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Hayat Island

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About Hayat Island

Hayat Island in the heart of Ras Al Khaimah is a community designed & developed by RAK to create a special haven for all of us to enjoy. This is a place where nature shows off its best side. What’s unique about Hayat Island is that it’s peaceful and calm. This is a peaceful place with modern infrastructure. If you really like to live near the sea and high-rise developments then, you are in the right place.

You’ll also find a beautiful sandy beach right by the water. The community is like a green paradise with parks full of plants, trees, and vibrant flowers. It’s like walking in a colourful garden, and there are swimming pools nearby where you can have a splash. This is the place where you can make new friends & neighbours and enjoy the peaceful surroundings, it’s all about making beautiful memories with the people you love.


  • 6,000,000 sq. ft. Land
  • Hayat Island Beach Resort
  • Marina with Yacht and Boat Rentals
  • Floating Movie Theatre
  • Al Jazeera Diving & Swimming Centre

Available Projects in Hayat Island

Properties In Hayat Island

If you are looking for a grand apartment with views for your big or small family, then Hayat Island has some great options for you at a very reasonable price. You can choose the best home for your family from a wide range of options like a small studio, a 1 bed, or a 2 bed unit. And the best thing is that, here you can find both ready to move in or off-plan property . by well-known developers like RAK Properties.

On the other hand, if you’re one of those people who wants a big, luxurious home near the sea, Hayat Island has some fantastic choices. You can pick from 2, 3, 4 & 5 Bed Villas for sale in Ras Al Khaimah. It doesn’t matter if you choose a home that’s already built or one that’s in the planning stages – you’ll get access to the latest and fanciest facilities and things to enjoy.

  • Studios
  • 1 Bed Apartments
  • 2 Bed Apartments
  • 3 Bed Apartments
  • 2 Bed Townhouses/Villas
  • 3 Bed Townhouses/Villas
  • 4 Bed Townhouses/Villas
  • 5 Bed Townhouses/Villas

Average Property Price in Hayat Island

As shown in the table below, Hayat Island offers a variety of housing options to suit different requirements and budgets. You can easily choose a home here, according to your budget and requirement, starting price of a studio apartment here is AED 780,000, for a 1 bed apartment the starting price here is AED 1,099,000 and for the biggest 3 bed apartment the starting price is AED 2,099,000 approx. 

You can also buy townhouses and villas here with a starting price of AED 2,000,000 for a 3 Bed townhouse or villa, and AED 4,200,000 and AED 6,275,000 for 4 and 5 beds respectively. Hayat Island offers a wide range of property prices to suit everyone’s budget.

Average Property Price in Hayat Island
StudioAED 780,000
1 Bed ApartmentAED 1,099,950
2 Bed ApartmentAED 1,900,000
3 Bed ApartmentAED 2,099,500
2 Bed Townhouse/VillaAED 2,000,000 
3 Bed Townhouse/VillaAED 2,870,000
4 Bed Townhouse/VillaAED 4,200,000
5 Bed Townhouse/VillaAED 6,275,000


ROI in Hayat Island

The table offers valuable insights into the Return on Investment (ROI) for various property types in Hayat Island. For those interested in studio apartments, there’s a promising ROI of 7.40%, making them an attractive investment option. 1 bed apartments, with a 5.80% ROI, are also a noteworthy choice. The 2 bed apartments provide an ROI of 6.10%, and 3 bed apartments offer a slightly higher return at 6.70%. For those seeking more spacious accommodations, the 2 bed townhouses and villas stand out with an impressive ROI of 10.50%. 3 bed townhouses and villas are also a solid choice with a return of 9.10%. Meanwhile, 4 bed townhouses and villas yield an ROI of 8.10%, and 5 bed options offer a respectable 5.60% ROI. These ROI percentages indicate the potential returns on investment, making Hayat Island an enticing destination for property investors with diverse preferences and objectives.


ROI in Hayat Island
1 Bed Apartment5.80%
2 Bed Apartment6.10%
3 Bed Apartment6.70%
2 Bed Townhouse/Villa10.50%
3 Bed Townhouse/Villa9.10%
4 Bed Townhouse/Villa8.10%
5 Bed Townhouse/Villa5.60%


Master Plan of Hayat Island

Hayat Island is a carefully planned community where you can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle by the beach and in the natural surroundings. You can easily access the beach, and the RAK developers have made sure to protect the nearby wetlands. This means you get to experience both luxury living and the beauty of nature. They’ve also added lots of beautiful plants and gardens along the waterfront, making it a peaceful and picturesque place for everyone to enjoy.

