Best Clinics in Damac Hills, Dubai

Best Clinics at Damac hills

1. Glamour Care Clinics2. The Apex Medical and Dental Clinics3. Dr. Joy Dental Clinic
4. Access Clinic

The luxurious residential area of Damac Hills in Dubai, which is located in the city of Dubai, is home to a wide selection of high-quality medical institutions that offer a broad range of medical services to the local community. These clinics, which are staffed by highly educated and skilled medical professionals, provide first-rate medical treatment to locals as well as guests, making certain that everyone has access to the necessary medical attention they require. Clinics in Damac Hills can provide any level of medical attention you require, from a routine checkup to specialised treatment. Here are some best clinics around this family friendly community within a radius of 11 kilometres:

1- Glamour Care Clinics:

Glamour Care Clinics, located in the posh strip of Jumeirah Beach, Dubai almost 8.5 kilometres from Damac Hills, is a five-star rated clinic because of trusted doctors and outstanding services. Glamour Care Clinics is one of the few clinics in the UAE that uses only certified materials and machines, ensuring you effective and speedy results.

This reputed clinic has been acknowledged as one of the premier clinics in Dubai for its distinctiveness, high-tech equipment, and genuine concern for the well-being of its clientele. They uphold professional standards by offering a variety of beauty enhancement treatments, all of which are conducted by dedicated and qualified doctors and therapists.

2- The Apex Medical and Dental Clinics:

The Apex Medical and Dental Clinics are a polyclinic located on Suite 303/304, Apex Atrium,Motor city around 7.3 kilometres from Damac hills. This clinic was founded on the principle of providing the neighbourhood that surrounds them with the highest quality of medical care that is reasonably achievable.

Their exceptional dental staff offers a wide variety of services and will make every effort to ensure that their patients enjoy an appointment that is hassle-free, cost-effective, spotless, and comfortable. Their nursing staff is well-equipped and thoroughly trained to handle the responsibility and work involved in providing care for patients.

3- Dr. Joy Dental Clinic:

In Dubai, the Dr. Joy Dental Clinic has made a name for itself as a reputable provider of dental services. The medical facility can be found in Dubai at Building # 7 Palm Jumeirah Road, which is around 10.9 kilometres away from the Damac hills.This dental centre’s paediatric and orthodontic clinic is a full-service Pediatric and Orthodontic Specialty Center that offers comprehensive care utilising the most latest advances in medical technology. The clinic is located within the dentistry centre.

4- Access Clinic:

Access Clinic is situated at Talal supermarket building, almost 25 minutes’ drive from Damac Hills. Access Clinic is a division of Aster DM Healthcare that was established as an integral model to provide primary healthcare facilities, as well as allied services such as X-ray and laboratory facilities, in industrial and residential areas throughout the United Arab Emirates. Board Certified Nurse Practitioners own and operate Access Health Clinic.

This reputable clinic provides a full-service family practice staffed by committed, experienced Nurse Practitioners who believe in collaborating with patients to maintain and improve their health. Their Nurse Practitioners believe in providing comprehensive health care in a welcoming, relaxed setting. They also believe in educating our patients as we work with them to achieve the best possible physical state. Each Nurse Practitioner is Board Certified and brings extensive experience in their field to the practice.

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