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Dubai Silicon Oasis

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About Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) is a master-planned community nestled over 7.2 million sq. ft. The community is the hub of innovation and technology that is why it has received its name like this. DSO was established by Dubai Government in 2005 the community is dedicated to the economic zone for knowledge and innovation.

The community is created with a forward-thinking approach, prioritising innovation, sustainability, and community. Further, the community is featured with residential developments, many registered companies, state-of -the-art infrastructure and endless social amenities are well -developed in the community.

DSO is well-known for high-end properties including luxury apartment and luxury villas projects. With different configurations you can easily get your choices from different units.

Properties in Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis offers a range of property options including luxury apartments and villas in different typologies, sizes and prices. The property here follows the luxury level of standard and here everything is just smartly outlined with home-buyers configuration. DSO offers 1 - 4 bed apartments and 3- 6 bed villas in different price ranges. **Here are some off plan properties in Dubai Silicon Oasis:

  • Aura Elegance: - luxurious 1, 3 and 4 bed apartments with starting price AED 810,610
  • Linden Residences: - Fusion of studios, 1 & 2 bed apartments
  • Confident Lancaster: - offers fully furnished 1 & 2 bed apartments
  • Platinum by Vision: - Offers only exclusive apartments in different sizes & prices
  • Arabian Hills Estate: - Offers plots in different size with starting price AED 149,000

Average Property Price in Dubai Silicon Oasis

DSO offers a range of residential property options. It offers Luxury apartments, villas at different prices as given in the points below.

  • Average Property Price for studio is AED 440,000
  • Average Property Price for a 1 bed apartment is AED 817,500
  • Average Property Price for a 2-bed apartment is AED 1,280,000
  • Average Property Price for a 3-bed apartment is AED 1,800,000
  • Average Property Price for a 4-bed apartment is AED 2,300,000

Average ROI of Dubai Silicon Oasis

Indeed, for investment Dubai Silicon Oasis is the best community which can generate higher ROI. A studio apartment here offers 9.80%.

  • Average ROI of a studio apartment is 9.80%
  • Average ROI of a 1 bed apartment is 7.30%
  • Average ROI of a 2-bed apartment is 6.60%
  • Average ROI of a 3-bed apartment is 6.40%
  • Average ROI of a 4-bed apartment is 8.40%

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Master Plan of Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis is a 7.2 million community development, which has been superbly outlined with different types of facilities as well as services. The community mixed use development hence you can witness residential as well as commercial projects here in this community. DSO boasts state-of-the-art facilities, offers gated apartments as well as villa residence. There is a technology park developed in the community that helps in the growth of business. Here more than 30,000 registered companies are established in the community. DSO is ideal for both working professionals as well as family.

  • 7.2 million square meter Development
  • 90,000+ community residents & entrepreneurs across 7 sq.km city
  • 30,000+ Registered company members operating in multiple industries
  • 11 Industry fostering 60,000 + Talents & Accelerating Dubai Economy
  • Number 1 Global Zone for SMEs and R&D ranked by FD insight (Financial Times)

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