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$16 Billion Invested By Women In UAE Real Estate

This article is all about Women’s remarkable contribution to the UAE real estate sector. How independently they are investing and living a cheerful life there and the government of UAE is completely supporting them and provides equality, a safe environment and loads of opportunities to build their self-esteem.

According to the Dubai Land Department (DLD), Women contributed more than AED 58 billion ($16 Billion). This indicates women are highly interested in investment, 2022 data shows that nearly 51% of female investors have shown their interest in the real estate market. This trend is continuing to gain momentum in 2023 and reports say female investors invested approx. $25 billion in real estate, which is a remarkable 53.9% YOY increase. This boom defies stereotypes and marks a significant moment in the region’s economic landscape.

Financial Efficiency Is Increasing:

Centrale International Investment revealed that approx. 72% of women are actively involved in financial decision-making while 43% of them are primary decision-makers in household investments.

A report released by Standard Chartered in 2023 shows that 85% of women in the UAE are confident in their ability to manage their finances as compared to 74% of global average women.

Shifting Gears on Investment Preferences:

According to Knight Frank’s 2023 UAE residential market report, women investors are giving more priority to such properties: –

  • Rental yields (42%)
  • Appreciating Locations (38%)
  • Family-friendly amenities (35%)

Property Finders also released 2023 women in real estate report which says 62% of females are looking for suitable family-friendly properties and nearly 58% of females are seeking higher rental returns.

In addition to that, the UAE Government has taken many initiatives and national strategies for Empowering women and encouraging them to actively participate in the workforce and enhance their access to financial resources.

Initiatives By The UAE Government

UAE Gender Balance Council – Established in 2015, the council aims to promote gender balance and empower women in all sectors of society. It implements policies and initiatives to increase women’s participation in the workforce, leadership roles and decision-making processes.

Dubai Women Establishment (DWE) – DWE is dedicated to empowering women in Dubai economically, socially and professionally. It provides support services, training programs and networking opportunities to enhance women’s skills and facilitate their career advancement.

Factors That Attract Women Investors To UAE

Well, there are many factors that the UAE holds that attract women home buyers. There are many rules initiated by the UAE specifically for women’s empowerment. Also, the ambience of the country is quite safe for women whether they are Emirati or foreign nationals. It allows them to be at home from wherever country they belong. Let’s look at some key factors which mostly attract women investors to the UAE.

Gender Equality – UAE ranked 25th in the world when it comes to gender equality. The UAE Gender Balance Council was created to ensure Emirati women play a leading role in its development. At present, there are 9 female ministers in the UAE, 27.3% in ministerial roles, 66% of women working in public sector jobs and approx. 30% of women are in senior leadership positions.

Less Workplace Harassments – Women around the world work in UAE’s two major cities- Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Dubai is quite a preferable choice and most women work in this city as the city is known for endless opportunities and chic lifestyle. So workplace Harassment is rare and suppose if any issue arises Dubai has some national law and regulations based on gender, race or faith is prohibited which strictly investigate the matter and take appropriate action in this regard and ensure a safe & safe environment.

Safe Environment For Women – According to Numbeo ( a global provider of data on economic, social and safety areas ) Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Dubai are rated as the safest cities. In 2023 first-half data showed that Abu Dhabi is at number one, Ajman is at number 2 and Dubai is at number five safest city in UAE.

According to the Department of Community Development (DCD), 93% of Abu Dhabi residents feel safe walking alone at night. On the other hand, Dubai also has a low crime rate and women can safely walk alone at night. In terms of quality of life, crime, healthcare, pollution and traffic in all areas, UAE’s cities provide remarkably safe environments to everyone.

Designated Women-Only Area – In Dubai, there are many designated public areas for women and children. There are certain places like parks, where men are not allowed at certain hours. Also, the park has appointed all-female staff which ensures women feel comfortable and safe in such areas. Women can enjoy the space even in public transportation like the metro, tram and buses. Women also can enjoy Dubai’s famous Pink Taxis services which are usually driven by women, for women.

Investment Opportunities For Women In The UAE

UAE provides various investment opportunities for women investors. So, if you looking for investment in the UAE and are quite perplexed about where to start then, explore these investment opportunities in different sectors of the UAE.

Real Estate – Real Estate is the prime and vast sector in UAE where women can invest and grab higher returns. If we look at the previous report of 2023, we will be astonished to know that the year saw a whopping 53.9 per cent jump and female investors from South Asia, Far Asian countries and Emirati were the prime home buyers.

