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Bentley Home and Mira Developments Introduce Mira Villas: Redefining Luxury Living in Dubai

Dubai, November 30, 2023 – Bentley Home, known for its opulent interior design, has forged a historic partnership with UAE-based property developer Mira Developments to unveil the stunning Mira Villas. This collaboration signifies a pioneering venture, marking a paradigm shift in the landscape of modern luxury living in Dubai.

The fusion of Bentley Home’s timeless elegance and Mira Developments’ visionary approach has birthed an extraordinary community nestled in the heart of Dubai. Mira Villas, an exclusive enclave, stands as a testament to unrivalled sophistication and contemporary opulence.

Comprising twenty-seven villas to buy in Dubai spanning 600 square metres each, alongside nine VIP Villas sprawling across 1200 square metres, this luxurious community sets a new benchmark for opulence. Each villa showcases Bentley Home’s iconic furnishings, promising residents an unparalleled experience in luxury and comfort.

The community boasts an array of amenities designed to elevate the resident experience. A 5-star lounge offering exemplary F&B services and a serene ambiance fosters a perfect space for community gatherings. Additionally, a dedicated business hub equipped with seamless connectivity, 24/7 services, and private meeting rooms fosters an environment conducive to success.

Positioned strategically, Mira Villas offers prime access to Dubai’s attractions, situated a mere fifteen minutes from Burj Khalifa and a short five-minute drive from Meydan. Its close proximity to Dubai’s Financial Center and International Airport ensures convenience for urban dwellers and frequent travellers.

Residents of Mira Villas are greeted with awe-inspiring views of Dubai’s iconic skyline juxtaposed with the tranquillity of a private lake. The community’s thoughtful design incorporates green alleys, providing spaces for strolls, invigorating runs, and cycling, offering a seamless blend of urban convenience and natural serenity.

Mira Villas embodies a distinctive architectural vision that harmoniously combines timeless elegance with sustainable modern luxury. Energy-efficient features such as high ceilings and roof extensions minimise direct sunlight exposure, significantly reducing energy consumption. Facades made with natural Portuguese limestone not only add sophistication but also promote airflow within the homes.

Renewable energy initiatives, including solar panels, recycled steel, and eco-friendly paints used in construction, underscore the commitment to sustainability, aligning with Bentley Home’s core values.

This collaboration signifies a monumental milestone in redefining luxury living. Tamara Getigezheva, CEO of Mira Developments, expressed excitement about Bentley Home’s impeccable quality and meticulous attention to detail, perfectly resonating with their discerning clientele in the Middle East. Andrea Gentilini, CEO of Luxury Living Group, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the uniqueness of Bentley Home’s collection and the criticality of Dubai as a global luxury hub.

Mira Villas by Bentley Home marks a transformative venture in luxury properties in Dubai, not only epitomising Bentley Home’s timeless elegance but also exemplifying a commitment to delivering exceptional living experiences, merging sophistication with sustainability to create an unparalleled haven in the heart of Dubai.

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