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Exploring Dubai’s Historic Neighbourhood

Al Fahidi offers a different side of modern Dubai, as it is a neighborhood that still holds the rich history and culture of the Arab World. Despite being only 20 minutes away from Dubai Downtown, Al Fahidi takes you to a different world with its old-style coral-stone buildings and narrow streets. A few decades back, Al Fahidi was declared a Heritage Site and subsequently restored by the Dubai Administration. Today, it stands as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai, attracting visitors who seek to experience the old-world charm through its museums, art galleries, and old-style shops. Let’s explore the unique features and cultural attractions of this captivating location.

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Historical Background:

Back in history, this locality was known as Al Bastakiya, featuring 60 houses with narrow, stone-paved streets. It was mostly inhabited by Persian merchants who came here to seize trade opportunities. However, during the 1980s, half of the neighborhood was destroyed as the Dubai Government aimed to develop a new office complex, while the remaining area was used as quarters for foreign laborers.

In 1989, the Dubai Government ordered the demolition of the remaining part. At this point, a British architect initiated a campaign to preserve this area as a heritage site and appealed to Prince Charles to protect it. Prince Charles scheduled a visit and suggested to the Dubai Administration that the area should be preserved as a heritage site. As a result, Al Fahidi became a world heritage site.

Traditional Architecture and Wind Towers:

If you want to experience authentic architecture and learn how wind towers work, you must visit the house of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum. This house is entirely constructed from gypsum and coral, showcasing traditional Arabic architecture, including a central courtyard and wind towers. These wind towers are integral to every home in the Middle East, as they act as air catchers and send the air through vents to cool different rooms.

Al Fahidi Neighbourhood:

Even though Al Fahidi is a heritage site, it is complemented by modern infrastructure in its surrounding neighborhood. Popular places and communities in Dubai, such as Dubai Creek Harbour, Downtown, and Business Bay, are within a 20-minute distance from here. All these locations and communities are part of Dubai’s freehold areas, so whether you are looking for a 1-Bed Apartment for Sale Downtown or a 5-Bed Villa for Sale in Arabian Ranches, you can find your ideal property here. And if you are seeking an apartment for rent or sale in Dubai, you can rely on a trusted real estate advisor like Top Luxury Property.

Final Words

If you are planning to visit Dubai, be sure to add Al Fahidi to your list of must-visit places. And if you are looking for the best investment opportunities, visit the website of Top Luxury Property to explore the best options within your budget and secure the best deals.

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