2005 it allows non-residents of Abu Dhabi to buy a property here but they have to gone under four main system as follows:
  • Ownership - Expats can own a property without land for up to 99 years. It allows them to dispose of the property fully.
  • Musataha – Expats or agreement holders have the right to construct a building, sell, lease, mortgage or buy a plot which belongs to them for 50 years. This right can be extended and consent for an additional term of up to 50 years.
  • Usufruct - It is the right to use the property of others, provided that the property is not removed or damaged with his consent. It also gives them the right to use, own or manage property (movable or immovable) or consumable or non-consumable assets.
  • Long term lease - This lease is given for a minimum period of 25 years.

Resale Value and investment potential: - If you are considering investment in Abu Dhabi and for that you are looking for property then always check the historical price trends and future growth potential of that area. Also, check the current ROI of that area and market demand.


After selecting a property, these documents are required which you have to submit as proof in The Department of Municipalities and Transport in Abhu Dhabi.

  • Title Deed – Original title deed of the property provided by the seller

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) – Obtained from the developer or the relevant authority to confirm that there are no outstanding service charges or issues with the property

Mortgage Documents – Mortgage approval letter from the bank

  • Proof of Payment - Receipt or payment for the property or bank statements showing the transfer of funds

  • Abu Dhabi Municipality form – Completed applications forms for property registration and transfer

  • Payment of fees – Proof of payment for the registration fees, which is percentage or down payment of the total value of the property


Once all the processes are completed and you get the keys of your property and it’s time to move in, you have to do some post-purchase work as a responsible owner. You must have to consider on some crucial matter as follows:

  • Utility and Management Bills -After buying a property or moving to the property , get an ADDC (Abu Dhabi Distribution Company) connection and pay all the required amount. Also, check whether there are any existing maintenance contracts left.
  • Tenancy Matters – if you are considering for leasing the property, must seek for Tawtheeq contract for tenancy matters and agreements
  • Renovation and Upgrades – You are allows to renovate or upgrade your property but first, plan and then step forward
  • Security Measures and Insurance - Obtain home insurance to protect your asset from unforeseen accidents such as fire, thefts and natural disasters
  • Future Development and Property Value - Stay updated with the upcoming developments near your property which will boost your property value.


Buying property in Abu Dhabi will give a rewarding experience and once you understand the necessary steps you can easily protect your investment. To avoid scam and fraud, you must seek the advice of professional real estate agents.

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