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10:90 Payment Plan in Dubai Real Estate

Dubai Real Estate has seen a lot of progress in recent times. The Property market of Dubai witnesses a range of luxury accommodations of different types and allows experiencing top-notch lifestyles. Additionally, Dubai promises higher returns on investment, hence, globally attracting end-users as well as investors to choose the city as their prime investment zone. So, if you are planning to invest in an off-plan property in Dubai, then you must know about the payment plan and its significance. 

Every off-plan project in Dubai offers a payment plan. This helps investors to buy the property without taking much financial burden on them. On top of it, purchasing a property payment plan will help you to make your decision easier. The importance of a payment plan in off-plan development will provide investors with a small budget of down payment by which paying the investors can book a property in their name when the project is announced in the property market. 

If you are quite familiar with the property market of Dubai, you must know the 10:90 payment plan or 10/90 payment (The popular payment plan in Dubai). This blog is all about such a payment plan, so let’s just understand what it is and how it works.

Understanding the 10:90 payment plan

In the 10:90 payment plan buyers have to pay 10% of the property value at the time of purchase and the remaining 90% is on the possession of the property or can be paid via monthly installments and it depends on the builders because different builders charge differently.  It’s a quite popular payment plan and is commonly used by developers to attract investors. Such a payment plan is a convenient option, for those buyers who may not have immediate access to the full purchase amount. 

Benefits of 10:90 Payment Plan

under this payment plan, both home buyers and investors will get advantages. You can book a property by paying 10% of the total price of the project. Then you can apply for a loan from any bank at the best possible rate of interest and then no payments of loan EMI until possession. 

10:90 is a safe payment plan and investors can go with this payment structure. Always remember that different builders charge the payment plan differently. You must book the property with 10%, while paying the 90% via monthly installment agreed upon by both parties.  

Risk and considerations

Investment in Real Estate is risky too and there are certain challenges involved in it. The 10:90 payment plan structure is only applicable for new projects or off-plan projects and before stepping forward. Buyers must check the reliability of the developer and the legitimacy of the project information on the RERA website.  By this, only you can avoid the risk associated with it. 

Types of Payment Plans In Dubai

There are other different real estate payment plans available with different payment structures. Let’s understand how that works and their pros and cons. 

  • Down payment Plans

This is the most common payment plan in Dubai, under this, payment plan buyers have to pay a certain percentage of the total price of the property as a booking amount and then you have to pay monthly instalments unit the possession of the project.

  • Post Handover payment plans 

Such a payment plan allows buyers to make the payment after the properties are handed over to them. It doesn’t mean buyers need not pay any booking amount, yes they have to pay a certain amount of total price before they can enjoy ownership of the property.  This payment plan was introduced in 2013 and it was generally associated with larger developments. 

  • 60:40 Payment Plan 

Another common payment plan is mostly assisted by Dubai’s Real Estate developers. Under this payment plan, buyers will pay 60% in installments during the construction and the rest 40% at the handover of the property.

  • 1% Payment Plan 

The 1% payment plan is the most attractive payment plan currently offered by renowned developer Danube in most of their projects. Under this payment plan, buyers have to pay 10% down payment at the time of booking and then you can pay the remaining 90% in 1% monthly installments. Currently, this payment plan is active in Bayz 101 at Business Bay – the hot property of Dubai at present. 

  • 20:80 Payment Plan 

In Dubai Real Estate, the 20:80 payment plan is another attractive payment structure. This payment plan allows the buyer to pay 20% of the total price of the property as a down payment and the rest 80% during the construction period via small monthly installments till handover. 

  • 50:50 Payment Plan

A 50/50 Payment plan is also seen in the Dubai Property market. Buyers have to pay 50% during the construction of the project and the remaining 50% can be paid on handover. 

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Projects Offer 10:90 Payment Plan In Dubai

Emaar Properties has introduced the most popular 10:90 payment plan in their luxury projects given below: – 

  • Emaar Bayline at Rashid Yachts & Marina Is a sea-facing luxury residential project, which offers 1, 2 and 3-bed apartments and 3-bed duplexes in different This high-end property is well-equipped with myriads of world-class amenities and offers a serene living experience by the water. Located at Rashid Yachts & Marina, it allows you to own the best luxury address of Dubai. 
  • Emaar Avonlea at Rashid Yachts & Marinais another e exceptional water-front apartment & duplex that offers top-notch living in the heart of Rashid Yachts & Marina. Here the development is comprised of 1, 2 and 3-bed apartments and duplexes and offers state-of-the-art amenities at your doorstep. Positioned in the best location in Dubai, this superb development is boosting its value hence for investors Emaar Avonlea is the best option for investment.   

Tips for home buyers

Understand the Prices: – It is very crucial to understand the price of the project before you make any decision. Prepare with a budget and make and move forward. 

Check the payment plan: A payment plan always helps in getting the property easy. Provides you assistance so that without hassle you can own a property. 

Verify the legitimacy of the project: – Always check the project and the developer, check whether it is an off-plan property, construction quality, and facilities. proper documents or announcements of the property through the builder site. 

Know the location: – Location plays a significant role and whenever you choose a property always pay attention to the location and the advantages or facilities nearby

Hire a professional real estate agent:- When you are mentally ready to buy a property you can hire a real estate agent who can guide you best in this regard. If you need assistance on this, you can contact Top Luxury Property


Every property is different and comes with a different payment plan, and you have to choose the right payment plan according to your budget. Besides this, choosing a 10:90 payment plan will not only allow you to invest in a property with minimal prices. So smartly decide before selecting any property and buy a property taking less financial burden on you.

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