Facilities & Services in Hayat Island

Life on Hayat Island offers an extraordinary experience. This well-planned island boasts a range of world-class amenities and facilities, designed according to the expectations and requirements of the residents and investors. Whether you want to enjoy some peaceful moments in a private beachfront cabana, or rejuvenation with a refreshing dip in an infinity-edge pool, or wish to maintain your fitness and physical strength in a state-of-the-art fitness centre, Hayat Island has everything you want. .

  • Concierge Services
  • White Sandy Beaches
  • Swimming Pools
  • Covered Car Parking
  • Community Center
  • Stunning Sea Views
  • Kids Play Area
  • Restaurants
  • Hypermarkets
  • Cafes
  • Parks 
  • Green areas
  • Hotels 
  • Yoga Area
  • Gym
  • Security 
  • 24/7 CCTV
  • Clubhouse 
  • The Lagoon Walk 
  • Retail shops 
  • Beachfront 
  • The Lagoon Marina

Location of Hayat Island

Hayat Island’s strategic positioning renders it the perfect destination for both residents and investors. With seamless connections to Ras Al Khaimah’s city center and convenient access to Dubai and other key Emirates, it offers the ideal balance of peaceful seclusion and easy accessibility, making it an appealing choice for those in search of a tranquil retreat without compromising on convenience.

  • 05 Minutes – Hayat Island Beach Resort
  • 05 Minutes – Marina with Yacht and Boat Rentals
  • 05 Minutes – Floating Movie Theater
  • 05 Minutes – Al Jazeera Diving & Swimming Centre
  • 07 Minutes – Naeem Mall
  • 11 Minutes – RAK Mall
  • 12 Minutes – RAK Hospital
  • 15 Minutes – RAK Modern Private School
  • 25 Minutes – Ras Al Khaimah International Airport
  • 65 Minutes – Dubai International Airport

Why Invest in Hayat Island?

Prime Location: Hayat Island is strategically situated, providing residents and investors with easy access to Ras Al Khaimah’s city center and seamless connections to Dubai and other major Emirates. This strategic location ensures convenience and opens up opportunities for various businesses and industries.

World-Class Amenities: The community presents a range of world-class amenities,  these facilities are designed to boost the quality of life for residents and attract visitors, making it a desirable destination.

Tranquil Retreat: Despite a well-developed community, Hayat Island maintains a serene and tranquil atmosphere where everyone can escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Growth Potential: As an investment, Hayat Island holds significant growth potential. The development and expansion of the island assure the high ROI.

Ras Al Khaimah’s Appeal: Ras Al Khaimah is emerging as an attractive destination for both tourists and businesses. Its investment-friendly policies and growing economy make it a promising place to invest, and Hayat Island is at the heart of this development.

Diverse Real Estate Options: Hayat Island offers best investment options ranging from residential properties to commercial developments.

Quality of Life: The island’s focus on providing a high quality of life. Residents can enjoy a harmonious blend of natural beauty, modern amenities, and a peaceful environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Hayat Island located?

Hayat Island is strategically located in Ras Al Khaimah, with easy access to the city center and convenient connectivity to Dubai and other major Emirates.

What types of properties are available on Hayat Island?

The island offers a variety of real estate options, including luxury apartments, villas, and commercial spaces to cater to different preferences and investment needs.

What amenities and facilities are available on Hayat Island?

Hayat Island is known for its world-class amenities, which include private beachfront cabanas, infinity-edge pools, fitness centers, parks, and recreational areas.

Is Hayat Island suitable for investors?

Yes, Hayat Island is an attractive option for investors due to its strategic location, growth potential, and the demand for quality properties in the area.

Can non-residents purchase property on Hayat Island?

Not only Hayat Island but non residents can also own property anywhere in Ras Al Khaimah

How can I get more information about purchasing property on Hayat Island?

To learn more about purchasing property on Hayat Island, you can contact Top Luxury Property, they can provide you with detailed information, pricing, and the purchasing process.