Best Interior Designers in Dubai

As per David Hicks (an eminent English interior designer), the best rooms in the world are the one that expresses the people who live in them. The days are gone when interior design was limited to the luxurious houses of the elite. Today we see a lot more people have taken an interest in hiring a professional designer to accentuate their homes. Contrary to popular belief, interior design doesn’t only beautify your homes and offices but achieves much more.

There are several advantages of hiring an interior designer. These include making a remarkable first impression on your visitors, increase in resale value, efficient use of space, and expressing yourself. Dubai’s futuristic buildings and ultra-modern architectures are incomplete without aesthetically pleasing interiors. So, read through the top interior designers in Dubai and the UAE at large.

Top 7 Interior Designers in Dubai

To create the Dubai that it is today, talented architects, builders, and artisans have come together for every building we see. Similarly, there would not be any upscale and luxurious interiors without the solid army of designers the city has. Read further to learn about the top ones.


Algedra Decor Makers

Do you want to give your villa interior an elegant look but have a stipulated budget? Then Algedra Decor Makers are perfect for you as they pride themselves on offering outstanding results on a budget. Their sole aim is to transform a plain-looking property into an elegant powerhouse. Moreover, they have work experience in Dubai and the whole of UAE.

Their services include architect design, interior design, exterior design, landscape design, real estate advisory, and branding services. Their world-class architects and designers have given face to various interiors like a villa entrance, family sitting room, dining room, and bedroom. Their portfolio showcases their brilliance and outstanding work, which speaks volumes.

Zen Interiors

Zen Interiors are one of the most sought-after design companies in Dubai. Specializing in residential interiors, Zen is the recipient of several awards, including the Arabian Property Awards Interior Design 2021 – 2022. They have been a part of eminent projects such as Palm Jumeirah, W Residences, One At Palm Jumeirah, Arabian Ranches, Sunrise Bay, and Damac Hills – Trump.

They have designed many famous properties like Volante 1701 – Business Bay, Elite Residence – Dubai Marina, The Nest, Burj Khalifa, and Al Wasl. Therefore, their solid portfolio and the list of awards prove their outstanding work. Their services cater to designing interiors and furniture solutions.

XBD Collective

Headed by three innovative partners, namely Ellen Sohoel, Lee Nellis, and Marc Roca, XBD Collective is an award-winning company. They are primarily into architecture and interior design. Each of their projects reflects the founder’s stylish and magnanimous vision of what a place could be. Some of their projects included the highly esteemed Kata restaurant, Solar house, metropolitan towers, E41, and the jungalows.

The mission of XBD Collective is to actualize what they imagined on paper and transform what is not possible for many. Their center of attention is the customer’s needs. In order to fulfill their expectations, the company went the extra mile which brought them several awards and nominations. XBD is currently working on high-profile projects in Asia, UAE, UK, Africa, and Asia.


VSHD is another award-winning boutique firm run by the talented Rania Hamed, whose style infused both the traditional and the modern. VSHD has been awarded the Global Excellence award, Middle East interior design of the Year, and Arabian Property. They have also received a Silver A in furniture and homeware design.

One can easily recognize Hamed’s work as it inculcates lots of open space, efficient use of light, and geometric designs. VSHD has worked on residential and commercial projects across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, London, and Amman. They launched in 2003 and have offices in London and Dubai.

Design by Roar

Roar is an interior design company founded by Pallavi Dean in 2013. It is 2023 and Roar is one of the most sought-after companies in Dubai. Dean is an emerging interior designer recognized globally for her upscale and functional results. They have completed over eighty-four projects, including the office for McKinsey, SensAsia Spa, and the future nursery.

Roar is the recipient of various awards like Middle East Boutique Design Firm of the Year and the Interior Designer of the Year. Unlike other design companies, they don’t start with things; they show pieces and colors. Instead, they start with the people who will reside there or the employees working in the office. Everything they create starts with deep empathy, which is transforming the interior scene of Dubai.

Sneha Divias Atelier

For the best interior designers, their work is beyond creating a pretty place. Sneha Divias Atelier is one of those companies that believe in the same motto. Their output is driven by taking care of people’s sentiments who will reside in those properties. Atelier is founded by Sneha Divias, who has enormous experience in the design industry and global exposure.

Their portfolio boasts exceptional designs in Office Marina, DIFC apartments, Jumeirah Golf Estate Villa I, Boutique Nail Spa, Villa Sadiyat, Meydan Villa, and Dubai Hills Villa. Atelier’s designs are an amalgamation of unique shades that bring out the best in every place. Moreover, the chic style ensures every room is adequately spacious and functional.

Wells International

Wells Internation believes in the idea of storytelling as a medium to offer comfort to people. And they do this through their astonishing designs. They specialize in four different types of properties, namely, hotels, food and beverage, Spa, and original collections. Wells International is the only interior design company that has a global chain of artisans that curate personalized showpieces.

Taking advantage of their collections, Wells is able to go the extra mile by putting a picture together while designing. In order to design the food and beverage place, they do thorough research with chefs to understand their needs. Moreover, they practice the same when designing hotels and spas. Some projects they take pride in are Hard Rock Hotel, Jumeirah, Sofitel, Novotel, and Marriot.