Also, a report released that women investors contributed about 22% of the total Real Estate Investment In Dubai in the first quarter of 2024, worth $3.27 billion (AED 12 Billion)

Technology – Women are taking much interest in the tech sector too. The most prominent area for investment, nearly 30% of women are choosing this sector for investment.

Healthcare – 20% of women are finding the health sector as the best investment zone as this sector can offer assured higher returns.

Diverse Sectors – Lastly, 10% of women choose to invest in diverse sectors, it could be risky but due to women’s multifaceted nature and interests they can take this risk. It simply shows their adaptability to understand and learn about different sectors and explore the opportunities.

Best Job Opportunities for Women In The UAE

UAE is a country which allows women from across the world to build their careers and live financially independently and for that, the country has issued many laws to support them. Hence, if you are also willing to explore this city you can start your career with a small budget too as the county provides various job opportunities to establish and grow.

  • Online Course Creation

The demand for online courses has been increasing for a few years and especially in Dubai’s annual growth rate increased by 9%. Hence, if you are an expert in some subject and have experience in educating others then you can opt for this online course. So, what you have to do is just get strong internet connectivity and a camera and connect to thousands of students across the world. Undoubtedly, this is the most lucrative investment in the UAE that will give endless benefits.

  • Wedding Consultant

Wedding planners or consultants are another lucrative business idea for women in the UAE. High net-worth individuals from Asia, Africa and the Middle East highly prefer Dubai as a wedding destination because of its grandeur environment which reflects royalty and glistening coastline and breathtaking skyline of the city.

Setting up such business costs is quite low and if you have experience in wedding planning then you can easily flourish your business, all you have to do is maintain a good rapport with your clients and build trust.

  • Recruitment Agency

Now this is another business idea you can try in the UAE. Currently, the country is in an increasing phase and almost every sector is opening its doors to job seekers every year. On the other hand, UAE has different business companies looking for the best talent hence if you can open a requirement agency in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi you will grab endless benefits. To set up a company what you have to do is just register your office as a brokerage agency or temporary recruitment agency.

  • Real Estate Agent

If you want to make a strong career in UAE then choose real estate as your career. Whether in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you can opt for this sector as your career. Dubai is already a thriving real estate market that boasts many groundbreaking developments and possesses world-class infrastructure. The Real Estate Market is stable in Dubai and generates higher returns as compared to other cities around the globe.

Dubai alone generates an annual rental yield of 5%. So, if you are already experienced in real estate then you can open your own real estate agency or just work as a real estate agent in any reputed company. If you haven’t any experience then you need to complete the certified training for real estate professionals which typically takes four days and culminates in the RERA Exam.

  • Interior Design Specialist

Another beneficial investment option which is quite safe and generates endless benefits is an Interior design specialist. It is closely associated with the Dubai Real estate industry. Whether residential, commercial, or leisure development the demands for interior designers or experts are required. So, investment in this sector will bring you advantages for can give you a chance to launch yourselves as entrepreneurs specialising in interior design.

  • Social media consultant

If you are skilled in social media and have experience in digital advertising platforms and technologies then you can choose this as your investment zone. In a report, it is revealed that the UAE spent almost USD 844 million on digital advertising in 2022, and in 2024 it is expected that digital advertising in the UAE will reach USD 1,134million. Hence Digital marketing can be a good career in UAE.

All you need to do is just launch your business with various types of content with a good internet connection, a laptop with some updated software or whatever tool is used to present social media posts and trade a license (mandatory in any investment) just run your business by enlarging the good network of clients.


Finally, we understood what is the core reason behind women’s contribution to the UAE property market and also became aware of some essential laws for the support of women. Many women outside the UAE think that women can get equal rights for themselves in the country and can live independently but in this article, we understood how the UAE is supporting women by providing them with opportunities and helping them to be more independent even in a Muslim country. The rules initiated by the UAE are remarkable and the country gives wings to them to soar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The UAE A Safe Country For Women?

Yes, the UAE is a completely safe country for women.

Is It Safe For Solo Female Travellers To UAE?

Yes, UAE is safe for solo female travellers and in a survey, 98.5% of women claim that they can walk alone even in the night in UAE.

Which Is The Best Investment Sector In UAE Where Women Can Grab Endless Results?

Real Estate. This is the sector where women can build their careers and gather endless results.

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